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Phoenix Suns watching Kobe drop 60 points in his last game. @ThrowbackHoops's photo on Suns
13 Apr, 10:25 PM UTC
Cheese Grits
@lamontmil @AriTheDon Have the Capri suns and Coronas chilling all in the same cooler on ice 💁🏽‍♀️☺️ @krispykremehoes's photo on Suns
13 Apr, 10:05 PM UTC
Congrats to @CP3 of the @Suns for moving up to 5th on the all-time STEALS list! @NBA's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
14 Apr, 04:19 AM UTC
Kendrick Perkins
Just a friendly reminder that the @Suns won their last 10 out of 11 games...with a impressive win tonight against Dem Goons from Dade County. I tried to warn y’all before the season that this Phoenix Suns team was going to be a PROBLEM!!! Carry the hell on...
14 Apr, 04:17 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
And he does it again folks! @CP3 moves into 5th on the @NBA’s all-time steals leaderboard! Keep climbing CP! @Suns's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 04:27 AM UTC
Deandre Ayton (19 PTS, 13 REB) and the @Suns top Miami at home. Cameron Johnson: 15 PTS, 3 3PM Torrey Craig: 14 PTS, 6 REB Cam Payne: 14 PTS, 6 REB, 7 AST @NBA's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 04:19 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
Welcome to the Valley. It's a dry heat. #RalleyTheValley | @Gatorade @Suns's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 04:20 AM UTC
🌥️ 맛 tasya!
zhong chenle: 😎 ≤))👍 / \ / \ little suns: / \ 🥺 "he’s so / \ ♡ヽ((≥ cute & tiny" _/ \_ _| \_
13 Apr, 04:38 PM UTC
You want a reason to feel confident about this Suns team? Mikal, Book and CP3 combined for 17 points on 6-of-26 shooting and still beat the defending Eastern Conference Champions by 20. This team is good. Period.
14 Apr, 04:23 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
Big Fella 😤 @FanDuel | Stat Line of the Game @Suns's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 04:32 AM UTC
Gerald Bourguet
"The NBA is a better place when the Suns are good." - @WindhorstESPN Amen to that
14 Apr, 02:55 AM UTC
Eddie A Johnson
The @Suns bench dominates the @MiamiHEAT with CP3 and D Book going 6-23 and M Bridges scoring 0. Maybe people will start to realize how good this team is!
14 Apr, 04:37 AM UTC
14 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
😈😈😈 @Suns's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 03:38 AM UTC
Cody Hunt
Keep doubting the what the Suns can do in the playoffs. 2-0 against the Jazz 2-0 against the Heat 3-0 against the Mavericks 2-0 against the Lakers 2-0 against the Blazers 1-0 against the Bucks 1-0 against the 76ers
14 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
Inside The Sun
The Suns improve to 39-15, sweep the defending Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat. Final: Suns 106 | Heat 86 • Ayton: 19pts, 13rebs, 2stls • Johnson: 15pts, 5rebs, 2asts • Payne: 14pts, 6rebs, 7asts • Craig: 14pts, 6rebs • Saric: 13pts, 5rebs, 2asts • Booker: 12pts
14 Apr, 04:16 AM UTC
The Suns are now a combined 11-0 against the Jazz/Lakers/Mavs/Heat/Bucks/76ers 11-0. WHO I SMOKE?
14 Apr, 04:48 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
FREE 🍗🍗🍗 Claim your 3 free wings on the Suns app and head to a @ATLWingsAZ location in the next 24 hours to redeem! 📲 @Suns's photo on Suns
14 Apr, 04:24 AM UTC
Serg Caraveo
Suns 2 Heat Culture 0
14 Apr, 04:13 AM UTC
Jefé Picks
🚨 NBA THIS WEEK is 8-0 ‼️🔥 Back to Back SWEEPS 🤑👊 Who Tailed Us ⁉️⁉️ Monday (4/12) NBA🏀: 76ers -3 ✅ Spurs -7 ✅ Pelicans ML ✅ Tuesday (4/13) NBA🏀: Clippers -3✅ Hawks ML ✅ Lakers ML ✅ Suns ML ✅ Celtics +2 ✅
14 Apr, 04:49 AM UTC
suns fan aaron | BLM✊🏾
Such a lovable Suns team for real. I’m so happy for all of you who were here in the dark ages of this last decade who are experiencing this high right now. This feeling is insane lol
14 Apr, 04:18 AM UTC
@TheHoopCentral Y’all disrespect Donovan Mitchell so much for no reason Without CP3 the suns would be a fringe playoff team lmao 8-10 seed
13 Apr, 07:39 PM UTC
I mean if the suns actually win a title I’m going to eat my entire family, so there’s that
14 Apr, 05:05 AM UTC
Backcourt Brasil🇧🇷
Quiero que sepas que todos los dias 📅 Solo pienso en ti 🤔 Eres la reina de mi vida 👑 Mi corazon es para ti ❤️ I wanna treat you like a queen 👸 I wanna love you tonight 🔥 Sexy lady with the pretty brown eyes let me know if you down to ride LETS GO PHOENIX SUNS ☀️ZZZZZZZ 🤜🤛
14 Apr, 05:10 AM UTC
New York Basketball
Damn, Celts win in Portland. Cooking. Heat lost to Suns but seem solid too. Hawks just took 4th with another win. Those 3 plus top 3 (Bucks Nets Sixers) make 6. It's starting to look more like Knicks will play Hornets in the 7-8 play-in, unless Pacers make a run. Every game big.
14 Apr, 04:54 AM UTC
Suns Türkiye 🇹🇷
@CraigAHamil I don't want Lillard anywhere in my life.
14 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
吉野至 (球団社長.監督.主将.プロアメフト選手)
#アメフト @xl1996 @fukuoka_suns @nfl ラマージャクソンです。 #Peing #質問箱
14 Apr, 05:14 AM UTC
Craig |☀️🌵
Who would you rather Suns face in the first round?
14 Apr, 05:12 AM UTC
Steve Benko
@Aar0nNicholson @krishansonRCF Bro Suns make it to the finals there’ll be nothing left in his crib to eat but actual food
14 Apr, 05:12 AM UTC