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21 Jul, 03:42 AM UTC
Earvin Magic Johnson
If Chris Paul opts out of his contract with the Suns, his first call should be from his best friend LeBron James and the Lakers.
21 Jul, 04:34 AM UTC
How many games did the Suns lose in a row? @br_betting's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 04:12 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
Thank you Suns fans for EVERYTHING this season 💜🧡 Everything we want is on the other side of hard. @Suns's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:49 AM UTC
"You made me a better coach, you made us a better team." @Suns HC Monty Williams congratulates the @Bucks in the locker room after Game 6 👏 @NBATV's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 04:36 AM UTC
Harrison Faigen
Suns in 4 straight losses
21 Jul, 03:37 AM UTC
in the last 12 hours the Bucs are 2-0 verse the Suns @PFTCommenter's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 04:56 AM UTC
Brandon Awadis
I’m so f*cking proud of the @Suns Suns fan til the day I die & nothing will ever change that. 🧡💜🧡💜🧡
21 Jul, 05:42 AM UTC
The Pettiest Laker Fan 🤫
The Phoenix Suns got eclipsed by the Milwaukee Bucks so it’s only right we give them the Coach Carter send off #NBAFinals #PettyInThePost 😈 @ThePettiestLA's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:41 AM UTC
Joey Linn
The Suns got the Lakers without AD, Nuggets without Murray, and the Clippers without Kawhi. They finally played a team with both their top players, and lost 4 straight after leading 2-0. I do not feel bad for them or their fans.
21 Jul, 03:58 AM UTC
Kwik Trip
See ya next time, @Suns
21 Jul, 03:43 AM UTC
Jasmine B.
“How many games straight did the Suns lose?” @jasmined_brown's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:38 AM UTC
how many straight losses for the Suns? @LakeShowYooo's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:37 AM UTC
Narc Gasol
How many championships do the Phoenix Suns have? @GotEm_Coach's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:46 AM UTC
Gerald Bourguet
Suns fans, if you're feeling anything but proud of this team, you're doing it wrong. Magical, completely unexpected, unbelievably fun season. Just didn't have the best ending.
21 Jul, 03:42 AM UTC
Pasion Basket
1993 | Los Phoenix Suns perdían las Finales de la NBA por 4-2 y Argentina ganaba la Copa América 2021 | Los Phoenix Suns pierden las Finales de la NBA por 4-2 (sus primeras desde 1993) y Argentina gana la Copa América (no la ganaba desde 1993) 📊: @espn
21 Jul, 06:34 AM UTC
Chelsea FC Women
Suns out, guns out! 💪 @ChelseaFCW's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 11:26 AM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
Breaking: Phoenix Suns refuse to concede NBA championship. AZ legislature has hired Cyber Ninjas to recount the score.
21 Jul, 11:36 AM UTC
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20 Jul, 03:47 PM UTC
Lil Miss Jay
I have dabbled in frame by frame animation and I cannot be stopped. Yumi Pop meeting a fan. He's REALLY excited to meet his favorite pop idol! (Unlike my previous frame-by-frame, this wasn't traced and no reference was used. I just... made it.)
20 Jul, 01:19 PM UTC
런쥔 아카이브
피터팬 같은 런쥔아 🧚‍♂️
21 Jul, 11:55 AM UTC
Devin Booker when the Suns need him the most
21 Jul, 03:37 AM UTC
The Suns Heartbeat Kabanata 22: Pearl Written by: Jonaxx PS: Sorry di pa ako sanay mag drawing ng dagat hahah 🙈🤦 Scroll na lang agad.
21 Jul, 11:10 AM UTC
The @Bucks, powered by Greek forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, ended their 50-year wait for a second @NBA championship with a 105-98 win over the visiting @Suns
21 Jul, 11:21 AM UTC
Agence France-Presse
#ÚLTIMAHORA Milwaukee Bucks vence a los Phoenix Suns y logra su primer título de NBA desde 1971 #AFP #AFPdeportes @AFPespanol's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:45 AM UTC
Around The NFL
NFL players react to Bucks defeating Suns in NBA Finals @AroundTheNFL's photo on Suns
21 Jul, 03:55 AM UTC
Curt Sandoval
Congratulations  to the @Bucks - winning the first #NBAFinals Championship in 50-Years! When the @Suns were up 2-0 in the Finals, they were 14-4 in the playoffs! Few thought they’d lose 4-straight! Giannis Antetokounmpo your MVP! #NBA #abc7eyewitness
21 Jul, 03:45 AM UTC
Aina Smart
Quería Game 7... E incluso quería que lo ganasen los Suns. Pero esto ha hecho que se me salten las lágrimas de emoción. Es brutal el cabrón
21 Jul, 04:07 AM UTC
Grit Sports (at 🏡)
#NBA The Milwaukee Bucks are the 2021 NBA champions 🔥👏 Bucks took down the Phoenix Suns 105-98 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. With the win, Bucks lays claim to its second NBA championship and the city's first since 1971. #NBA #Bucks | #Gritsports
21 Jul, 05:24 AM UTC
Shafir Hakeem Yiga
Congratulations @bucks. Giannis is something else. He is the official show stopper. Two games away and the Suns were all over the floor dancing. And, when he stepped on the court, that was the end. MVP and a king in the making. 👌🍾🙏👍👏☝️
21 Jul, 07:37 AM UTC