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RJ Morwob
Twitter if they win lottery: Knicks: rigged Cavs: cheaters Suns: Williamsuns Bulls: Anthony Davis Hawks: dope Wizards: Dwight jokes Pels: karma Grizz: RIP Mavs: rigged Wolves: Wiggins stinks Lakers: rigged Hornets: Bol Bol time Heat: need that jersey 76ers: GOD DAMNIT SACRAMENTO
14 May, 06:03 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Suns, Bulls, Hawks, Cavaliers all drop out the top 4 🤯 Bleacher Report's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:46 AM UTC
Chicago Bulls Rumors
Here is your projected 2019 NBA Mock Draft: 1. Zion (Pelicans) 2. Morant (Grizzlies) 3. Barrett (Knicks) 4. Culver (Lakers) 5. Hunter (Cavs) 6. Garland (Suns) 7. Cash Considerations (Bulls)
15 May, 01:30 AM UTC
Josiah Johnson
Hawks, Suns and Cavs fans right now Josiah Johnson's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:46 AM UTC
1-2-3 Cancun! SZN
15 May, 12:52 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
The Suns will have the 6⃣th pick in the 2019 #NBADraft! Phoenix Suns's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:45 AM UTC
Josh Cashman
The Suns every year trying to crack into a top 3 pick after tanking the season Josh Cashman's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:47 AM UTC
Ben Stinar
The Suns tanked the whole year to get the 6th overall pick
15 May, 01:31 AM UTC
Zona Sports
The Phoenix Suns have dropped to the 6th pick. Zona Sports's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:45 AM UTC
CBS Los Angeles
#BREAKING Lakers land No. 4 pick in 2019 NBA Draft next month CBS Los Angeles's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:53 AM UTC
Suns fans had to hear about Josh Jackson averaging 0 clout at Rolling Loud and now this. Smh.
15 May, 01:20 AM UTC
Kumari’s Father
Like I said, this society doesn’t give a fuck about their suns at all. We mutilate them at birth, suppress them throughout childhood, then imprison them as adults because we don’t wanna face the monsters we’ve collectively created. Shit brazy.
14 May, 02:23 PM UTC
Chris Vernon
YOU. ARE. A. SUNS. FAN. i must live in bizzaro world.
15 May, 04:48 AM UTC
Evan Sidery
With Ja Morant no longer an option for the Suns, it's time to focus in on Darius Garland if they keep their pick. Garland is a pure bucket-getter, shot 47.8 percent from the perimeter on 4.6 attempts per game in his small college sample size. Comfortable playing on/off ball. Evan Sidery's photo on Suns
15 May, 04:06 AM UTC
15 May, 01:19 AM UTC
Phoenix Suns
Thank you for your support, Phoenix! 🧡 Phoenix Suns's photo on Suns
15 May, 04:50 AM UTC
Martin Brian Ansah
The suns had no time outs. So the coach calls one on purpose to get a technical foul so they don’t have to throw 94 feet . Greatest game ever played . 1976 nba finals game 5 #nba Martin Brian Ansah's photo on Suns
14 May, 06:50 AM UTC
lol remember this afternoon when Suns twitter convinced themselves that an ESPN rehearsal was a leak of the lotto results
15 May, 04:36 AM UTC
i miss bad suns. there. i said it. are you happy now?
15 May, 03:03 AM UTC
Jeremy Cohen
"What did tanking get the Knicks? Not Zion." - @notthefakeSVP Uhhhh, what did tanking get the Suns this year? The Cavs? The Bulls?
15 May, 04:50 AM UTC
The twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends travel apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies
15 May, 02:55 AM UTC
Suns fans: Lakers are trash we’ll be better in years. DBook, Ayton, & ZIONNN & we got Monty Williams (45 win best season ever) LMFAOOOOOOO *Lakers have move into the top 4* “And the 6th pick goes to the Phoenix Suns” WHOLE STATE OF ARIZONA: KING ZO👑's photo on Suns
15 May, 04:38 AM UTC
i like when the suns rays fall through the trees branches i like when the pathways are filled with friendly chances i likenwgen the wild things play and show of love i like when a child brings wisdoms from above
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
N E X T M A N U P S Z N (24-16)
Not only did the knicks get fucked here: let's look at a couple of other teams. Suns: dropped from 2 to 6 Cavs: 3 to 5 Bulls: 4 to 7 The hawks have 2 picks and still managed to get fucked (couldve had 2 top 6 and now have 8 & 10) Of all the teams that got lucky, mavs (6) didnt
15 May, 04:48 AM UTC
Peter Da Sports GAWD
#NBA gave a big apology to Pelicans, Grizzlies, and Lakers and a big FU to the Bulls, Suns, and Cavs.
15 May, 04:52 AM UTC

#EliminaçãoPowerCouple lakers knicks pelicans #NBADraft #NBADraftLottery2019 #BooksmartMovie  zion new orleans river anthony davis #NBALottery #VoiceSaveshawn mephis #SDLive cavs suns #TuesdayThoughts #EuroSemi1 #EUROVISION ☆'s photo on Suns
15 May, 04:16 AM UTC
Izzy Mercado
Knicks, Suns, Bulls right now Izzy Mercado's photo on Suns
15 May, 12:55 AM UTC
Matthew Bishop
@GeraldBourguet Yep. I’m usually pretty positive about the team, but I feel gutted after dropping to 6th. I know the odds, but the Suns generally drop spots, at best stay the same. We never gain spots, and the Lakers always do of late. I really hope Jones can work some magic this off-season.
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
<오늘의 영어> Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters. - 하늘에 두개의 태양이 있을 수 없듯이, 지구에 두 명의 주인이 있을 수 없다. - 알렉산더 대왕
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
1 Pelicans(↑) 2 Grizzlies(↑) 3 Knicks(↓) 4 Lakers(↑) 5 Cavs(↓) 6 Suns(↓) 7 Bulls(↓) 8 Hawks(↓) 9 Wizards 10 Hawks 11 Wolves 12 Hornets 13 Heat 14 Celtics(譲渡) これは、波乱やな。 #NBADraftLottery
15 May, 04:08 AM UTC
Big Ole Skeet
KD shooting over Lebron >>>> Kirby shooting over Raja Bell and a Suns executive.
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
@Baetres @Suns Coby White > Darius Garland
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Coach Mark
@MTGSagittarius Josh Jackson:Cmon bro, i play in the NBA? For the Phoenix Suns? Top 3 pick? Security: Coach Mark's photo on Suns
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Jonathan Hudson IFB
If it’s any consolation Suns fans you guys got the #1 pick in rehearsal
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Matheus Dias
Pelicans vão assaltar o Celtics ou o Knicks... Vai pedir até a mãe kkkkk pqp, Knicks, Suns e Cavs tinha que acabar kkkkk vai ser azarado assim longe
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Kellan Olson
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
@Suns @ElieOkobo_0 Alvan Adams, Walter Davis, and Amar’e Stoudemire
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Jimmy Senger
@KellanOlson Like Darius Garland and Coby White for PG -Suns. Garland another Damian Lilliard, can really shoot it from deep. White a Westbrook type. More rugged . Was great against ACC with success. Can get to the rim . Both may be better than Morant. #SUNS #RISEUP
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
Best Poems
A Dandelion for My Mother: How I loved those spiky suns, rooted stubborn as childhood in…
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
@speculawyer If he’s fucking talking their will be enough shitty wind to power a thousand suns
15 May, 04:59 AM UTC
carl koon
@Kevineffinskaff Suns gonna win the nba finals next year mark my words! Lol
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Mason Ginsberg
@NBAcouchside If only the #1 pick had gone to a model NBA franchise like the New York Knicks or Phoenix Suns or Los Angeles Lakers instead
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
The @suns sarver curse is in full effect. Ayton is a bust
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Andrew Ungvari
@MaisoRom @brosales12 The Suns 2019 AND 2020 firsts? To move up two spots? Never happening.
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Jono Hartles
@GeraldBourguet Yup, legitimately how every Suns fan feels. The NBA needs to fix this lottery system as what we saw today is not it. The worst teams should get the best picks, point blank. Find another way to fix tanking.
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Alessandro Cozzi
If the Suns decide to keep #6, Culver or Clarke should be an easy selection. Unfortunately Culver might not be available and Clarke isn't projected to go in this range, so we'll see
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
@Malachi6x @jackienaav1 @Ismael_Drizzy23 @NYKnicks_Turkey @BR_NBA @BleacherReport @AdamZagoria I believe the suns have had like 8 lotto picks in the last 10yrs. Just can’t pick em right
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Ryan Fletcher
@Kuytstanding @nyknicks @ZionW32 @Suns Yep. I would be happy with 3. Top 3 seem pretty straight forward. Suns are picking 6... I guess we will see.
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
@Drewxtophe @PrimeDBook @Suns Ja was the only answer cause of how much attention he attracts when he has the ball. He was literally what the Suns needed to compete
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Diego Páez
tired of chasing setting suns
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Lystics AFL Podcast
@ThePhantomSC The Giants have the Suns twice from now til seasons end. Time to get some Giants in!
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
N E X T M A N U P S Z N (24-16)
@iamMaxMaq Now the cavs and suns have each had lottery luck in the past, but the knicks and bulls have not. This is so shitty.
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Christopher Doyal
@Suns He can't say Kelly's name because he is not on a contract, think people think... idiots lmao
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
@DrewUnga @brosales12 could be a good asset. or the suns first round pick😄 why not try? nothing to lose^^ they are desperate
15 May, 04:58 AM UTC
Rich Anthony of Saturn Six
@AleCozz1 @maxmcc11 They cannot take that dude and put him at the 4 with Ayton at the 5. The Suns will be eviscerated for 8 more years. You default back to the issues of Chandler / Len / Quese pairings with no shooting value offensively and a strong side void defensively. They can't do it.
15 May, 04:57 AM UTC
@Drewxtophe @PrimeDBook @Suns Yeah but the difference is the Warriors built their team around Curry, a Point Guard. The Suns Don't have a good point guard. And no free agents would want to come here, Coby White is also not the answer. The Suns are screwed without a Pg. Booker was decent but he isn't a point
15 May, 04:57 AM UTC
knicks and suns were genuinely ass and now they walk away with nothing this lottery system getting tweaked at some point
15 May, 04:57 AM UTC
Derek Jeter Jr 🐐
@bruhbruh219 @Kodak_Zac The one thing Suns fans could look forward too. And this happens... I’m over it... All I have is Hockey and Soccer. Basketball and Football are a wash this upcoming season
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Geoff Pippus
@Mamba_Insider @JordanJWhyte I’m going through a traumatic Suns night and you brought this to my timeline?
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Aaron Fugleberg
Waking up to see the lottery results Aaron Fugleberg's photo on Suns
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
GrayWormFace Baby
@Suns_Reddit Anyone want IT back for cheap?
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
The CooL
@Espo Thank you Espo!!! Suns community needs realist like yourself
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Andrés Weiss
1. New Orleans Pelicans 2. Memphis Grizzlies 3. NY Knicks 4. Los Angeles Lakers 5. Cleveland Cavaliers 6. Phoenix Suns 7. Chicago Bulls 8. Atlanta Hawks 9. Washington Wizards 10. Atlanta Hawks 11. Minnesota Timberwolves 12. Charlotte Hornets 13. Miami Heat 14. Boston Celtics
15 May, 04:56 AM UTC
@co_dhunt The Suns have put themselves in this sad predicament with terrible decision making, no doubt. But in their defense, they have gotten some bad breaks for the last 5-7 years haha.
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Jim Beattie
@dave1tall @hoopsfreak76 @Suns @celtics Looks like it, but it sent it into the 3rd OT. After Hondo's leaping leaner with 2 seconds left to put Celts up by one. Mayhem, as it appears game over. More time put on clock, Westphal calls TO Suns don't have, Jojo hits tech. Then Gar Heard!
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
@TStunts13 Same. There are enough good vets out there and scenarios for trade that coming away with another kid just shouldn’t be tolerated.
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Tony Pesta
@Akron_Jackson I’m semi biased but I don’t know if I like the new format. The Suns/Bulls/Hawks/Cavs got screwed so bad
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
May 23
Suns will remain trash unfortunately
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Alex | RocketeeR
@shaffeRgaming suns got 6th with the same odds RIP
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Sigo 6-Suns-Garland 7-Bulls-Coby White Ambos equipos necesitan un pg y no me sorprenderia que hagan un trade para obtwner a Morant Garland tiene un estilo Trae Young o Lillard, el otro juega mas como Bledsoe
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Callum Chambers
@classroomcashew @nyknicks @ZionW32 @Suns Deep draft so I’m ok with 3. 8 though, hmmmm
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
😂 Knicks fans really upset about the 3rd pick... ask a Bulls or Suns fan how they feel😭
15 May, 04:55 AM UTC
@PeeWeeDaPlug you think the suns will get Booker a PG by trading their pick to the grizzlies for Conley? (Obviously other stuff included but you know what I mean)
15 May, 04:54 AM UTC