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The Blues
Seeing Super Frank happy just made my day ♥️ The Blues's photo on Super Frank
15 May, 08:43 PM UTC
Karma is the biggest b*tch of all time. Who's laughing now? Never disrespect Super Frank Lampard again. 🐐
15 May, 08:33 PM UTC
Robbie Savage
Super super frank super super frank ❤️⚽️ @SNicholsonDT Robbie Savage's photo on Super Frank
15 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Lampard has done a great job at Derby this season. The best English midfielder to ever play the game is proving he is just as good at management as he was a player Super Frank, what a man..
15 May, 09:16 PM UTC
SUPER FRANK 💙 ⒹⓎⓁ's photo on Super Frank
15 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Frank Lampard deserves so much credit for this season and especially tonight in what has been his first year of management. One of the best midfielders of all time, Super Frank has proven to be a winner as a manager as well so far. His tactics and changes today were brilliant. EiF's photo on Super Frank
15 May, 08:59 PM UTC
Robbie Savage
Wow wow wow incredible both sides ! Super super frank super super frank ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ amazing , incredible performance
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
George Benson
15 May, 08:39 PM UTC
The Chelsea Chaps
Frank Lampard at Derby - -Net Spend of +1.4 mil -Beat Man Utd away -Beat Southampton away -Connected with fans -Rustled and silenced Dirty Leeds and Marcelo Bielsa Super Frank, he’s on his way to Wembley. 💙 The Chelsea Chaps's photo on Super Frank
15 May, 09:00 PM UTC
My hero. Super Frank. Ned's photo on Super Frank
15 May, 09:40 PM UTC
Real Talk Manchester City ⚽️
I must say that if there’s a former player who surely will be successful as a manager then I’m sure it’s going to be Frank Lampard. He’s done a magnificent job at Derby. The guy is as clever off the pitch as on the pitch. Fair play Super Frank 🙌 Real Talk Manchester City ⚽️'s photo on Super Frank
15 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Bridge News 📰
Derby county have done it. The first team to come from behind after loosen the home leg to reach Wembley final...... Well done Super Frank Lampard.
15 May, 08:43 PM UTC
Stuart Forsyth
Just thought they had to turn up tonight to saunter through to Wembley, smug as you like, and got steam rollered by the mighty Derby County. Super Frank Lampard has tactically crushed Bielsa and his fucking bucket when it really mattered #DCFC
16 May, 12:02 AM UTC
Ashwin Ramakrishnan
Gonna say it again. Lampard has to got to be Chelsea’s next manager. It’s a no brainer. But it cannot happen this summer. Sarri has to be given a full preseason and the players to play his football. However, after that it has to be SUPER FRANK #LEEDER #CFC
15 May, 08:50 PM UTC
Lewis Benton
What a game! Congrats to Super Frank @morriskid and the crew!!
15 May, 08:41 PM UTC
Max Harris
Super Frank 💙💙
16 May, 06:07 AM UTC
Rick Faragher
Chuffed for Derby County and Super Frank Lampard. My old uni town and all-time favourite player. Onward to Wembley!
16 May, 06:06 AM UTC
Ofem Ojah
I've been Super Impressed with Frank Lampard. Bug ups to Derby!
16 May, 06:02 AM UTC
Joe Kallas
Super Frank 😂🙌🏻
16 May, 05:54 AM UTC
Dada Adeola Emmanuel
Super Frank Lampard
16 May, 05:34 AM UTC
Sylvia Plisetsky
@Bwithacamera @aperezsiete Me pasó lo mismo por el concierto de Frank. Lo feo es que uno ya superó esas cosas y hay gente súper clavada, jaja.
16 May, 06:15 AM UTC
stuart mogridge🇬🇧🇪🇺
@Harry_Paulley @dallas_stuart Wankers ,lol ! Best thing I seen all year, great entertainment, super frank
16 May, 06:13 AM UTC
Box To Box Football
Super Frank 🐏 (🎨 by @Reubendangerman) Box To Box Football's photo on Super Frank
16 May, 06:12 AM UTC
Max Leong
Elite baller and going to be an elite manager! Go on the boy super Frank!
16 May, 06:11 AM UTC
Jake Kimberley
Super Frank. 👏🏻
16 May, 06:11 AM UTC
Class #super frank 💪
16 May, 06:10 AM UTC
👑Fat Louis👑
Super Frank 👀🙌🏻😎
16 May, 06:09 AM UTC
Super frank!!! Chelsea fc get it done #boss
16 May, 06:07 AM UTC
Kieran Byrnes
@SkyBet @KaiHealy97 @dcfcofficial @jackrichardsonx 2.20 ye can see a glimpse of the super frank trademark celebration😭😭😭
16 May, 06:05 AM UTC
Jason Bishop
@leefaulkner1 @LUFC Super Frank says different 👊🏻
16 May, 06:05 AM UTC
@dcfcofficial Leed must be a Liverpool Championship. the movement they're closer to EPL promotion fucked up just Liverpool getting to winning the Premier League. Congratulations Derby and Chelsea Legend Super Frank!
16 May, 06:03 AM UTC
Chris Nixon ♛
😂👏🏼 Super Frank
16 May, 06:02 AM UTC
Gautam Karhadkar
@MCGhule 😂😂😂 Oh he's coming to the PL alright. Super Frank is on his way. And in two more seasons he's gonna win Chelsea the Premier League. You heard it here first.
16 May, 05:58 AM UTC
Brian 'BJ' Holden
Suuuper, Super Frank. Suuuper, Super Frank. Suuuper, Super Frank. Super Frankie Lampard! 🐑 #cheatsneverprosper @OMahonyJohn 😉⚽️🔭 #spygate #dirtyleeds
16 May, 05:57 AM UTC
Dan Sutcliff
@WalkerCha What’s up with super frank lad!?
16 May, 05:56 AM UTC
Scott Learmonth
Super frank 😎🔥
16 May, 05:52 AM UTC
Scott wallis
Absolute genius 😂 kick on super frank 💙
16 May, 05:50 AM UTC
The White Mamba
Congratulations to brother @ghostbiggie and Derby County with Super Frank & Jody 👏🏻
16 May, 05:49 AM UTC
Simon Walker
Super Frank and JT @ Wembley⚽️⚽️ a great achievement 👍👍⚽️⚽️
16 May, 05:48 AM UTC
👑₴₳₦ĐɎ ₱ɆⱤɆⱤ₳👑 ' The Proper 12th Woman'
@sportbible God i LOVE super Frank 😍
16 May, 05:46 AM UTC
@CFC_Odoi @SiPhillipsSport @ChelseaFC Thats just it. I've been pissed even more concerning the "he's gonna get the sack issue". This is not a Sarri fan thing but the Chelsea culture needs to change if not even Super Frank won't get a chance.
16 May, 05:44 AM UTC
@dcfcofficial Buzzing for Super Frank. He was only with City for 1 season but he still showed us was a top quality player he was. Good luck at Wembley 👍
16 May, 05:39 AM UTC
Super Frank is not crying anymore!!
16 May, 05:37 AM UTC
Go on super Frank 👊🏼
16 May, 05:34 AM UTC
avril con d de dinosaurio
e we yo super amo a gerard pero si se habla de frerard es un giro de 180° en el q amo a frank y le tengo cierto odio a gerard gERARD NO ERA NECESARIO ESO Q PEDO
16 May, 05:32 AM UTC