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B/R Football
Super Frank’s to-do list. #BRFootballRanks | @brfootball's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 01:52 PM UTC
The Blues
Welcome Home Super Frank 🔵 @TheBlues___'s photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 08:14 AM UTC
Abhradeep Saha
Welcome back home 💙💙💙💙 Super Frank Lampard....!!!! #franklampard @angry_rantman's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 08:36 AM UTC
Sure UK & Ireland
A legend returns! 🙌 Welcome back to the Bridge, Super Frank! 🔵 #NeverMoreSure #WelcomeHomeFrank @Sure's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 08:10 AM UTC
04 Jul, 08:02 AM UTC
Uber Chelsea FC 🏆
Two hundred and three, At Villa away, We knew he would come home, To manage one day, He won us the league, At Bolton away, It's Super Frank Lampard Tune: Stop Crying Your Heart Out @UberCheIseaFC's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 11:23 AM UTC
Chelsea FC Español
Una leyenda Blue llega a nuestro banquillo, ¡bienvenido a casa Súper Frank! #WelcomeHomeFrank @ChelseaFC_Sp's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 08:08 AM UTC
Millennium Hotels
After 13 years with Chelsea Football Club, Super Frank Lampard scores his next life goal. #WelcomeHomeFrank – Stamford Bridge missed you. #MillenniumMoments ⚽️ 💙
04 Jul, 02:19 PM UTC
Rory Jennings
200 goals, At Villa away, We knew he’d be back to manage one day, He won us the league, At Bolton away, He’s super Frank Lampard #CFC @Chelsearory's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 10:52 AM UTC
Chelsea FC USA
Exclusive pod alert! Our friends @LondonBluePod share their thoughts on Super Frank 🔵
04 Jul, 09:35 PM UTC
Time to change the Leeds frank song : 200 goals at Villa away We knew he’d be back to manage one day He won us the league at Bolton away It’s Super Frank Lampard It’s super Frank Lampard It’s super Frank Lampard
04 Jul, 07:16 AM UTC
Super Frank returns to @ChelseaFC! 👔 #WelcomeHomeFrank @COPA90's photo on Super Frank
04 Jul, 08:23 AM UTC
French Blues
Lampard confirme l'arrivée de Jody Morris et de Chris Jones (physio) à ses côtés! Joe Edwards, coach des U23 est aussi promu dans l'équipe première, et Eddie Newton est également intégré au staff de Super Frank. #FRCFC
04 Jul, 03:19 PM UTC
Chris Haydon
Super Frank has arrived at the Bridge. He’s agreed a contract with Chelsea It’s finally happening. He’s coming home! Buzzing for the official announcement! 💎💙 #CFC
04 Jul, 07:51 AM UTC
Goal Indonesia
Frank Lampard resmi kembali ke Chelsea sebagai pelatih. Apakah Super Frank bisa #AmbilLangkahTepat raih gelar musim depan? Tag temen kamu yang fans Chelsea! @rexona_id @GOAL_ID's photo on Super Frank
05 Jul, 04:26 AM UTC
Chelsea’s greatest player is now Chelsea’s coach. Sure makes sense. Go ahead and make a difference Super Frank Lampard #WelcomeHomeFrank
04 Jul, 10:39 AM UTC
公式ストアぐう有能やな ただLAMPARDとSUPER FRANK ネームどっちにしようかめっちゃ迷う…
05 Jul, 04:57 AM UTC
Chelsea Spotlight
Am I still a little bit sceptical about Lampard being our manager? Yes, But this man is a legend, is loved by all Chelsea fans and is a true blue. I believe he has what it takes to succeed! Our legend, Our manager, Super Frank Lampard💙. #CFC #ChelseaLegend #WelcomeHomeFrank
04 Jul, 06:18 PM UTC
Technical and Performance Advisor
@OliCliffCFC u dont get chelsea mate, proper chels are behind super frank
05 Jul, 05:58 AM UTC
Adriano Di Prato
@Nick_Hughesy6 + Emotive decision yes. But Lampard is a proven winner. And I’m comfident the young kids coming through will benefit from Super Frank at the helm. Interesting times ahead at Stanford Bridge. #KTBFFH #CFC #Lampard
05 Jul, 05:36 AM UTC
Tαts ⚡️❄️
Welcome back Super Frank! 👏🏻👀
05 Jul, 04:38 AM UTC
well come home super Frank 💪💪
05 Jul, 04:30 AM UTC
Julian Richards
Looking forward to seeing @ChelseaFC under Super Frank @morriskid this season #cfc
04 Jul, 11:20 AM UTC
So happy super Frank came home. Just the person we need
05 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
shed boy
@talkchelsea Go Super Frank, like a breath of fresh air
05 Jul, 03:59 AM UTC
Aron Jasper | Ultron's Mentality
Welcome home super Frank Lampard 😁 #WelcomeHomeFrank
05 Jul, 03:32 AM UTC
アンケート開催したのに悪いんですがSUPER FRANKにしました 投票してくれた方申し訳ない
05 Jul, 06:15 AM UTC
Unscripted Fish
I can't wait for that first rendition of 'Super Frank' at the bridge. Best of luck to a man who's reputation and legend can't be tarnished #WelcomeHomeFrank
05 Jul, 06:09 AM UTC
शकुनि 🇳🇵
We love you super Frank #WelcomeHomeFrank 🔵
05 Jul, 05:26 AM UTC
Benjamin ndhlovu
@difayoo The legend returns...welcome home super Frank
05 Jul, 05:20 AM UTC
The 30th Man 3️⃣0️⃣™️
Super Frank the Headliner 🔵
05 Jul, 05:10 AM UTC
New era, welcome home super frank #cfc 🥁
05 Jul, 05:10 AM UTC
Muhimbi Kule Fred
@darijorozayy @CFCExtra Nope , we aint changing it. Super Frank Lampard
05 Jul, 04:56 AM UTC
@ChelseaFC I’m very glad to see you in The Bridge again,Super Frank😘😘
05 Jul, 04:56 AM UTC
All About SPORTS
Congrats Super Frank. Best of luck as Chelsea manager
05 Jul, 04:52 AM UTC
Chris Migwambo
Super Frank!!Our new coach!👏👏⚽️🏅🏆
05 Jul, 04:50 AM UTC
@xx_drogbamu_xx SUPER FRANKの方はレプリカの方でしか売ってませんでした。 オーセンティックでは売っていません。 レプリカの方を確認してみてください^ ^
05 Jul, 04:19 AM UTC
Andi Risam Triangga
Welcome Home Super Frank #TelatUpdate
05 Jul, 03:59 AM UTC
@chelseacazza Super Frank. The only Chelsea manager to have bought dinner for someone who made me dinner 😉😉
05 Jul, 03:55 AM UTC
Super Frank will always be more than good enough. ❤️
05 Jul, 03:54 AM UTC
@ChelseaFC Super Frank back where he belongs CFC✊️
05 Jul, 03:50 AM UTC
@mshambuliaji Karbu tena darajan super Frank lampard as a manager
05 Jul, 03:48 AM UTC