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this picture now will be remembered as the proof of responsible and reliable man known as super junior’s leader, leeteuk who tried to hold his members together during a very hard time. https://t.co/RAUK5iu9TS
06 Aug, 05:21 AM UTC
Philippine Concerts
SUPER JUNIOR took the stage to greet ELFs and serenade them. The members expressed their sincerest gratitude for everyone who came and promised to return together. @pulpliveworld assured that tickets for today’s #SS9inManila will be honored on the later date to be set. https://t.co/2ReOAHFmIH
06 Aug, 09:46 AM UTC
We send our condolences to Eunhyuk and his family. https://t.co/RCqSaUkArl
05 Aug, 10:01 PM UTC
EunHae 📂
From Heechul's bbl 🫧 Heechul said that he only left after he made sure that hyukjae was sleeping well. He also mentioned that kangin and sungmin were with them since this morning. He said that they cried and laughed and cried again together. Super Junior is a family 💙
06 Aug, 05:18 PM UTC
The Seoul Story
[#SS9inManila] The 6 members of Super Junior delivered their heartfelt messages for the ELFs that came tonight despite the situation. The members promised to have two days of Super Show 9 in Manila for its resechedule. This event is brought to you by @pulpliveworld @happeehour https://t.co/4B3XzhXuYB
06 Aug, 09:57 AM UTC
i love the fact that only super junior and elf who have the best leader all over the world. our angel without wings, Leeteuk💙 https://t.co/DGNtOEXhX2
06 Aug, 05:45 AM UTC
elle | ia
a day to remember: august 6, 2022 I will always come back to this moment and proudly tell the world that we always got each others back not only on happy moments but also through painful times. The love that Super Junior and ELFs have with each other is beyond measure. https://t.co/CYOem9bRle
06 Aug, 11:38 AM UTC
Super Junior are performing ‘My Wish’. As a thank you to PH ELF for waiting and understanding. 💙 #SS9inManila https://t.co/aUXE8AHmw1
06 Aug, 09:25 AM UTC
Philippine Concerts
Thank you, SUPER JUNIOR! See you again 💙 https://t.co/mojcPEtZNh
06 Aug, 03:32 PM UTC
ticky teukie and 14 members ♡︎
They were right, others would’ve simply uploaded something on sns & left the country quietly. This is what separates Super Junior from the rest… the amount of respect and love they have for their fans is immense. The same reason why ELFs didn’t leave them after all these years. https://t.co/QqpsC9Y0BY
06 Aug, 11:26 AM UTC
heechul said him, sungmin, and kangin have been together with hyukjae since this morning. they all hugged each other, cried, laughed & cried again 😭 thank you for always being there for each other 😭 “even if it is added or excluded, SUPER JUNIOR is still SUPER JUNIOR” 💙 https://t.co/R7xBv0I4Q4
06 Aug, 05:26 PM UTC
aryan 🐣🤍
LEETEUK IS NO DOUBT THE BEST & MOST EXPERIENCED LEADER IN KPOP much respect to him and the entire super junior 💙 #SS9inManila https://t.co/WK9Bo6zDPz
06 Aug, 01:07 PM UTC
EunHae 📂
#SS9inManila: Donghae was trying his best not to lose it and cry. The way he kept biting his inner cheek and puffing his cheeks was his way of distracting himself from tears. The once called a crybaby stayed strong for ELFs and for Super Junior 🥺🤍 https://t.co/YODbrcSP1p
06 Aug, 10:19 AM UTC
PhilSTAR L!fe
Pinoy ELFs chant “gwaenchana (it’s okay)” as Super Junior appears onstage to deliver heartfelt messages to fans. Ryeowook, in tears, promises that #SuperJunior will return to the PH with Eunhyuk and Siwon. #SS9InManila @philstarlife's photo on Super Junior
06 Aug, 09:14 AM UTC
Super Junior to postpone world tour concert 'Super Show 9: Road' in Manila following death of Eunhyuk's father #SuperJuniorInManila https://t.co/NT1jszd4xc
06 Aug, 08:01 AM UTC
ᴍɪɴ ♡ HC 🍒
leeteuk the backbone of super junior 🥺💙 #SS9inManila https://t.co/4BpZdymWQn
06 Aug, 09:45 AM UTC
Jaehwa Bernardo 재화
Super Junior serenades crowd with “Callin’.” #SS9inManila @jaehwabernardo's photo on Super Junior
06 Aug, 09:34 AM UTC
the members were helpless, leeteuk was the one who led them, talked to the managers, talked to the fans, he once again proved to everyone that he is the best leader, he was so strong through it all, he was in pain yet he made sure things are under control, Super Junior pillar.
06 Aug, 05:16 AM UTC
SUPER JUNIOR ウニョク、父親が死去…事務所が発表「本日の海外公演については協議中」 https://t.co/BxIPgomm3u
06 Aug, 03:06 AM UTC
ANN | 🍀
Not a fan, but Super Junior and Lee Teuk really set the standards! No wonder they last so long.
06 Aug, 10:56 AM UTC
𝐘𝐮𝐥 — 🐻
big hug for super junior and elf. 💙 https://t.co/P9Y3BAgXmd
06 Aug, 05:02 AM UTC
Jamie 🐥
Right group, right fandom. Super Junior and ELF until the end of time. 💙
06 Aug, 05:25 AM UTC
Dulu pernah denger kalimat "Sesayangnya kamu ke bias atau member super junior lain, tapi sayangnya kamu ke Leeteuk itu pasti beda. Sayangnya bisa lebih-lebih lagi." Dan itu bener, gatau mau bilang apa karna bangga bgt punya Leeteuk sebagai pemimpin 💙 https://t.co/Zky6lkdCaq
06 Aug, 11:25 AM UTC
HEE; cherry up // 🍒🥭
right group, right fandom. never regret stanning super junior and how i became an elf. you guys saved us and you are always there for us—now, it's our time to do that. elf are always here for super junior, forever. hugs everyone!!!! 💙 https://t.co/TnifrL7DMF
06 Aug, 05:58 AM UTC
แปลซับไทยเอสเจ 💙
🤍 respect Super Junior 🤍 https://t.co/aIYZUcyzQN
06 Aug, 11:22 AM UTC
"ผมไม่เคยรู้ว่าการเป็นผู้นำคืออะไร อย่างเดียวที่ผมรู้คือทำยังไงให้ Super Junior เป็นครอบครัวเดียวกัน" ㅡ อีทึก หัวหน้าวง Super Junior💙🖐🏻 https://t.co/6JwJOUPqYY
06 Aug, 03:12 PM UTC
pau ⭒☾☼️
Super Junior and ELF are lucky to have you, @special1004. Thank you. I love you. https://t.co/hAxmB0HVfp
06 Aug, 12:34 PM UTC
joanna ♡
This is why super junior is still in the game even after 17 years & even after such long years, they can still fill up an arena. The secret is out there, it's the passion to keep the group together, the love & respect for their fans, and the humility each of the members have 😭💙
06 Aug, 11:55 AM UTC
jammylovesYesung💙☁️ || #예성 || #SS9inManila
No one can top what Super Junior members did today.
06 Aug, 04:19 PM UTC
ELF in CARATland 🥭🥂
the way super junior bowed so deep for a long time 😭. and then elfs chanted 'saranghae' in return. this relationship right here, and you ask elfs why we love suju this much? 😭 #SS9inManila @SJofficial https://t.co/ACpUmMhmrU
06 Aug, 02:37 PM UTC