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Mark Goldbridge
Two weeks ago the media and the Sky pundits were outraged about the Super League. Now some of them are outraged at United fans reacting to it. Never trust the media, they just go with the flow, they don't have morals
02 May, 04:07 PM UTC
Sky News
One of the protesters outside Manchester United stadium Old Trafford says the protest "isn't just about the European Super League", adding that the Glazer family, which has controlled the club since 2005, "need to go". Read more here: @SkyNews's photo on Super League
02 May, 01:59 PM UTC
G Nev thinks we’re protesting about the Super League LMAOOOOO brudda you’re on the only person in the country still talking about it
02 May, 03:17 PM UTC
Only United fans could be insulted for what’s going on today. We get called plastics, glory hunters, said we should all protest against the Super League so we do and now we are a disgrace. Don’t let biased get in the way of your bitterness #MUFC 🇾🇪
02 May, 03:08 PM UTC
United Zone
Roy Keane: “It's not just as a result of what's happened the last two weeks with the Super League... it's been building for a number of years. They've come to the end and feel enough is enough. It's a huge statement for the game to be called off.” #mufc [Sky]
02 May, 05:06 PM UTC
Rob Blanchette
Breaking into Old Trafford isn't the way of challenging the Glazer ownership. But this represents 16 years of pain & torment. English football is in a bad place after the Super League debacle. I can't see #MUNLIV going ahead after the stadium being so badly compromised. #MUFC
02 May, 01:34 PM UTC
Sky News Breaking
Manchester United fans have broken out onto the pitch at Old Trafford ahead of this afternoon's match against Liverpool in protest against the club's owners' attempt to join the European Super League For more on this and other news visit
02 May, 01:39 PM UTC
Souness NAILING it. "This isn't to do with the European Super League. This is about where they are right now. They have spent over a BILLION POUNDS on players & they are nowhere. They are nowhere in the league. Champions League. They aren't winning. That's what this is about." @smtm__LFC75's photo on Super League
02 May, 04:07 PM UTC
Dan McLaughlin
Remember when Klopp said the media and fans of the Big 6 needed to calm down over the Super League. Proof today why he probably had a point.
02 May, 02:35 PM UTC
When fans were anti Super League (which Sky didn’t get the rights to) fan power was brilliant and Dave Jones was letting and promoting GNev and Carragher to speak out. Now fans have postponed a game that Sky are showing it’s dangerous and irresponsible. The mask always slips
02 May, 05:04 PM UTC
Laurie Whitwell
These protests were ignited by Super League but have been simmering for 16 years, since a toxic takeover that should not have been allowed to happen - as big read below explains. Getting a game cancelled is most significant outcome in that time. #MUFC
02 May, 05:43 PM UTC
The Tactical Times
Gary Neville has taken a very valid protest at Man United - one that was going on while he was still playing, one that he historically hasn't been that keen to enter - and has turned it on Liverpool. The same thing he did when pinning the super league on them. He can't be trusted
02 May, 04:24 PM UTC
Miguel Delaney
This is what people do when you exploit the people’s game too much Today’s Man United protest illustrates why the response to the Super League may be a landmark in English football history - it also keeps fan activist momentum
02 May, 06:22 PM UTC
How Gary Neville views himself when he starts talking about the Super League
02 May, 03:17 PM UTC
Kenny Ken
Ever heard of the phrase reap what you sow , Sky Sports revved up fans regarding the Super League; not realising that Utd and Gooners fans issues ran deeper than this; encourage protests than wonder why their annual showpiece game is in jeopardy; oh dear bit inconvenient now hey?
02 May, 03:25 PM UTC
United Update
Roy Keane: “It's not just as a result of what's happened the last two weeks with the Super League... it's been building for a number of years. They've come to the end and feel enough is enough. It's a huge statement for the game to be called off.” #MUFC #GlazersOut
02 May, 05:16 PM UTC
Justin Moorhouse
It’d be nice to see the easy partisanship stuff on hold on days like these. This isn’t about your club is better than another club. It’s about culture and community and legacy. The solidarity over the Super League plans seems short lived. #OurGame #GlazersOut
02 May, 05:45 PM UTC
Mack The Knife
Amazed that @SkySports think the fans have gone too far today. Have they genuinely forgotten what a group of club owners were trying to achieve with a European Super League the other week? #GlazersOut #MUFC #ProtectTheLegacy
02 May, 05:00 PM UTC
Miguel Delaney
You can find fault with the nature of the protest. You can’t fault its legitimacy, or effect. Fans were powerless for too long in the face of a sporting tragedy like the Glazer takeover. The Super League was them pushing their ownership too far
02 May, 06:24 PM UTC
Manchester United
R.Keane : "Les supporters de United en ont assez et ils font ça parce qu'ils aiment le club. Ce n'est pas seulement le résultat de ce qui s'est passé ces deux dernières semaines avec la Super League... c'est une accumulation de ce qui se passe depuis plusieurs années." #MUFC
02 May, 05:24 PM UTC
United Journal
🗣️ — Roy Keane: "#mufc fans have had enough. They’re doing this because they love the club. It’s not just the last few weeks & Super League, it's been building for years. They’ve thought enough is enough. It’s a huge statement for the game to be called off." #mujournal [Sky]
02 May, 05:23 PM UTC
Juliet is happy🦐❤️🐰
ม็อบหน้าสโมสรแมนยู ประท้วง super league ขับไล่เกลเซอร์ แต่ถามจริงงงงงง ประท้วงก่อนเตะนัดสำคัญเนี่ยนะ นักเตะมันก็ไม่ได้ผิดไรปะวะ โดนตัดแต้มแพ้ขึ้นมาเท่ากับยกแชมป์ให้เรือไปเลย ควายมากๆ 🤬#MUFC
02 May, 02:17 PM UTC
🔴 Swifty 🔴
Man Utd fans entered a football stadium and potentially prove how easy it is to drop a terrorist attack on a football stadium Yet Neville and carra talk about the super league It’s disgusting what those supporters have done
02 May, 03:25 PM UTC
Jack Silver 🍀
Imagine if people cared about racism or sexual assault as much as they care about their football club not joining the European Super League.
02 May, 05:10 PM UTC
Super League getting cancelled has proper shown fans the power they possess
02 May, 03:38 PM UTC
⭐️ 𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐮 𝟐 𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐭 ⭐️
#PL : Old Stratford envahi ! Pendant ce temps-là à Manchester, les supporters de Manchester United ont investi la pelouse d’Old Stratford pour protester contre leur la dirigeants concernant la Super League. Le coup d’envoi est espéré pour 19h30.
02 May, 03:34 PM UTC
Es ist für @BSC_YB die zweite Niederlage dieser Super-League-Saison - die erste gab es in der 11. Runde ebenfalls gegen @ServetteFC (1-2). Seit Servettes Aufstieg 2019 holte kein anderes Team so viele Punkte gegen YB wie die Genfer (12 – 3 Siege, 3 Remis, 2 Niederlagen). @OptaFranz's photo on Super League
02 May, 04:11 PM UTC
On a weekend where many inside the sporting world come off social media due to abuse from those outside the sphere - one of our 'own' media outlets uses the term 'virtue signalling' pejoratively expressing an archaic view that the Women's Super League is a 'pretence'.
02 May, 05:37 PM UTC
Why did United fans protest on today rather than Thursday if this is all about the Super League?
02 May, 05:07 PM UTC
Saydz #GlazersOut 🔰
@TeleFootball we tried peaceful, it does nothing. Fan forum over zoom, Glazers dont even attend. This had to happen and after the super league which you stated was 'a war' this is fully justified and its only about 0.1% of the fans there who were vandals
02 May, 06:39 PM UTC