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I have never seen any cast EVER do something as rude as that #Supercorp song the #Supergirl cast did I don't even ship them & I am appalled
23 Jul, 01:07 AM UTC
Bridget Liszewski
Been thinking about this and I don't mean to go all parental on #Supergirl, but most of all I'm not mad, just disap… https://t.co/wBgxZwZoh8
23 Jul, 05:41 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#Arrow #TheFlash #Supergirl #LegendsOfTomorrow Se confirma lo esperado Habrá un nuevo crossover a 4 bandas en las… https://t.co/H0fIUgZBWU
23 Jul, 07:15 PM UTC
#Supergirl Video: Cast Previews Season 3 Arrivals... and Then Bursts Into Song https://t.co/MiFhFvn3EL
23 Jul, 06:27 PM UTC
.@ChristophrWood says Mon -El will "look blingy" next season thanks to that necklace from #Supergirl 😂 #sdcchttps://t.co/pTKyrCtMgR
23 Jul, 09:37 PM UTC
《Previously SERIES》
#Supergirl #SupergirlSDCC Photoshoot de nuestras chicas y chicos de National City en la #SDCC https://t.co/Y8rXvkoty6
23 Jul, 02:42 PM UTC
More silly #Supergirl art. (Honestly just wanted to draw DCAU J'onn, and the casting announcement gave me an excuse… https://t.co/Mw7O7Ue7wM
23 Jul, 02:58 PM UTC
Ladies of Comics
This Red Lantern #Supergirl is really cool! Art by Tony Warne
23 Jul, 07:11 PM UTC
deniz(er) 🏳️‍🌈
Why the #Supergirl cast being so homophobic is devastating: a thread.
23 Jul, 05:41 AM UTC
Bridget Liszewski
#Supergirl should know the power & passion of its queer fans more than most. They should know the responsibility involved.
23 Jul, 05:41 PM UTC
Leanne Aguilera
ICYMI... Here is one of my favorite interviews of the weekend! My deliriously fun chat w/ the cast of #Supergirl: https://t.co/lqgs2WbIoL
23 Jul, 08:32 PM UTC
Comic Book Resources
Psi of the Times: Meet #Supergirl's New Villain, Psi https://t.co/Cn1Xsh1RYz
23 Jul, 03:04 PM UTC
Comic-Con 2017 Confessional: Melissa Benoist - DC SUPER HEROES – AND SUPER-VILLAIN #WBSDCC #SDCC #SDCC2017… https://t.co/GfLfa0oAUN
23 Jul, 10:39 PM UTC
Daxamite 💥
"Sending the love of her life off to space" 🗣 MON EL IS THE LOVE OF KARA'S LIFE #Karamel #SupergirlCW #Supergirl
23 Jul, 06:21 PM UTC
ICYMI: #Supergirl deals with darkness in new Season 3 #SDCC trailer: https://t.co/tjOBnXGvQa
23 Jul, 07:55 AM UTC
"I would like to see them get back together and be so happy." 😂 Jeremy is me #Karamel #Melwood #Supergirl
23 Jul, 07:04 PM UTC
This is for sure the same place and she's wearing white too #supergirl https://t.co/BtrTllg0vp
23 Jul, 09:23 PM UTC
Will we see a wedding on #Supergirl next season? Showrunner @jessicaqueller gives us a hint...
23 Jul, 10:14 PM UTC
Supergirl Fans
#Supergirl gets serious in this sneak peek at season 3! https://t.co/9MDXaI220a
23 Jul, 11:10 PM UTC
тнe lιттle нedɢeнoɢ
#Supergirl #SupergirlCW Supercorpers: Lena should be witj Kara Others: Oh I can feel the writers are gonna put Len… https://t.co/X71Q16oNLy
23 Jul, 03:08 PM UTC
@TheCWSupergirl @SupergirlStaff Can you guys just bring him back asap and stop hurting her please?!?😭 #supergirlhttps://t.co/JkfFIYqmHO
23 Jul, 09:36 PM UTC
Awww! @DavidHarewood says J'onn is totally smitten with M'gann on #supergirl next season 😍 #sdcc #comiccon
23 Jul, 10:05 PM UTC
тнe lιттle нedɢeнoɢ
#Supergirl #Karamel #SupergirlCW "Kara Danvers was a mistake"
23 Jul, 04:03 PM UTC
Erica Durance TV
🎬 #Supergirl Season 3 Takes a Dark Tone and Erica Durance Joins Cast 👏🏻 https://t.co/jf5lSsVJzh #SupergirlSDCC… https://t.co/Evwp3TISVv
23 Jul, 11:29 PM UTC
23 Jul, 11:33 PM UTC
I want to see season 3 of #Supergirl
23 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
❂ Isa Rodeman
anyone to play with them? You follow me and we talk?💬 #tits #supergirl 💋
23 Jul, 11:46 PM UTC
jp ♡
I LOVE @MelissaBenoist SO MUCH I MEAN LOOK AT HER #Supergirl #SDCC
23 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
Gatita Infiel +18 💋
RT if you like to do it NOW We talk about dm?💬 #supergirl #liveoncamhttps://t.co/1cfbCh3Bvm
23 Jul, 11:46 PM UTC
😍 Lianna Claire 😍
all for me to You follow me and we talk?💬 #supergirl #milf 💄 https://t.co/bYq0s07alR
23 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
I love Mon-El and Alex and Maggie and J'onn and Jimmy and Lena and Winn and Clark.... and of course my sunshine princess, Kara! #Supergirl
23 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
Kara Danvers
Doug the Pug Interviews #SUPERGIRL at #ComicCon 2017 #WBSDCC
23 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
23 Jul, 11:36 PM UTC
ju loves dj | SG 25
I've just watched episode S02E13 of Supergirl! #supergirl https://t.co/sSMOKfTK7A #tvtime
23 Jul, 11:34 PM UTC
HannahXXX [+18] 💋
I love LUSH #supergirl #oral
23 Jul, 11:33 PM UTC
Perfect team🤣🤣🤣👍 #SupergirlSDCC #Supergirl
23 Jul, 11:31 PM UTC
Elisabeth Amery XXX
Eat it vos #supergirl #porn 📛❗
23 Jul, 11:30 PM UTC
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