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Cas has failed his brothers. New #Supernatural TONIGHT at 8/7c. Catch up first: https://t.co/hc2Cj1nOph Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
11 Apr, 04:00 PM UTC
Misha Collins
Honest communication is so important for healthy relationships. For tips & tricks, tune in to #Supernatural tonight for group therapy at 8/7C! https://t.co/z9gCPx4cuC
11 Apr, 10:23 PM UTC
It’s a long road ahead. Thanks for watching #Supernatural, stream free tomorrow only on The CW App. Stay tuned for a new episode of @CWInTheDark. Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
On the path to darkness. #Supernatural starts NOW on The CW. Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 12:00 AM UTC
Samantha Smith
All my love. 🔥 #MaryOut #SheWillBeWatchingFromAbove @cw_supernatural @JensenAckles @jarpad @Alex8Calvert @mishacollins @robertberens #Supernatural #SPNFamily https://t.co/Z9laV3coCw
12 Apr, 04:26 AM UTC
They must find him. #Supernatural starts NOW on The CW. Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 03:00 AM UTC
The boys will fight to get her back. Thanks for watching #Supernatural, stream free tomorrow only on The CW App. Stay tuned for a new episode of @CWInTheDark. Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Ruth Connell ♛
Shout out to the splendiferous director of tonight’s devastation @NLopezCorrado who is just the absolute best ❤️ #supernatural
11 Apr, 10:13 PM UTC
incorrect supernatural
that’s more like it #supernatural incorrect supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 01:27 AM UTC
It isn't easy to hear. Stream the latest NOW: https://t.co/IfKBrEM3bJ #Supernatural Supernatural's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:00 AM UTC
Mel 🌈
HE WANTED TO COMFORT DEAN 😭😭😭😭 #Supernatural https://t.co/afbeHaCz5y
12 Apr, 12:59 AM UTC
Kim 📸🐾🍪
Actual photo of me trying to prepare for tonight's episode. #Supernatural #ImNotReady .@jarpad @JensenAckles Nashville, 2019. Kim 📸🐾🍪's photo on #Supernatural
11 Apr, 03:10 PM UTC
yvanna 🐝🌻
me tonight #supernatural yvanna 🐝🌻's photo on #Supernatural
11 Apr, 04:35 PM UTC
daphne. ♔
the one thing i love is that Rowena is now a good guy. she’s always been my favorite witch #Supernatural daphne. ♔'s photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 12:42 AM UTC
Meredith Glynn
Dunno about you, but I'm excited about the the full body wallop of an episode the brutally talented @robertberens has in store for tonight. Lock your heart in a cage, throw that cage down a well & row to the isle of tears. I'll be waiting with margaritas! #Supernatural #SPNFamily
11 Apr, 11:20 PM UTC
Mel 🌈
The simplicity of this memory is so heartbreaking — his little smile — he was so happy to have her back only for her to be taken away from him all over again. #Supernatural https://t.co/ARooC7Pv52
12 Apr, 12:51 AM UTC
Lyanna assistiu SHAZAM⚡️♡
I'm the saddest person, now #Supernatural https://t.co/AR98Re5xyD
12 Apr, 12:53 AM UTC
Marisa | Laughs Alot, Generally Nervous
Can we get some praise for Sam? Sam listened, opened up when Cas came in, signaling that, yes, you can come talk to me. Sam stopped Cas from going to Dean so he wouldn't have to hear "it should be you up there" bc he knows his brother. Round of applause for Sam. #Supernatural
12 Apr, 02:10 AM UTC
Bobo Berens
I confess: I like throwing @RuthieConnell into things #Supernatural
12 Apr, 03:41 AM UTC
Bobo Berens
We love you @SamSmithTweets #Supernatural
12 Apr, 04:31 AM UTC
Soul✨🌼🍃 #WinchestersNeverDie
Sam trying to rationalize Jack’s behavior is heartbreaking to me. Sam is always trying to see the best in people. #supernatural
12 Apr, 12:13 AM UTC
Bizarro Jensen
#ThrowbackThursday but also a belated #NationalSiblingsDay @JensenAckles @jarpad #Supernatural #SPNFamily Bizarro Jensen's photo on #Supernatural
11 Apr, 05:04 PM UTC
Bobo Berens
Beautiful score by @CLennertz tonight. And very smart choices throughout about when to use music— and when not to. #Supernatural
12 Apr, 03:12 AM UTC
lauren TODAY spn spoilers
dean getting his mom back vs losing her again #supernatural https://t.co/sn710VBN2S
12 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC
I knew in my gut that this was coming. @robertberens wrote a fantastic episode of #Supernatural tonight that left me smiling and crying. Not only was it shot beautifully. But for it to end on this shot; she left her mark. @SamSmithTweets Mary will be missed. TY 4 everything ❤️ WeAreSPNFamily's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 01:05 AM UTC
Bobo Berens
@SamSmithTweets And I love the way @Johnnyfitz006 cut this scene (and this episode.) He made a lovely choice by keeping Mary in a wide shot with her back turned as she covers up Jack’s floor damage. Sweet and understated. #Supernatural
12 Apr, 03:35 AM UTC
Yea this scene broke me. When will they stop losing everyone they love!? #Supernatural https://t.co/rYtfzISGFh
12 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
Hypnotic Redemption now available on @Amazon #free for #KindleUnlimited #horror #paranormal #Supernatural #thriller #mystery #NewRelease #availablenow #crime #Ghost #danger #hypnosis https://t.co/fTut3niyHl
11 Apr, 07:00 PM UTC
✨ Diana ✨
That wasn't fucking necessary!! Mary dying and the conflict with Jack didn't needed to leave Cas out, why always him? Way to show him and us that we don't really belong anywhere, that we're not loved, that no matter what we'll do it'll never be enough #Supernatural
12 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
James Donaldson
Nash, attempting to capture a supernatural predator, unexpectedly finds the hunter becoming the hunted! https://t.co/f6tovuXbFn #BookBoost #readnow #werewolf #werewolves #supernatural #paranormal #FullMoon #Cursed #IARTG #CorsairAdventures #iamwriting #readnow #FreeToRead James Donaldson's photo on #Supernatural
11 Apr, 05:54 PM UTC
The Bobbys are Surly. The Necromancy Is Sparkly. #Supernatural
12 Apr, 12:43 AM UTC
HOW COULD ANYONE LOOK AT HOW BROKEN HE IS AND THINK HE HAS NO SOUL????? Sam was not like this when he was soulless. He fucking shot innocent people who got in the way of his monster kills when he was soulless. I ... I am having many feelings RN. #Supernatural #Absence Catherine's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 03:17 AM UTC
#スッキリ で私の大好きな海外ドラマ「スーパーナチュラル」の紹介してた~😆 怪奇系だけどほぼ1話完結なので、面白いですよ❣️ 最初はサム派だったけど、今はディーン派です🥰 (今でもサムは素敵ですよ) #スーパーナチュラル #Supernatural #海外ドラマ エスmama★2児ママブロガー's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 01:25 AM UTC
Putting aside to the reaction fandom had to the story, I just wanna say, @JensenAckles blew me away with his acting, it was the best part of the episode, absolutely freaking phenomenal. Kudos!!💚🥰 #Supernatural #Absence https://t.co/cf3eHLhKO9
12 Apr, 05:57 AM UTC
I Believe In Us.
Sam's comforting hand though https://t.co/e0x8mc96xJ #Supernatural I Believe In Us.'s photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:14 AM UTC
SupernaturalWiki #RideOrDie
12 Apr, 06:31 AM UTC
♋🐢🖤Katrina Naipo🌺🌴🤙🏽
Omg my heart just shattered when I saw this part, S.W. D.W. M.W. 😭😭😭 #Supernatural #Absence #SPNFamily @JensenAckles @jarpad @SamSmithTweets ♋🐢🖤Katrina Naipo🌺🌴🤙🏽's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 05:42 AM UTC
Sakti padh mazumder
Instalar https://t.co/RpJSFAwrYH wordPress #DragRace #MikeSmith #FrozenFour #Supernatural #installarwordpress #wordpress #tutorialwordpress
12 Apr, 06:28 AM UTC
иєя∂у & gιяℓу 90 🖖😺 #SPNFamily
*sobbing* #SPNFamily #Supernatural иєя∂у & gιяℓу 90 🖖😺 #SPNFamily's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:26 AM UTC
Heather Rose 🇺🇸 SPNVegas Baby!
I’ll keep this in mind for next week. #Supernatural https://t.co/TekjQlkmTA
12 Apr, 06:25 AM UTC
Kyong Moody
The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max should be Apple's brightest models this year. WinnersClub. Would you like to win a new iPhone XS? Plz sign up hurry https://t.co/V3Cf4RX1Y7 #DragRace Herb Ventura #FrozenFour Mike Smith #Supernatural UMass Pete Alonso #DisneyPlus Kyong Moody's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:32 AM UTC
I really despise that the angel who tortured Cas, making him kill hundreds of replicas of one of the people he cares about most in this universe is the leader of heaven, that he even has to talk to her is despicable,someone else needs to be the leader #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:32 AM UTC
eLLe Cee
I feel Mary got fridged. I'm happy Rowena didn't. And the major plot hole of Jack and his power. He brought Castiel back. He's more powerful than any angel, including archangels. He couldn't bring back Mary? Really? 🤨 #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:32 AM UTC
Julie Holden
#Supernatural What an awful episode. Not only was it completely lacking any sense of continuity and full of manufactured, illogical "drama" but I still don't think I could care less about jack. Not to mention the "hey we got a drone, LOOK" shot at the end. Just terrible.
12 Apr, 06:32 AM UTC
B.J. Peterson
The best episodes of #Supernatural that tear your heart out & make you feel all the feels do it legitimately. We care & we live their pain with them. The actors all did their jobs tonight, but aside from my anger, I truly don't care at this point. Now THAT is the real tragedy.
12 Apr, 06:31 AM UTC
Anna Raymondou
#Supernatural #spn i feel like im going to be eaten alive for saying this and dont get me wrong i fucking love Cas, but like we've all witnessed first hand that secrets lead to horrible stuff, so like they kinda get to be a little mad at him, no? >.>
12 Apr, 06:31 AM UTC
I need some tfw 2.0 happy in the bunker being a loving family like I know they can be, I just want everything to be happy for ONCE. Geez I'm godawfully emotional about this #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:29 AM UTC
Joanna M. Camacho
@DavidHaydnJones @cw_spn Was hoping to have seen you both hunt together at least one more time . So guess now we need to see you again @DavidHaydnJones on #supernatural
12 Apr, 06:28 AM UTC
Sammy Liu | #SPNCHI 2019
The PJ party with @kimrhodes4real & @OfficialBrianaB prevented me from watching the newest episode, but my goodness! I have no words. I was on the verge of tears towards the end...@SamSmithTweets, you’ve served us well. You will be missed dearly on #Supernatural 😢💕 #Absence 💕 Sammy Liu | #SPNCHI 2019's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:27 AM UTC
MadderOfAFact| Thank You SPN 2019
JACK PLS DONT HURT ROWENA #Supernatural #Absence
12 Apr, 06:27 AM UTC
@liataghva @mikelisovitskiy @deangirlforever @Kaestchen72 @StephaniePf13 @janlie68 @TWinchster @demon_heart_spn @tracey1293 @kharmagirls @Magdalena5880 @spnsammichgirl @Chinmayee190 Morning my friend 😘💐 and to you all my friends😘happy #FF_Special_Friends (see you later, after #Supernatural) 😉 ♓️Mariepop60♒️'s photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:27 AM UTC
Faith Byrd
1. Thank Chuck Mary is gone 2. Dean needs to stop emotionally abusing Cas 3. Lucifer needs to put up or shut up #supernatural
12 Apr, 06:26 AM UTC
Book Promotion
• 🐍 7 book #paranormal mystery series set in that "exotic, erotic Mecca known as New Orleans." Just don't forget your gris gris. #Supernatural occult thriller https://t.co/eJg8KPU87G Book Promotion's photo on #Supernatural
12 Apr, 06:25 AM UTC

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