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Greg Jericho
Sussan Ley seems to have forgotten a major event that happened in the past 4 months #qt
03 Aug, 04:19 AM UTC
Karen Barlow
#BREAKING Bill to restore territory rights for ACT, NT passes House 99 - 37. Coalition for: Peter Dutton, David Littleproud, Nola Marino, Paul Fletcher, Darren Chester, Sussan Ley, Ian Goodenough. Labor MPs against: Tony Burke and Cassandra Fernando. #auspol
02 Aug, 11:53 PM UTC
Mark Dickenson: fools repeating failure on repeat.
Matthew Guy, Peter Dutton, Sussan Ley, Angus Taylor, and Alan Tudge. Surely this is a sign from God (not that I believe in her) the Liberals have hit the self-destruct button?
03 Aug, 12:14 AM UTC
Richard Wright
Sussan Ley warned by the Speaker that she is pushing him to the limit. I suspect she will get ejected, not today but sometime soon. #qt
03 Aug, 04:21 AM UTC
Paul Meek
Was Sussan Ley almost 94Aed just then for a frivolous point of order? 😆😆😆 #auspol
03 Aug, 04:29 AM UTC
Sussan Ley bizarrely attempts the same question & tactics in #QT as yesterday & ends up scolded yet again. Speaker is shocked & puts her on her last straw: “She is right down to the wire in terms of pushing me at the moment.” https://t.co/ZyZs1not3s
03 Aug, 04:44 AM UTC
Reezy Miller
Sussan Ley complaining that Labor’s not demonstrating a family friendly parliament 😂 #QT
03 Aug, 04:20 AM UTC
Prince Fed up - (Please retweet)
Sussan Ley - doing the "Albanese didn't know" parade again. Pointless stupidity. Albanese clearly recalls the 21st May 2022. 77 Labor members elected. Ley, "Why is there all this shouting in a family friendly parliament?" as the Opposition front bench baits. #qt The Abbott way.
03 Aug, 04:22 AM UTC
Leonardo Puglisi
Most Liberal, LNP & Nats MPs voted against it - excluding: Nola Marino (LIB) Jenny Ware (LIB) Zoe McKenzie (LIB) Gavin Pearce (LIB) Melissa Price (LIB) James Stevens (LIB) Jason Wood (LIB) Bridget Archer (LIB) Paul Fletcher (LIB) Ian Goodenough (LIB) Sussan Ley (LIB)
03 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC
Lee-Anne Walker🎀🌳🎨🎶🌸
PM’s comeback to Sussan Ley’s moronic question, “just cheap tawdry politics”. #QT
03 Aug, 04:23 AM UTC
Baz Macca
Milton Dick AGAIN proving he is a DISGRACE in the position of Speaker Sussan Ley calls for the PM (a male) to stop shouting And Dick (another male) says SHE is out of order How aggressive and rude and entitled these LABOR males are 😳🤮🤮🤮 #QuestionTime
03 Aug, 04:23 AM UTC
Sussan Ley's question was perhaps the dumbest thing I've heard yet. #qt #auspol
03 Aug, 04:19 AM UTC
Sussan Ley saying the PM has been caught… Sussan, mate, do we need to start rattling off everything the LNP has been caught on? A bit rich. #auspol #qt
03 Aug, 04:19 AM UTC
When do you reckon the Libs will realise Sussan Ley is not the electoral asset they think she is? #auspol #qt
03 Aug, 04:22 AM UTC
Deb #LeagueOfDifficultWomen 🌈🥄🦓
Sussan Ley's hectoring tone and pathetic relitigation of the election campaign is entirely inappropriate — enough of this crap, please, Mr Speaker! #qt #auspol
03 Aug, 04:53 AM UTC
Karen Barlow
Sussan Ley's point of order related to "why is everyone shouting?" Did not go far. #qt
03 Aug, 04:19 AM UTC
Sussan Ley seems oddly concerned for the welfare of women when she only recently publicly defended Scott Morrison, a man who was not only accused of bullying women but also needed his wife to confirm that rape in the workplace is indeed a very bad thing. #auspol #questiontime
03 Aug, 04:32 AM UTC
Ashley Greene
Sussan Ley lol weird things going on in her head #qt
03 Aug, 04:17 AM UTC
The Political Context Enforcement Team
For context, Sussan Ley as deputy leader is feeling the heat from her backbench to try and land a blow on Albanese. Its clear the pressure is not on the govt, but the front bench of the Coalition. Its only the second week! #qt
03 Aug, 04:22 AM UTC
Prince Fed up - (Please retweet)
What a little LNP sweetie Sussan Ley is! She targets the Prime Minister with vitriolic personal abuse in the House in a cool theatrical delivery, egged on by the Opposition front bench. Then she poses a fake point of order attacking @AlboMP for raising his voice Nice #qt
03 Aug, 04:37 AM UTC
Leonardo Puglisi
ICYMI: 5 Labor MPs were part of the 37 that voted AGAINST ending the ban on territory assisted dying laws It still passed the HoR with 99 voting in favour of ending the ban - including almost all Labor MPs, Peter Dutton, David Littleproud & Sussan Ley https://t.co/pPViftJffJ
03 Aug, 05:04 AM UTC
Liam O'Neill; Dutton 're-education camp' survivor.
'What's with all the shouting from the family friendly Party over there' shouts Sussan Ley over the shouting from the Opposition benches during #qt on a point of order which wasn't, attracting a stern reprimand from the Speaker for disruption. Just pathetic
03 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Ian Samuels. Albo's lefties!🌈
Sussan Ley on her phone ffs's! Phone's should be banned in federal parliament. Should only be allowed to have to tablets/laptops to observe the senate
03 Aug, 04:46 AM UTC
Cengiz Adabag
Video: Sussan Ley roasts Albo during question time over being caught out https://t.co/sOUG6vIjOk
03 Aug, 04:58 AM UTC
Buzz 🏳️‍🌈He/Him
#LeyzySussan Sussan Ley Lazy lazy lazy! #auspol
03 Aug, 04:54 AM UTC
Citizen of Nowhere 😊 Loose Unit and SewerRat
Is it time for Sussan Ley to be ejected? #LNPNeverAgain
03 Aug, 04:34 AM UTC