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Amanda Rossi
Sobre tentativa de homicídio na Amazônia, no rastro do desmatamento: "A polícia não investigou, de acordo com o relatório policial, porque Durães (a vítima) e seu amigo (testemunha) não souberam dar o nome completo" (do mandante), contou @manuelaandreoni
24 Nov, 07:25 PM UTC
Brent Toderian
The best electric vehicle is an electric bike. The best electric vehicle is an electric bus. The best electric vehicle is an electric tram or train. The worst electric vehicles are too many privately owned cars, SUVs or trucks that are too big & driven too much.
25 Nov, 06:36 AM UTC
The Babylon Bee
FBI To Place All SUVs On Terror Watchlist
25 Nov, 03:17 PM UTC
Why do SUVs cause 50% of fatalities despite being only 13% of the vehicles?
25 Nov, 01:41 PM UTC
Tony Shaffer
Holy cow - I had no idea SUVs had become sentient & able to act on the own - are all SUVs now able to think independently and can they now rove the country at will to murder people? What's next? Bigfoot's secret love child with @ChelseaClinton? The @washingtonpost is a tabloid...
25 Nov, 12:54 PM UTC
Reuters Tech News
Amazon-backed EV firm Rivian delays deliveries of R1S SUVs - reports @ReutersTech's photo on SUVs
24 Nov, 09:10 PM UTC
Mike Gonzalez
What an amazing take: just like guns, SUVs now kill. It wasn’t a driver with a history of social media postings and who shouldn’t have been out on the streets.
25 Nov, 03:19 PM UTC
@Ford I am horrified to learn that the leather in SUVs comes at the expense of the Amazon ranforest. We need that rainforest if we are to have a liveable climate.
25 Nov, 01:45 AM UTC
@catgrade506 @washingtonpost I can’t help but to laugh. Let me get this straight…it’s the SUVs fault, not the driver Like it’s the guns fault, not the shooter. People wonder why this country is struggling so bad. God blamed Cain not the rock
25 Nov, 03:27 PM UTC
Niccolò 
@BernardGoldste5 @washingtonpost yeah that damn black suv had a BLM flag and drove itself into a crowed of white people. we need to ban all SUVS!!
25 Nov, 03:23 PM UTC
First it was "teens and "youths", then they became "aspiring rappers". Next was joggers. Now they're SUVs (simians utilizing violence).
25 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
@TomFitton I guess I can let the suvs loss again. It was hard keeping them inline
25 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
@ClayTravis @washingtonpost Surely you remember when @RushLimbaughEIB used to do SUV updates all the time about how the evil SUVs were killing folks and generally causing mayhem. It was awesome.
25 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
@coffeeshopjihad Bingo. Ive seen people living in trailers driving souped-up $40,000-$50,000 SUVs with all the trimmings. Has a Vice President ever been as ridiculously attacked like this one just for going shopping while overseas? Fuck8ng ridiculous
25 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
Gentleman Jon 🇺🇸
@TomFitton 'Ban assault SUVs RIGHT NOW!' ~Greta Thunberg (probably)
25 Nov, 03:28 PM UTC
CNMnewz W/Otis Dean
FBI To Place All SUVs On Terror Watchlist
25 Nov, 03:28 PM UTC
News18 Auto
The upcoming Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home will be featuring two India-bound SUVs, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV and the Hyundai Tucson SUV.
25 Nov, 03:27 PM UTC
The Swole Mav
Man those SUVs wilding these days.
25 Nov, 03:26 PM UTC
@JoeSilverman7 AP 2019 States increase electric-car charges to offset lost gas taxes - New/higher registration fees for electric vehicle owners - States impose special fees on gas-free cars/SUVs/trucks - as green tech intersects w/ the need to pay for upgrades/repairs to nation’s infrastructure
25 Nov, 03:26 PM UTC
@doctorow Subsidize small four-cylinder cars not 5000 pound SUVs. 100% depreciation deductible in one in year one for the larger ones. US has so many insane tax incentives
25 Nov, 03:25 PM UTC
Christian Floyd
@NatBullard So, here in one of the most liberal spots in the US, where people do have disposable income, there has not been large-scale EV adoption. Hard to be optimistic over the rumble and roar of the big pickups, SUVs, and sports cars.
25 Nov, 03:25 PM UTC
Augustus Octavio
@BharadwajSpeaks And yet Native American culture is celebrated and lives but but but but the DNC is supporting Chinese Colonization which is removing cultures right now. Tibet Indigenous culture is being violently removed. Happy Thanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving SUVs
25 Nov, 03:23 PM UTC