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Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital, went from being homeless to one of the most influential venture capitalists. She’s at the #ForbesWomen Summit to discuss upending the status quo @Forbes's photo on #ForbesWomen
18 Jun, 02:02 PM UTC


Do you know the answer to #TriviaTuesday Round 18’s question? If you do, let us know and you could win a Samsung Galaxy A50! Ts&Cs apply: @VodacomRugga's photo on #TriviaTuesday
18 Jun, 07:03 AM UTC


Follow our page and answer the trivia question including #MiBIntlIMAXPrizeGiveaway below for a chance to win! In the original #MIB, The American Humane Society made sure no animals were hurt during filming, including cockroaches. What was Will Smith crushing instead? @RegalMovies's photo on #MiBIntlIMAXPrizeGiveaway
18 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC


#HappyBirthdayRoger! We are turning over your website to you today in honor of your birthday, publishing your reviews and essays or essays about you and your writing for everyone to enjoy! Please use #HappyBirthdayRoger to get it trending. Thank you! @ChazEbert's photo on #HappyBirthdayRoger
18 Jun, 02:53 PM UTC


𝖓𝖔 𝖔𝖓𝖊
18 Jun, 03:39 PM UTC


Sandra Boynton
June 18th is National Splurge Day. Uh oh. #NationalSplurgeDay @SandyBoynton's photo on #NationalSplurgeDay
18 Jun, 02:59 AM UTC


Watch the ✨ LIVE ✨ #CNX19 Opening Keynote as @SBuscemi, @EricTStahl, @Patterson_Sarah, and special guests discuss the influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and changing customer demands. #C360
18 Jun, 03:02 PM UTC


면토끼 '^'
Love has no limitless and being born in the same generation whereby we are able to witness EXO's Growth as Singers and Individuals, I'm always proud of all of them. I wish for EXO to always be surrounded by loads of love and happiness ❤️ #EXO #EXOLove @weareoneEXO @BUNNYMYE0N's photo on #EXOLove
18 Jun, 01:17 PM UTC


Texas Tribune
1/ A year ago, thousands of migrant children were separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. With your help, we raised more than $70K to cover the crisis. Today, we received 4 national #Murrow Awards for that work, plus a fifth for overall excellence. @TexasTribune's photo on #Murrow
18 Jun, 03:10 PM UTC


2019년 6월 19일, #마마무 와 함께하는 데뷔 5주년 5년 동안 늘 마마무의 옆에서 함께해준 우리 #무무들 진심으로 고맙고 사랑합니다💘 앞으로도 마마무와 5랜 시간 영원히 함께해요🤗 📽 #5yearswithMAMAMOO #마마무와_함께한_5번째_5늘 #영원히_놓지않을게 @RBW_MAMAMOO's photo on #5yearswithMAMAMOO
18 Jun, 02:59 PM UTC


🎣 | Footballers who fish. #NationalGoFishingDay!
18 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC


Scott Dworkin
Mitch McConnell should resign. Retweet if you agree. #MitchFund911HeroesNow
18 Jun, 11:14 AM UTC


Mick 🌻
#AfterFallingDown I make it look like I meant to seduce you
18 Jun, 02:01 PM UTC


Hey everyone 👋we are mailing out 4 amazing summer swag kits! To enter for your chance to win tweet #ILoveKraft + #promo + 😍. Winners will be notified by email later this afternoon! NoPurNec.18+VoidWhereProhib.Rules@ @gofooji's photo on #ILoveKraft
18 Jun, 03:07 PM UTC


Cindy Landolt
Please #retweet 🙏🏽 Good Morning 😘 who’s working out today? #TuesdayMorning @CindyTraining's photo on #TuesdayMorning
18 Jun, 09:36 AM UTC


Pantene Pro-V
Don't hate me because I'm #beautifuLGBTQ. Happy Pride from Pantene.
17 Jun, 09:02 PM UTC


Official Team Trump
.@LaraLeaTrump: American Families need FOUR MORE YEARS of President @realDonaldTrump! #Trump2020 #TrumpRallyOrlando
18 Jun, 01:47 PM UTC


Kevin M. Kruse
@FrankLuntz @ImperialVienna The European-style socialism of ... a Marriott hotel?
18 Jun, 01:19 PM UTC

Purple Rain

Jemele Hill
Purple Rain, The Bodyguard, Love Jones, and Waiting to Exhale
18 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC

Frank Luntz

'Weird Alex' Pareene
Vienna doesn't really look any worse than a lot of other European cities. Bombed about a bit. Oh, I was gonna tell you, wait, I was gonna tell you about Holly Martins, an American. Came all the way here to visit a friend of his. The name is Luntz, Frank Luntz.
18 Jun, 01:48 PM UTC

Not Donald Trump

Orlando Sentinel
Our endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump | Editorial @orlandosentinel's photo on Not Donald Trump
18 Jun, 12:01 PM UTC


Cole Bennett
rip x 👼 the world misses u
18 Jun, 04:53 AM UTC

David Brooks

Soledad O'Brien
A really excellent example of just how consistently not good David Brooks is. Moral formation requires recognition of an error and the path to forgiveness. Harvard is not required to be that vehicle. Sometimes learning the hard way makes the lesson more palpable.
18 Jun, 12:56 PM UTC


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying. This is not hyperbole. It is the conclusion of expert analysis ⬇️
18 Jun, 01:03 PM UTC


Elie Mystal
Oh, of COURSE @nytdavidbrooks is out here with his defense of using the n-word and going to Harvard. Unlike Brooks, I went to Harvard while black. I'm so entirely DONE WITH people like Brooks acting like my black EXISTENCE is a goddamn "teachable moment" for racist white boys.
18 Jun, 01:51 PM UTC

Born Sinner

6 years ago today, J. Cole released his second studio album 'Born Sinner' @DailyRapFacts's photo on Born Sinner
18 Jun, 01:31 PM UTC

Boaty McBoatface

The British research submarine Boaty McBoatface discovered a significant link between Antarctic winds and rising sea temperatures on its maiden outing.
18 Jun, 11:32 AM UTC

Max Landis

The Daily Beast
EXCLUSIVE: Eight women accuse Hollywood filmmaker Max Landis of emotional and sexual abuse: "We’re not people to him"
18 Jun, 11:40 AM UTC

Orlando Sentinel

Kyle Griffin
Trump will kickoff of his re-election campaign in Orlando tonight. The Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board just dropped this: "We're here to announce our endorsement for president in 2020, or, at least, who we're not endorsing: Donald Trump."
18 Jun, 01:20 PM UTC

Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney
Please @AOC do us all a favor and spend just a few minutes learning some actual history. 6 million Jews were exterminated in the Holocaust. You demean their memory and disgrace yourself with comments like this.
18 Jun, 02:25 PM UTC

Ryan Hollins

Turned my TV on to FirstTake and see Ryan Hollins talking
18 Jun, 02:31 PM UTC


jimmy fallon
My friend got married on the beach and wanted to zip line to the altar. He didn’t test before and it turned out he was too heavy for the line. He was dragged through rocks and sand for the last 10 seconds. Ripped the pants off of his tux. #WeddingFail
18 Jun, 02:41 PM UTC


Tom Hall ☘
Physics Be So Cool! 🌎 #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation via @ZonePhysics pls follow @TomHall's photo on #TuesdayMotivation
18 Jun, 02:39 AM UTC


andy lassner
He’s very excited about his pep rally in Orlando today. It would be a shame if #AnybodyButTrump2020 trended today. A real shame.
18 Jun, 12:41 PM UTC


Ted Lieu
Progress will not be stopped. #TuesdayThoughts
18 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC


@kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump So sad to see gullible cultist Americans cheer on a con-man who regularly sells out America for his own personal gain. The Trump corruption & cruelty will be forever known as a despicable stain on our country’s history. #TrumpRallyOrlando #MorningJoe Amway Center #Kristallnacht
18 Jun, 12:16 PM UTC


Scuderia Ferrari
2km of wiring 🔌 equalling nearly one third of the Circuit Paul Ricard’s total distance 😱 That’s what it takes to provide power to the #SF90 and all its components ⚡️ #essereFerrari 🔴 #TechTuesday @ScuderiaFerrari's photo on #TechTuesday
18 Jun, 12:00 PM UTC


Bud Light
Today we salute you, #InternetHeroesofGenius, especially the Corporate Social Media Manager behind your favorite brand's posts. Tag your favorite follow. @budlight's photo on #InternetHeroesofGenius
18 Jun, 12:09 PM UTC

Sally Ride

NASA's Kennedy Space Center
#OTD in 1983, Astronaut Sally Ride became the first American woman in space when she launched from Pad 39A aboard Space Shuttle Challenger. 🚀 Learn more about her path to becoming a Mission Specialist for @NASA: @NASAKennedy on Sally Ride"> @NASAKennedy's media on Sally Ride">@NASAKennedy's media on Sally Ride">
18 Jun, 01:02 PM UTC

Above the Rim

Jonathan Meeks
@iamjamiefoxx Menace II Society, Above The Rim, Murder Was The Case, A Low Down Dirty Shame, Juice, Boyz In The Hood, New Jack City, New Jersey Drive, The Show, Panther, High School High, & Sunset Park
18 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC

Facebook's Libra

Andreas M. Antonopoulos
While Facebook's Libra doesn't compete against any open, public, permissionless, borderless, neutral, censorship-resistant blockchains, it *will* compete against both retail banks and central banks. This is going to be fun to watch.
18 Jun, 11:02 AM UTC


Que decía Florentino Pérez que es un importante presidente de empresas y no entendía porque tenía que asistir a la comisión del proyecto Castor. 🤦‍♀ Maria Sirvent le da un buen repaso, de porqué... 🧐 Escucha y que rule!! 🎥 #FelizMartes @Emma1492is's photo on #felizmartes
18 Jun, 07:57 AM UTC


My secret #TongueOutTuesday recipe: 1. Find some floofs 2. Tongue out 3. Always leave ‘em with a smile 🐾 #GRC
18 Jun, 12:42 PM UTC

Bless the Lord

Holy Bible Today
#Prayer I Bless the LORD my Lover I Bless the LORD my Savior I Bless the LORD my Maker I Bless the LORD my Healer I Bless the LORD my Refuge I Bless the LORD my Teacher I Bless the LORD my Protector I Bless the LORD my Redeemer Father Jesus HolySpirit One God #TuesdayThoughts
18 Jun, 12:01 PM UTC


#Libra es experto en marcar el paso y en que dirección se mueve la conversación
17 Jun, 07:45 PM UTC


Garth Brooks
#DiveBar WORLD PREMIERE starts at 6am tomorrow ONLY on radio! What country radio station are YOU listening to? DIVE IN!!! love, g Watch #StudioG to find out more @garthbrooks's photo on #DiveBar
18 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC


At The Races
"Tracked leaders, led over 2f out, strode majestically clear, awesome." Frankel's Queen Anne at @Ascot - seven years ago today... Watch every race from #RoyalAscot live on Sky Sports Racing! @AtTheRaces's photo on #RoyalAscot
18 Jun, 07:07 AM UTC


The only booing at the Toronto Raptors parade was for Doug Ford #onpoli #wethenorth #RaptorsParade #cdnpoli @wearenorth99's photo on Coburn
17 Jun, 07:56 PM UTC

Amway Center

Kayleigh McEnany
CAMP OUT‼️ WATCH TONS of @realDonaldTrump supporters camp outside the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida!!! @TeamTrump @kayleighmcenany's photo on Amway Center
18 Jun, 01:49 AM UTC

Good Tuesday

Good Tuesday Morning everyone! Hope you’re on top of the world! Be safe! 😎😺🧚‍♀️❤️🌹😘🤗☕️☕️☕️
18 Jun, 06:45 AM UTC


YAYYY. Woooooohooo YOU DESERVE IT #NadineUrianBestActress
18 Jun, 11:58 AM UTC


"Millions of tons of unintended fish, shellfish and wildlife like marine mammals, sea turtles and seabirds die in fishing gear meant to catch other species" Are you still eating fish? #OceansDay #FishingWeek #GoFishingDay #FishingDay
17 Jun, 04:18 PM UTC


Udi Wertheimer
Some things to know about Facebook’s Calibra: 1. Calibra is a *custodial* digital wallet. Users won’t manage keys. It is fully owned by Facebook, and will probably be the main way people use Libra, the token.
18 Jun, 08:21 AM UTC


Kelvin Rodrigues
“Just do your job, you’re taking it way too personally Haskins.” “I am not, sir.” “Please try to arrest him in one piece.” “If he dies, he dies.” “Because he insulted you?” “He shouldn’t have called me a soulless moron.” “I thinking you’re being over #sentient.” #vss365
18 Jun, 05:49 AM UTC

Teach For America

Jennifer Berkshire
Wow. The Walton Foundation paid Teach for America $4K for every teacher placed in a public school. And $6K for every teacher placed in a charter school.
18 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC


i’m a small account but i don’t care. i don’t care if seokjin isn’t your bias i don’t care if you’re not an army i don’t care if you don’t know him i don’t even care who you are but if you see this tweet, you are obligated to reply “WORLDWIDE HANDSOME JIN” @lovinglyseok's photo on WORLDWIDE HANDSOME JIN
17 Jun, 04:54 PM UTC

Lourdes Ramos

Benjamín Torres Gotay 🇵🇷
Hace 14 años que la representante Lourdes Ramos no da un tajo en la AEE. Pero ha mantenido su plaza allí parkeadita mientras funge de política esperando por ella y quiere que le acrediten su tiempo en la Legislatura para jubilarse de la corporación pública
18 Jun, 11:21 AM UTC

Love Jones

Beyond The Cross
God > The World
18 Jun, 09:06 AM UTC


Bryan Steil
Human trafficking is an issue that transcends politics. This crisis requires support from Republicans and Democrats, from every corner of our country. Read my op-ed in the Racine @JournalTimes here:
17 Jun, 05:02 PM UTC

Sir Paul

Bugün The Beatles’ın dört üyesinden biri olan İngiliz bas gitarist, söz yazarı ve besteci Sir Paul McCartney’in 77. doğum günü 🎂 🥂🎸
18 Jun, 07:34 AM UTC


I often like Sam Stein but he was being unpleasantly aggressive with Amy Klobuchar - in a way no one on @Morning_Joe ever was with Trump in 2016 - and Amy simply wasn't having it. Good for Amy. #MorningJoe
18 Jun, 11:20 AM UTC

eoin morgan

Cricket World Cup
RECORD-BREAKER! Eoin Morgan hits his 17th six of the innings – the most ever hit in an ODI! #CWC19 | #ENGvAFG @cricketworldcup's photo on eoin morgan
18 Jun, 12:45 PM UTC

Libra Association

cuneyt basaran
Facebook kendi kripto Parası ( Libra) çıkartıyor. 30 şirketin içinde olduğu "Libra Association" isimli bir yönetim şirketi paranın sahibi ve yöneticisi olacak Kimler var oluşumda? Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, Lyft ınc, Spotify, Ebay, Coinbase gibi şirketler Libra kullanacak
18 Jun, 09:55 AM UTC

Mario D

Donald J. Trump
European Markets rose on comments (unfair to U.S.) made today by Mario D!
18 Jun, 11:21 AM UTC


DomisLive NEWS
This #XxxtinctGala2019 trash is making me sick to my stomach #LLJ, It’s a shame these people didn’t know the real XXXTentacion #RIPXXXTentacion @domislivenews's photo on #XxxtinctGala2019
18 Jun, 07:41 AM UTC

Dive Bar

Mike Ryan Ruiz
If you’re a dive bar or lounge with 2 Pioneer DJM900s are in desperate need for someone to clear your dance floor and only play self-indulgent vampy shit with occasional dalliances into mid-90’s eurodance, I’m now accepting bookings.
17 Jun, 06:49 PM UTC


Stray Kids
Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) Twitter Q&A 2019.06.19 WED 17:20PM (KST) *라이브 방송은 진행되지 않습니다. *STAY의 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다! #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #Clé2_YellowWood #부작용 #YouMakeStrayKidsStay #StrayKidsComeback @Stray_Kids's photo on #StrayKidsComeback
18 Jun, 06:00 AM UTC

Percy Jackson

me thinking percy jackson was trending bc we're finally getting the netflix series we fucking deserve: @darthtaemin's photo on Percy Jackson
18 Jun, 06:05 AM UTC

Happy 77th

Mbeki Institute
Join us wish our patron former president Thabo Mbeki a happy 77th birthday. 🎊🎊🎁🍰
18 Jun, 04:05 AM UTC

Rescuing Villains

Dana Loesch
Good devotional today on redemption, something dead in today’s society. “Rescuing Villains”
18 Jun, 11:59 AM UTC


K Kibbee
Summer came softly that year, like the yawn of a worn screen door as we laid lazy as fat cats in splatters of sunshine. You played the katydid's mandolin down my spine with sweet sweat on the pick and made a home in my backbone where you've lived ever since. #btr2sday #romance
18 Jun, 04:31 AM UTC


"Mad Cat" Cattis
#IAmChallengingYouTo ride my new roller coaster. (You must be less than 18 inches tall, however...)
18 Jun, 05:09 AM UTC

Boom Bow

18 Jun, 07:50 AM UTC

Happy Birthday Sir Paul

The Beatles Bible
You say it's your birthday! Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool on 18 June 1942. Jim McCartney: "He had one eye open, and he just squawked all the time… But the next day, he looked more human. He turned out a lovely baby." Happy birthday Sir Paul!
18 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC


Today is all about Jahseh
18 Jun, 05:13 AM UTC


Antøniø Enrique
é oficial o Josh já tem 31 anos #happybirthdayjoshdun
18 Jun, 03:03 AM UTC


Thomas Silkjær
“We did not consider proof-of-work based protocols, such as Bitcoin, due to their poor performance and high energy (and environmental) costs.” #libra #libracoin
18 Jun, 09:08 AM UTC

Rest In Peace X

xxxtentacion is currently trending 4 times on twitter #RIPXXXTENTACION #LongLiveJahseh Rest in Peace X Long Live X
18 Jun, 08:22 AM UTC

Dual Pistols

🚨 VAULTED 🚨 - Boom Bow 💥 - Dual Pistols 🔫🔫 - Dynamite 🧨 ❤️1 Like = 🙏 1 Prayer
18 Jun, 08:08 AM UTC


xxx - fanpage
This is it.. A whole year since you’ve been gone. It’s weird, how can it feel as though it was just yesterday you were here but also feel like a decade since you’ve been gone. May your name, energy and legacy live to the end of the time! Long Live Jah!
18 Jun, 05:15 AM UTC


#RIPXXXTentacion one year ago we lost one of hip hops most loved Artists. R.I.P X we miss you 💔 @Smith57531's photo on R.I.P X
18 Jun, 07:12 AM UTC


Pomp 🌪
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi just I hinted at new interest rate cuts and more QE. Add in the May 2020 Bitcoin halving and you have the perfect storm. Cut rates. Print money. Make BTC more scarce. Long Bitcoin, Short the Bankers!🔥
18 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC


☀️ Glorious sunrise in #Tynemouth☀️ 📍#Travel #TravelTuesday #Photo #Photography #traveltips #Newcastle #UK 📍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
17 Jun, 10:42 AM UTC

Nailed by Styles

“Nailed by styles, dreams do come true” IM SCREAMING LMAOSOSKK #LateLateLondon
18 Jun, 05:15 AM UTC


#BringBackDJFresh My morning are no longer the same phela ... I am always grumpy last week Friday i almost fired my boss.. I miss Dj Fresh @KCollenm1's photo on #BringBackDJFresh
18 Jun, 03:55 AM UTC


happy pride month 🤠#XXXTINCTPARTY2019 #XXXTINCTGALA2019
18 Jun, 06:46 AM UTC


San Francisco Giants
#BeatLA ✅ @SFGiants's photo on #BeatLA
18 Jun, 05:21 AM UTC

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