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Tonight: "House haunting? It's all in good fun, of corpse" #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #svengoolie
19 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
This is the 1963 William Castle remake of the 1932 classic by James Whale #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #svengoolie
19 Jan, 01:10 AM UTC
Tom Poston of Newhart… in a horror film! #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #svengoolie
19 Jan, 01:25 AM UTC
Fritz Freakenstein
“Who’s the numbskull that’s hosting this flick? I have bone to pick with them!” #Svengoolie https://t.co/haGOZW3lab
19 Jan, 02:05 AM UTC
Joe Blevins
Strange but true fact: Peter Bull was also an expert on teddy bears and wrote books about them! We actually had one of them when I was growing up! #svengoolie https://t.co/3fEeRm8XCB
19 Jan, 02:02 AM UTC
That's not how you do the Heimlich #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #svengoolie
19 Jan, 02:20 AM UTC
Cue the music, it's time for #Svengoolie! Happy Sventurday Goolies! https://t.co/Uuvs76sy5U
19 Jan, 12:59 AM UTC
Um I'll try a different salon, thanks #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #svengoolie
19 Jan, 01:40 AM UTC
Some boys are too evil for @dog_rates #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #svengoolie
19 Jan, 02:40 AM UTC
Fritz Freakenstein
Good night #Svengoolie friends! I hope you won’t go “Berserk” waiting for next week’s movie! https://t.co/O0IUU3kGV7
19 Jan, 03:03 AM UTC
Jim imbruglia
#Svengoolie Fun fact: Robert Morley was supposed to have played The Sandman on the Batman TV show, but when his episodes became a team up with Julie Newmar's Catwoman, Morley backed out of the part. https://t.co/kJQ2bRgEL3
19 Jan, 02:07 AM UTC
Joe Blevins
This water stain was so beautiful, we had it framed! #svengoolie https://t.co/DNy6HFVFAu
19 Jan, 01:35 AM UTC
🌹Rose Breen P☃️❄️🎶👗🏰🎩
Thank you @Svengoolie🎩and all #Svengoolie #SvenPals, it’s been another fun movie watching night with all of you:) See you next time, and have a great week😊🌙✨!! @JackalopeJamie @chrishambyfilms @maryhzorn @edhock65 @doc_freak @disgruntmonkey and the rest:)... https://t.co/85eQwKR5E6
19 Jan, 02:57 AM UTC
Professor Frenzy
We made it to #Svengoolie. We are all heroes. https://t.co/0RPLzdlmPs
19 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
Jeff Kwiatkowski
Sing it Sven #svengoolie https://t.co/auS1mBiF2p
19 Jan, 02:15 AM UTC
✦Natalie Jane✦
Good evening, Goolies! Ready for the premiere of "The Old Dark House" (1963). #Svengoolie #SvenPals https://t.co/0SDhUbIKEq
19 Jan, 12:59 AM UTC
Marie just Marie 💗
Rich? @Svengoolie Is there any chance we could watch MURDER BY DEATH sometime? Friends, please RT if you agree! @bokehdots1 @DerMudeTude @Joe_A_Blevins @footenotes @doc_freak @CanuckleheadMC @mercurie80 #Svengoolie https://t.co/9jhn59od0d
19 Jan, 01:33 AM UTC
Sending a Saturday shout-out to the #SvenPals I won’t be live-tweeting #Svengoolie tonight but I’ll be watching with you in spirit https://t.co/itRCe6G6Hs
18 Jan, 11:33 PM UTC
Nanette Keir
Smile! It’s #Svengoolie time with #TheOldDarkHouse on @MeTV!! https://t.co/xhA0tjjiCg
19 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
So this week's #Svengoolie feature is This Old House? Did I hear that right? https://t.co/3ijZZEbRve
19 Jan, 01:02 AM UTC
Mad Shelley Films
Well, we made it out of the ‘Old Dark House’ alive, @chrishambyfilms & fellow #SvenPals! And next week, well, we go ‘Berserk’ - On @Svengoolie ! #Svengoolie https://t.co/ekl8UosuQx
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
Keith Pangilinan
@ChristineML1 @MeTV & a #GoodEvening, @Joe_A_Blevins @anitakearney65 @CatVictory @ImbrugliaJim @ChrisAFilippone @disgruntmonkey @agentm0m @lakeprincess @doc_freak @chrishambyfilms & other #Goolies as I watch #TheOldDarkHouse (a #new ep!) on #Svengoolie! #MeTVSvengoolie #SuperSciFiSaturdayNight
19 Jan, 04:13 AM UTC
Possum Reviews
Why is #Svengoolie trending? When has anybody outside of my family ever talked about Svengoolie?
19 Jan, 03:42 AM UTC
Son of Karas (ラの息子)
Dear @TwitterSupport, please stop shadowbanning @chrishambyfilms. This is the same shadowbanning technique you keep applying to @kinky_horror during every #TheLastDriveIn show for Nothing more than the promotion of a livetweet. #Svengoolie https://t.co/kwBBtUue0z
19 Jan, 02:50 AM UTC
Nerikull Murakami
Evening, @chrishambyfilms ! Looks like this is going to be...different tonight, but I sat thru Manos!!! Let's do this! HI-KEEBA! #Svengoolie https://t.co/deuDZnbagG
19 Jan, 01:20 AM UTC
Cat Church
hey are y'all watching #Svengoolie tonight ? It's a new movie ! @RickGComedy @hinshaw_steven
19 Jan, 12:58 AM UTC
Nerikull Murakami
#Svengoolie #MeTVStarTrek Calling it a night, making dinner, and returning to the Hell of updating computer(s). G'night everybody! *Hooray for Hollyweird*
19 Jan, 04:02 AM UTC
Joe Blevins
Next on #svengoolie: Terror has a new name, and it's... Tom Poston?! P.S. You die laughing... if you have a preexisting heart condition and laugh at literally anything. https://t.co/RJpw0L7p46
19 Jan, 12:58 AM UTC

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