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Herschel Walker, the Republican running for Senate in Georgia, just refused to condemn this in a statement and will still participate in a fundraiser this weekend hosted by a person who features a swastika in their profile picture. https://t.co/WxhYJbaslE
13 Oct, 12:57 PM UTC
Brandon Friedman
Spokeswoman for Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Herschel Walker: This is not a swastika. "This is clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic." The graphic: @BFriedmanDC's photo on Swastika
13 Oct, 06:02 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
Dear @HerschelWalker: A swastika composed of syringes is still a swastika. Are you going to keep the money from this fundraiser that was hosted by a bigot? Also, it’s anti-Semitic for your campaign spokesperson to equate vaccine mandates with what the Nazi swastika stands for. https://t.co/LKi7XQJ2NX
13 Oct, 08:48 PM UTC
Protip: using a swastika to protest mask mandates is still using a swastika.
13 Oct, 01:20 PM UTC
Greg Bluestein
Senate candidate Herschel Walker cancels fundraiser with supporter who had swastika in her Twitter profile #gapol #gasen https://t.co/tGKDXlnSQS
13 Oct, 06:55 PM UTC
Patricia Murphy
Also in the Jolt this am, one of the hosts for a weekend fundraiser for @HerschelWalker this weekend appears to have a swastika as her profile pic. We have reached out for a response from the Walker camp. @politicalinsidr's photo on Swastika
13 Oct, 11:41 AM UTC
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
NEW: The host of a major fundraiser for Trump-endorsed Senate candidate Herschel Walker has a swastika as her profile picture. The Walker campaign appears to deny that it is a swastika. “This is clearly an anti-mandatory vaccination graphic," they said. (per @politicalinsidr) @NoLieWithBTC's photo on Swastika
13 Oct, 06:50 PM UTC
Amanda Carpenter
Uhhhh that is a swastika made of syringes. So, a swastika. https://t.co/LGV7gVrNa6
13 Oct, 06:30 PM UTC
Lindy Li
A swastika made of syringes is still a swastika Domestic terrorists (Boebert, Gaetz, Gosar, Greene, etc.) who happen to be in Congress are still domestic terrorists Dress up evil any way you want. It’s still demonic as hell.
13 Oct, 09:58 PM UTC
Morgan Fairchild
It is also “clearly “ a swastika…. https://t.co/teuXMIqOnj
13 Oct, 10:24 PM UTC
Shannon Watts
Herschel Walker, who is running for a US Senate seat in Georgia, doesn’t condemn his fundraising host’s use of a swastika in an anti-vaccine graphic. #gasen https://t.co/NqEwIkYz5Z
13 Oct, 05:25 PM UTC
Avenger Resister
Herschel Walker is running for Senate in Georgia and has no problem aligning himself with a swastika.
13 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
David S 🎃🎃🎃
Yep, that's definitely a swastika. https://t.co/8I8skrNham
13 Oct, 07:28 PM UTC
Kevin's Politics 🇺🇸
@BFriedmanDC It clearly is a swastika. Because this is the anti-vaccine graphic. 👇 https://t.co/kgjnXDysuZ
13 Oct, 06:15 PM UTC
George Takei
Oh, canceled it did ya? 🤦 https://t.co/hgFK1FFft6
13 Oct, 09:12 PM UTC
Keith Olbermann
Just as in his NFL career @HerschelWalker dropped the ball. Just remember: he and his spokesperson denied that the swastika was a swastika. And also remember: Conservatives fetishize Nazis and will do worse if we do not stop them. https://t.co/NJbSksau8m
13 Oct, 07:08 PM UTC
Keith Olbermann
Narrator: It was a Swastika and @HerschelWalker pretended it wasn’t. https://t.co/KJtmF6WWTm @KeithOlbermann's photo on Swastika
13 Oct, 06:42 PM UTC
Jeff Timmer
It’s a fucking swastika and only an imbecile and/or liar would dare pretend otherwise. https://t.co/oYmyWjdVOW
13 Oct, 07:25 PM UTC
Brian O'Sullivan
Herschel Walker definitely fumbled the swastika on this one...
13 Oct, 07:57 PM UTC
Ron Filipkowski
After spending most of the day defending and justifying his decision to attend a fundraiser hosted by someone with a swastika in her social media profile, GA Senate candidate Herschel Walker now has decided against it. https://t.co/TVjDHOQV1l
13 Oct, 10:50 PM UTC
Mark Judson For Congress - Scorched Earth Dem 2022
It turns out that "Swastika" is just German for "Elephant". Who knew? @Judson4Congress's photo on Swastika
13 Oct, 09:00 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
I don’t ever remember Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock’s campaign ever having supporters who sported or paraded around any racist Swastika flags or merchandise. There’s a big reason for that.
13 Oct, 10:12 PM UTC
Venture Capital
Nope. That’s a swastika. https://t.co/ULK1sy6jWp
13 Oct, 08:06 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Republican Herschel Walker abandoned plans for a fundraiser hosted by a Texas donor who had an anti-vaccine design that resembled a swastika as her Twitter profile picture https://t.co/ZETZ0XvNVY
13 Oct, 10:09 PM UTC
Jennifer Mercieca
Hitler on the power of symbols & why he chose a Swastika, from Mein Kampf: “Up till then the movement had possessed no party badge and no party flag. The lack of these tokens was not only a disadvantage at that time but would prove intolerable in the future." 1/10
13 Oct, 09:11 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Herschel Walker Cancels Fundraiser At Home Of Producer Who Featured Vaccine-Needle Swastika In Twitter Profile https://t.co/JXcTasin3s via @Deadline
13 Oct, 11:02 PM UTC
Jennifer Mercieca
Hitler tells you that a swastika will always be anti-Semitic (even if it's made from needles): "the struggle for the victory of Aryan mankind and at the same time the triumph of the ideal of creative work which is in itself and always will be anti-Semitic." @jenmercieca's photo on Swastika
13 Oct, 09:53 PM UTC
J Harrison
This government could unveil a swastika over the Houses of Parliament and they’d still get away with it at this rate. Jesus. What will it take for @UKLabour and the media to take the fight to them. #PolPotPatel #ToryCorruption #BrexitReality https://t.co/HQGgfvBBgD
13 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
American Jewish Committee
A swastika is a symbol of hate. After @HerschelWalker canceled a fundraiser sponsored by an individual who proudly displayed the antisemitic symbol, he must now clearly condemn comparisons between the Holocaust and COVID health policies. https://t.co/aaSNRSjWx8
13 Oct, 11:12 PM UTC