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Skip Bayless
Clippers just got robbed. Sweet Lou got fouled while making a 3, should've had a free throw to win. Call was before the shot. But Shamet helped take the refs off the hook with an amazing 3 to tie. 2nd overtime.
14 Feb, 03:56 AM UTC
LA Clippers
SWEET, SWEET LOU. 👌🏾 📺 @FoxSportsWest | @TeamLou23 @LAClippers's photo on Sweet Lou
14 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
@RealSkipBayless Hold this L...Lou did everything in hes power to try to get Kawhi over the finish line. Kawhi better thank that Sweet Lou is on hes team🤭🤡
14 Feb, 04:14 AM UTC
Reformed Laker. Proud Pelicans Fan.
@PelsGotNext Sweet Lou has the GREENEST of lights.
14 Feb, 04:10 AM UTC
Mutebi Alex Kato 🐐
Kawhi Jordan was being carried by Sweet Lou Williams, and he didn't want that Tatum smoke. Next https://t.co/VUn57q6miU
14 Feb, 04:26 AM UTC
tyler herro for ROY still
Forgot how fun DFS could be if you’re on a hot streak. Over 310 on dk 3 days on a row. If only I had sweet Lou today probably would’ve hit 360-370 dk pts
14 Feb, 04:16 AM UTC
Kenny in Kucamonga
Don’t get T’d up sweet Lou https://t.co/JR42ukiDUX
14 Feb, 04:01 AM UTC
Jake Anthony
@ShannonSharpe skip always says lebron gets saved by his teammates but tonight it sure looked like kawhi’s teammates hit all the big shots to keep them in the game 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 sweet Lou dropped 35 off the bench and dropped 15 points in the 4th quarter to keep them in the game!!
14 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
@LongLiveKobe24 They say Lebron was lucky to have AD as a teammate, wonder how lucky Kwahi was to have sweet Lou, but they don't wanna listen to me, what do I know 😂😂
14 Feb, 04:20 AM UTC
Tracy Lampley
Sweet Lou had a four point play. Possibly game winner too.
14 Feb, 04:17 AM UTC
Paul George has been ass this whole year don't care he didn't finish the game. Celtics didn't have Brown and if it wasn't for Sweet Lou and Big Forehead Shamet this would've been a blowout. I never want to hear Kawhi > LeBron ever again
14 Feb, 04:14 AM UTC
Andy Boujikian
Kawhi Leonard sure is lucky Sweet Lou is his teammate. https://t.co/noPoXJP5vN
14 Feb, 04:13 AM UTC
@South_oakcliff Got carried by sweet Lou tonight, but the media won’t say anything.
14 Feb, 04:12 AM UTC
Gordon Hayward reminding us he's there on D TWICE pantsing Sweet Lou (who was killing pretty much anyone else all night). A welcome sight #LACvsBOS
14 Feb, 04:11 AM UTC
Jamie 🇦🇺
Clippers disappointing all round. Put my chips on Sweet Lou a scorer for all seasons and he gets blocked by hipster Gayward. So gay. Oh well Clippers are trash, send em to San Diego. #NBA
14 Feb, 04:09 AM UTC
Carmine the Computer
Hayward with awesome block on sweet lou. Bonus: #celtics ball on the out of bounds. #celticstalk
14 Feb, 04:08 AM UTC
@RealSkipBayless I love the clippers bro but sweet lou had his foot on the line while shooting that three. Had he gotten the call it would went for 2 and he would had to make a ft for the tie. Leonard is outta gas tonight and the young celtics are running them to death game over bro.
14 Feb, 04:07 AM UTC
Cedd Macc
@ShannonSharpe unk why kawhi not gaurding Tatum?? just askin Sweet Lou and the other role players cookin while kawhi out the kitchen
14 Feb, 04:06 AM UTC
Daniel Chung
Sweet Lou 🤣🤣🤣
14 Feb, 04:06 AM UTC
Jake Spitler
Also Sweet Lou Williams might be my favorite player in e NBA right now. He’s a god damn monster
14 Feb, 04:03 AM UTC
embiids burner
@NoahThomas_ @lockcity9 Nah kawhi bricks in 4th tonight sweet Lou carrying
14 Feb, 04:02 AM UTC
@RealSkipBayless When sweet Lou is the clippers closer
14 Feb, 04:00 AM UTC