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.#drian .,🏴
As much as I'm not a fan of gun control, americans pointing to the Sydney CBD stabbing as evidence against it is pretty silly considering the person was able to be stopped with a CHAIR and a MILK CRATE.
13 Aug, 05:09 AM UTC
Keira Savage
Such a dangerous thing to do, but huge kudos to these guys who put their own lives at risk by using a milk crate and a chair to tackle this guy on a stabbing rampage in Sydney CBD.
13 Aug, 05:57 AM UTC
NSW Police Force
Police operation King & Clarence St, Sydney CBD. Please avoid the area. More to come...
13 Aug, 04:17 AM UTC
America: *buys guns at Walmart* Australia: *steals milk crates from Woolies that can be utilised for vinyl storage/transportation, improvised cafe seating AND weapons of defence for those times when some cunt goes on an afternoon stabbing spree in Sydney CBD*
13 Aug, 05:52 AM UTC
Celeste Liddle
Congratulations to those ordinary folks who acted swiftly and successfully detained that man in the Sydney CBD.
13 Aug, 05:17 AM UTC
Sky News has reported an eyewitness heard the man shout “Allahu Akbar” and then screamed at police “shoot me in the face”. Full story:
13 Aug, 04:56 AM UTC
Nic Mlinaric
Taking down a knife wielding madman with some chairs and a milk crate has to be the most unintentionally bogan thing to happen in Sydney CBD #Straya #SydneyCBD
13 Aug, 05:12 AM UTC
7NEWS Sydney
7NEWS cameraman @pdwnews filmed the man running through Sydney while carrying a knife in Sydney. "He started yelling out what I heard was 'Allāhu akbar.'" #7NEWS @7NewsSydney's photo on Sydney CBD
13 Aug, 06:17 AM UTC
Amy Mek
Look how Australian news is already reporting the terrorist stabbing spree in Australia..... Not ONE mention of the "man" screaming "Allah Akbar"? Why Channel 7 News?
13 Aug, 05:41 AM UTC
Helen Murti 🐢
When you watch the footage, watch bloody legends chasing a man armed with a knife in Sydney CBD, apprehending him & holding him down with a milk crate & a chair. We have gun control in Australia and it works.
13 Aug, 05:16 AM UTC
This is what a #Hero looks like! Sydney CBD.
13 Aug, 06:24 AM UTC
Nine News Sydney
#BREAKING: Emergency scenes in Sydney unfolding. Reports of multiple stabbings in multiple locations in the Sydney CBD. More updates to come. #9News @9NewsSyd's photo on Sydney CBD
13 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Thanks to all the legends who stopped that guy with the knife in Sydney CBD today! You’re all heroes! And thank fuck we have such good gun control in this country, because if that crackpot could of got his hands on a firearm, that may have been a mass shooting.
13 Aug, 05:11 AM UTC
Laura Jayes
There seems to be a major police incident near York Street in the Sydney CBD. Witnesses report people running from the scene. UNCONFIRMED reports of a man with a machete.
13 Aug, 04:14 AM UTC
The Daily Telegraph
Witnesses have described incredible scenes as a group of heroic bystanders chased down a knife-wielding attacker and pinned him down with a milk crate in shocking scenes in the Sydney CBD.
13 Aug, 05:15 AM UTC
Muslims Down Under
Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the violent #SydneyStabbing incident in the Sydney CBD today. We commend those heroic bystanders & emergency services who responded to assist. @MuslimsDwnUnder's photo on Sydney CBD
13 Aug, 06:52 AM UTC
Zanetti Cartoons
Ahhh....the wonders of cultural diversity. ' eyewitness heard the man shout “Allahu Akbar...” in the Sydney CBD
13 Aug, 05:10 AM UTC
Hats off to presence of mind to the guys who PINNED down a man on a stabbing rampage in Sydney CBD using stools & chairs #SydneyCBD #Sydney
13 Aug, 05:15 AM UTC
I had just left Apple shop in George street in Sydney CBD at about time stabbings took place It’s less than 50m from where stabbings happened. Apple store made everyone leave the store . Rather than looking to protect people they kicked them out of store .Great customer service
13 Aug, 05:38 AM UTC
Arsen Ostrovsky
'Straya mate! Terrorist SOB going on stabbing rampage in #Sydney CBD, seriously injuring at least one woman. But watch this group of brave Aussie bystanders stop him, with one using a milk crate! #auspol #sydneystabbing
13 Aug, 06:18 AM UTC
💧 Coalition Tea Lady
"Police said the incident did not appear to be terror related, the suspect had no known terrorist links and he was acting on his own." "The ABC understands the man escaped from a mental health facility." (Hint: - Best to wait for detail)
13 Aug, 08:08 AM UTC
🇦🇺 Peter Wallace
Two women stabbed, one fatally. Attacker jumped on the bonnet and roof of a Mercedes yelling "Allahu akbar".
13 Aug, 07:50 AM UTC
7NEWS Sydney
A woman has been stabbed to death, and another badly wounded, in a knife rampage through Sydney this afternoon. Mert Nay of Marayong was arrested by police after some brave people performed a citizen's arrest. @Andrew_Denney @BryanSeymour1 #7NEWS @7NewsSydney's photo on Sydney CBD
13 Aug, 08:12 AM UTC
Nick Ralston
Police say Sydney CBD attack not classed as terrorist incident and the accused has no known links to terrorist groups.
13 Aug, 07:31 AM UTC
Nine News Australia
The alleged Sydney attacker has been named as Mert Nay, who may have escaped a mental health facility in recent days. #9News
13 Aug, 07:26 AM UTC
7NEWS Sydney
UPDATE: Three women have been stabbed, one fatally, by a man with a knife who went on a rampage through Sydney's CBD. #7NEWS
13 Aug, 06:49 AM UTC
Twitter Moments Australia
Update: Police confirmed a man was arrested after a woman was stabbed in Sydney CBD.
13 Aug, 05:31 AM UTC
Rose Harper ✈ Sydney til 23/8
🚨 🚨 🚨 There’s been reports that the 21 year old woman murdered in Sydney CBD today may have been a sex worker. Please check in on your sex worker friends ladies, if this is true this is a really tragic day for our community.
13 Aug, 08:38 AM UTC
7NEWS Australia
7NEWS cameraman @pdwnews filmed the man running through Sydney who was carrying a knife in Sydney. "He started yelling out what I heard was 'Allāhu akbar.'" #7NEWS @7NewsAustralia's photo on Sydney CBD
13 Aug, 06:22 AM UTC