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Fightful Wrestling
Hopefully this is a new start for T-Bar and Mace. Let them raise hell in the tag division. #WWERAW
07 Sep, 12:55 AM UTC
WWE on BT Sport
Mace and T-Bar are out!! The New Day putting in an all-timer shift! #WWERAW @btsportwwe's photo on T-Bar
07 Sep, 12:51 AM UTC
Pro Wrestling Finesse
Mace and T-Bar get eliminated by New Day which leads to an attack afterwards. Now they're attacking Mansoor and Mustafa Ali too. It's about time they look more dominant. #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:53 AM UTC
C Wrestling
I think we’ve seen the arrival of Mace & T-Bar, holy shit! 🔥 #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:56 AM UTC
Mr. Dabliuh Por el Bien Común 🙏
Joder, T-Bar y MACE recibiendo push 🥵 #WWERaw https://t.co/JRTrRG6Vfo
07 Sep, 01:07 AM UTC
✌❤🤘 Stephen
Mace and T-Bar being absolute assholes is a solid gimmick. #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:53 AM UTC
This is the most dominant Mace and T-Bar have ever looked lol #WWERAW
07 Sep, 12:54 AM UTC
This is the best Mace & T-Bar have looked on the main roster so far. #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:54 AM UTC
Daily DDT
Wow, they seem pretty determined to get T-BAR and MACE over as monster heels. ....having them actually win the whole match would've accomplished this much easier, but it is what it is. #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:56 AM UTC
Mace and T-Bar are both so damn fine. And both are 6’7 whew. 😛 #WWERaw https://t.co/8fstW6VjvA
07 Sep, 12:54 AM UTC
Bad News Brown Da Chief Rocka
This is how Mace & T-Bar should be booked like regularly. As destructive badasses.
07 Sep, 12:54 AM UTC
WWE Argentina
Mace y T-Bar sin pintarse la cara. Y de hecho, sería mejor. #WWERAW https://t.co/Hhukvphpzm
07 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC
Gareth 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Mace & T-Bar destroying everyone! #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:54 AM UTC
@WWE @MACEtheWRESTLER @TBARRetribution I’m digging this booking of Mace & T-Bar right now. They look more dominant than ever at this very moment, despite losing minutes ago. #WWERAW https://t.co/t3qaknkPRN
07 Sep, 12:57 AM UTC
Tener a gente como Gable, Dijakovic (T-Bar), Viking Raiders y a Gran Metalik en las pociones en las que estan, debe ser un delito #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
FOX Sports MX
😳¡¡THE NEW DAY NO PARA!! Kofi Kingston y Xavier Woods llevaron a la cuenta de tres a T-Bar y Mace, ¡aunque poco importó! Tag Team Turmoil @FOXSportsMX's photo on T-Bar
07 Sep, 01:03 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
#WWERaw results: Tag Team Turmoil match: The New Day vs. Mace & T-Bar https://t.co/eh7Hej1ujo https://t.co/1ahfqsvOBG
07 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC
Jacob Donnelly
@JDfromNY206 WWE trying to make me care about Mace and T-Bar wrecking havoc 😂
07 Sep, 12:55 AM UTC
Deportes Y Luchas WWE
WOW, NEW DAY ON FIRE Y ELIMINA A OTRO EQUIPO MAS. Los siguientes son Mustafa Ali y Mansoor pero MACE Y T-BAR atacan a todos que ven en el camino, a New Day, A Manoor y Mustafa Ali. #WWERaw https://t.co/hJwyV1jRJt
07 Sep, 12:53 AM UTC
The New Day elimina a The Viking Raiders, Jinder Mahal & Veer, Lucha House Party, T-Bar & Mace. Estos últimos atacaron a The New Day y sus próximos oponentes Mansoor y Ali. Sonya Deville anuncia que por tal motivo, esperaran a que se recuperen y continuaran el combate más ⬇️ https://t.co/bVUskOdZdb
07 Sep, 01:02 AM UTC
JonnyLeTran5 👑
Finally Mace and T-Bar look like a monster heel tag team 🔥😍 #WWERaw #Mace #TBar #TagTeamTurmoil https://t.co/pwNyWRAsyC
07 Sep, 01:02 AM UTC
Planeta Wrestling | WWE en Español 🏖️⛵️
¡Malos Perdedores! T-BAR & MACE atacaron al Nuevo Día tras perder el Tag Team Turmoil, cabe mencionar que también lastimaron a Mansoor & Ali. #WWERAW https://t.co/bDnQknPVoP
07 Sep, 01:03 AM UTC
Y ahora que😐? T-Bar y Mace fueron derrotados por el New Day vía Roll Up, el equipo explotó y atacaron a a New Day y posteriormente al siguiente equipo que eran Mansoor y Ali también los destrozaron. #WWERaw https://t.co/9RPtnkRFqt
07 Sep, 01:00 AM UTC
This is the most I've been invested in Mace and T-Bar since they debuted. #WWERaw
07 Sep, 01:00 AM UTC
ll ᒍAИƧZ ll
Was rooting for Mace and T-Bar 😬 #WWERaw
07 Sep, 01:07 AM UTC
Pro Wrestling Finesse
@Kid1Quiet They played off the attacks from T-Bar and Mace really well. It'd make sense for Sonya and Adam to postpone the match until later so Mansoor/Ali and New Day can recover. This is simple sh!t. These lot are just gonna complain about anything
07 Sep, 01:05 AM UTC
So we get about 45 minutes of Tag Team Turmoil and they stop it halfway through with an attack by T-Bar and Mace. They'll pick it up later tonight. Yup. #WWERaw
07 Sep, 01:01 AM UTC
C Jojo
On sait très bien que Styles et Omos vont arriver dernier et prendre la victoire. Mais qu'est ce que je veux voir T-bar et Mace contre RK-Bro... #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC
WWE & AEW Rumors
Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce have announced the tag team turmoil match will continue later due to Mase & T-Bar's attack on The New Day and Monsoor & Mustafa Ali. Bobby Lashley & MVP have also been added to the match. #TagTeamTurmoil #WWERaw
07 Sep, 01:02 AM UTC
J.B. #SportsTalkJB
T-Bar & Mace want all the Retribution tonight! 😏 #WWERaw
07 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC