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El Broide
This new T Swift era is going to be so so good! #Midnights
23 Sep, 07:34 AM UTC
PointsBet Sportsbook
Good news for all T Swift fans… Taylor Swift is expected to perform in the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show (via @Variety) @PointsBetUSA's photo on T Swift
23 Sep, 06:57 PM UTC
I tweeted this just this morning. The crisp in the air hit me and it just made sense. I can’t paint you a picture, I probably can’t hit the ball out of Fenway and I can’t play the piano. But when it comes to T Swift I could always just play. Always. Please don’t let Mo get hot 🙏 https://t.co/lmCMG33oBv https://t.co/iBXezmegsN
23 Sep, 07:02 PM UTC
So a t swift halftime show? … boring …
23 Sep, 07:33 PM UTC
mundo 🦁🐭
Las canciones de T Swift describen mucho a DyR https://t.co/JyrQGSHxM9
23 Sep, 04:25 PM UTC
No one cares about whiny liberal Taylor Swift on the Super bowl Halftime show.. How many men has T swift slept with & made a shitty song about? 🤣🤡@taylorswift13
23 Sep, 08:22 PM UTC
Kelsey Hauge
This is the best news I’ve heard all week!! T Swift & football?? It literally can’t get any better than that. I’m here for it. She’s going to slay… hands down the best concert I’ve ever seen live. 🖤 https://t.co/ms83WQpUmF
23 Sep, 08:07 PM UTC
Nelsonsurehands.algo 🐑
@BleacherReport @Variety Need to pay tribute to Metallica! Yall dont play T swift during the 4th quarter of games. You play enter sandman! Have some respect @NFL
23 Sep, 07:24 PM UTC
Dr. 🩺Loner🚶‍♂️, M.D.
@JohnPaulFAL @decimVIII @KaizerAllen I do love the support I get from my friends for my T Swift fandom ❤️
23 Sep, 07:23 PM UTC
Taylor Witt 🇺🇦
This show is going to *rule* and if you're afraid it won't, ya ain't know T Swift. https://t.co/YB3oafNiPa
23 Sep, 07:17 PM UTC
Andy Ottaway
@_nomadic_soul It’s between her and T Swift according to my sources. My source is my mom and she’s a little biased to Twila.
23 Sep, 08:58 PM UTC
Kurt Propane
T Swift doing the Super Bowl halftime show?? might be better than the actual game
23 Sep, 07:54 PM UTC
T swift?!? Looks like we goin back to playin a quick 25 minute football game in the street during halftime lol
23 Sep, 06:55 PM UTC
Parson Covington
t swift for halftime show 2k23 (finally) https://t.co/7l4yHEgIds
23 Sep, 07:34 PM UTC
Grace Kinnicutt
@maggiestrahan @MikeMiletichTV @taylorvidmar11 Wait can I join, I too like T Swift
23 Sep, 07:21 PM UTC
Browns up 21 at halftime then T Swift all time performance then Browns barely hold on to the lead to win it I see it already https://t.co/nvZ8USFzMA
23 Sep, 07:19 PM UTC
Kate Norum
If we all put it in the universe, maybe T.Swift *will* headline the Super Bowl 🤞
23 Sep, 07:18 PM UTC
Austin Charles
@sashaazze @DannyDubbb I will not tolerate any T Swift slander on the timeline today.
23 Sep, 07:14 PM UTC
molly gardner
need to know if t swift is performing at the super bowl or not
23 Sep, 09:10 PM UTC
@Bo_McBigTime that’s my fav t swift, tim mcgraw hooked me big time. the poppy version is still catchy, but country taylor is everything. so cool you saw her then!!
23 Sep, 08:48 PM UTC
FUCK ALL YALL THIS IS A W!!!! T SWIFT🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 https://t.co/85JD4TRAHr
23 Sep, 08:17 PM UTC
Hammock Guy Zach
@_billienotjeane I don’t even like T Swift but what does having one of the most popular signers in the world do a halftime show have to do with the on field product? Lmao
23 Sep, 08:08 PM UTC
@jasoneg33 Psh whatever dog T swift is dope af
23 Sep, 08:06 PM UTC
Sports Biz Network
T Swift + Super Bowl Halftime Show? Into this or nah? 👇 https://t.co/rWx01LQrVs
23 Sep, 08:06 PM UTC
Brissett Garrett Stefanski Era 🐶
Absolutely love it that my girl T Swift is doing the Super Bowl half time show. She’s gonna be great.
23 Sep, 08:04 PM UTC
@jasoneg33 LMAO didn’t realize T Swift has crossover appeal for football fans
23 Sep, 07:51 PM UTC
Klaus Mikaelson
T Swift about to have my Bucs Super Bowl party LIT!!!!!! Y’all know I fw her!!!! https://t.co/S1zAWLPGS9
23 Sep, 07:49 PM UTC
Thinking of Scenarios ⊗
T Swift does not have Superbowl Jams https://t.co/vuSCT6dPCH
23 Sep, 07:18 PM UTC
c 🪐
@salmanfredi @NotBGeneus T Swift is all-city, with all due respect.
23 Sep, 07:34 PM UTC
Jason Boatright
T Swift finally getting off the bleachers and onto the field!!! https://t.co/wNMPMQjoZm
23 Sep, 07:32 PM UTC