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Julie Kelly 🇺🇸
Americans need to hear what happened in Whitmer fednapping hoax—a public presentation of all the facts related to this extensive entrapment operation will stoke outrage and demands for reform if not total abolishment of the FBI. My Friday column: https://t.co/KfcTWcLXVl
25 Nov, 02:19 PM UTC
Brock Skretting
Ostriches on the loose in Taber Alberta today - as is custom. 🎥fireman2017 https://t.co/84qbtC99Es
24 Nov, 07:14 PM UTC
Kari Lake War Room
The goal has not changed. #Karizona https://t.co/26cSb3ASWB
25 Nov, 05:55 PM UTC
The Georgia Senate runoff is on Tuesday, December 6th. If you’re unable to vote on the 6th, vote early. The LAST day to request an absentee ballot is November 28th. Make a plan to vote for @HerschelWalker.
25 Nov, 05:34 PM UTC
Lara Logan
Wow. Everyone should watch this - we are all pawns in a bigger game. Theatre. https://t.co/AdZTyWCQEv
25 Nov, 05:40 PM UTC
Tom Fitton
ESCALATION: Anti-free speech leftists and allied media begin push to remove @ElonMusk's @Twitter from @Google and @Apple app stores.
25 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
Courtney Theriault
If you've seen a video of police chasing a runaway ostrich through Taber streets, then keep on scrolling. #yeg #Yyc @cspotweet's photo on Taber
24 Nov, 07:40 PM UTC
Lara Logan
It doesn’t end here. Stand up while you still have the chance. What you will lose in the end dwarfs anything you risk now. https://t.co/bJmZ4ubVu0
25 Nov, 06:26 PM UTC
John Rich🇺🇸
I'm sure it's just a coincidence... https://t.co/JUIIRtaL3F
25 Nov, 06:42 PM UTC
Lara Logan
So now we are already ruled by an unelected one world government. https://t.co/DdMUbbu45g
25 Nov, 06:20 PM UTC
Liam Nixon
This is not your average @RCMPAlberta call for service. Officers helped a Taber-area farmer after approximately 20 of his ostriches got loose. RCMP say the video shows the proper, instructed manner on how to corral an ostrich. #YQL #Lethbridge @GlobalLiamNixon's photo on Taber
24 Nov, 07:38 PM UTC
Meanwhile in Canada
RCMP seen here trying to pull over one of 20 escaped ostriches in Taber, Alberta. Some are still on the loose. "I can confirm that particular investigator who received their first report did not anticipate chasing ostriches during that shift." Taber RCMP #MeanwhileInCanada https://t.co/6cj8zY0wd6
25 Nov, 01:05 PM UTC
The Globe and Mail
In Taber, Alberta yesterday, 20 ostriches escaped their pen and had to be located and captured by local police in a wild chase. @globeandmail's photo on Taber
25 Nov, 05:43 PM UTC
Become ungovernable. "In Taber, Canada an escaped ostrich is pursued by a Royal Canadian mounted police vehicle" (Destiny Nanaquewetung/Reuters) @pourmecoffee's photo on Taber
25 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
RTÉ News
About 20 ostriches made a bid for freedom in Canada yesterday, escaping their enclosure before setting off through the streets of Taber, Alberta https://t.co/5MZQBzV053 @rtenews's photo on Taber
25 Nov, 05:12 PM UTC
Western Standard Pitchbot
IN DEPTH | We wanted to understand how Danielle Smith's issues managers support the premier's brand, day to day. So we sat down with three unvaccinated ostrich farmers at the Palace Bar in Taber. #ableg https://t.co/gipWV7Ep66
25 Nov, 03:19 PM UTC
Lisa Young JLisaYoung@c.im on Mastodon
The Premier’s address, the fiscal update, a herd of ostriches running through the streets of Taber shouting “Freedom!” Just another week in Alberta politics. https://t.co/L1Kk17x9Gw
25 Nov, 02:30 PM UTC
Brandon Houck
Whoever is playing Jumanji in Taber AB don’t forget to finish the game
24 Nov, 09:29 PM UTC
Duane Bratt
Friday Fragments , by @JLisaYoung https://t.co/VEA8vPoITD herd of ostriches running through the streets of Taber shouting “Freedom!”
25 Nov, 06:19 PM UTC
Brock Skretting
Ostriches in Taber: Free Bird Edition https://t.co/7ppjgU4M5z
25 Nov, 06:19 AM UTC
Nuestro Diario
#Insólito 🌎🇨🇦 ¡AVESTRUCES EN FUGA! 😱😂 Una extraña escena se vivió en las calles de Taber en Alberta, Canadá, cuando la policía fue vista persiguiendo estas grandes aves fugadas de una casa. Entérate en #NuestroDiario 📰 y descarga #NDPlay 📱 📷 RRSS https://t.co/49OAeGNcLH
25 Nov, 05:14 PM UTC
51 years ago today, November 20, 1971 TV Guide - All in the Family Always one of my favorites! https://t.co/xqW97Kbk6R
25 Nov, 05:56 PM UTC
Christina Boutrup TV2
Volkswagen taber markedsandele i Kina, verdens st. bilmarked! (20 til 16 % s. 2019) Konkurrencen kommer fra kinesiske elbilsproducenter, som er længere fremme teknologisk! Problemet vokser, for kinesiske brands stormer også frem i Europa! #dkbiz #dkfinans https://t.co/tHL17qtZBH
25 Nov, 01:29 AM UTC
Vi taber desværre finalen i @eSportligaenDK i går, mod @ExpoEsport 2-0. Ærgerligt at vi ikke kan få lukket runderne. Vi tager det som en mulighed for at få yderligere erfaring og fortsætter det hårde arbejde mod toppen! <3
25 Nov, 11:25 AM UTC
🍁Antonio Tweets 📣
That is a lot of Democrats on Epstein client list. Why is that? https://t.co/xSILXnLKVA
25 Nov, 06:55 PM UTC
"There's an Ostrich Loose in Taber" is now my personal equivalent to "There's a Horse, loose, in a HOSPITAL."
25 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Lethbridge Herald
Taber RCMP assist in escaped ostrich roundup. The Mounties always get their man – or bird, as the case may be. #yql #Lethbridge https://t.co/ulg4cHHT57 @Leth_Herald's photo on Taber
25 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC