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TAEMIN 태민 'WANT' MV 👉 https://t.co/lkLrNNvYXb #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #더_원하게_될_태민_WANT #TAEMtation
11 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
TAEMIN 태민 [`WANT` - The 2nd Mini Album] 🎧Melon: https://t.co/pQXMApoFgy 🎧genie: https://t.co/TjrpyByu3a 🎧NAVER MUSIC: https://t.co/gDM7JhQAJd #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #더_원하게_될_태민_WANT #TAEMtation SHINee's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
TAEMIN’s 2nd Mini Album ‘WANT’ has been released! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your digital booklet with EXCLUSIVE photos of #TAEMIN and his TMI Q&A by downloading the album on iTunes right now! ☑️Download Link: https://t.co/bOqtmiatji #태민 #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT
11 Feb, 09:13 AM UTC
#SHINee’s Taemin Talks About Support From #EXO’s Kai, #BTS’s Jimin, And #HOTSHOT’s Ha Sung Woon For His Comeback + What They Do When They Hang Out https://t.co/cCX5sj6rdS Soompi's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
TAEMIN 태민 ‘WANT’ ALBUM RUN-THROUGH 태민이 직접 들려주고 설명하는 The 2nd Mini Album ‘WANT’ 수록 곡과 하이라이트 TAEMIN talks about the tracks of his 2nd Mini Album ‘WANT’ #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #더_원하게_될_태민_WANT #TAEMtation SHINee's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
The gate Taemin is dancing in front of is actually known as The Gates of Hell! It is a monumental sculptural group work by French artist Auguste Rodin https://t.co/wZKAtaaYL2
11 Feb, 09:53 AM UTC
taemin loops
taemin’s booty has made an appearance taemin loops's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 11:41 AM UTC
[V LIVE] 아이돌룸(IDOL ROOM) 38회 선공개 - 신곡 'WANT' 나노댄스♬ #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #더_원하게_될_태민_WANT #TAEMtation https://t.co/QbG0N4sEzM
12 Feb, 07:04 AM UTC
WANT by Taemin but is a shampoo commercial: D.O MY GOD's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
Apple Music Japan
#TAEMIN 2nd ミニアルバムがリリース🎊 テミン本人による全曲解説を #AppleMusic でチェックして! https://t.co/9KwL7eALtq #TAEMINMagic_WANT0211 @SHINee Apple Music Japan's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 01:00 AM UTC
190112 유스케 출근 태민❄️ 너무 춥다 >~< #taemin #テミン #태민 #want #taemin_want https://t.co/Mj1f5XrQCS
12 Feb, 05:39 AM UTC
m a s t a z l i h a
I won't ask can your Kpop boys do this becoz NO ONE ELSE CAN MATCH MY TAEMIN, he saved and saved and saved and keep saving the industry so with all due respect, I end every argument here. BUY 'WANT' BY TAEMIN ON ITunes. m a s t a z l i h a's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC
taemin pics
THE BEST COMEBACK OF THE YEAR: TAEMIN - WANT taemin pics's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 09:43 AM UTC

2.12 유희열의 스케치북 출근 태민 잘생쁨✨귀여움💕그렇지만 추움❄️ #태민 #TAEMIN #テミン https://t.co/x09JKFKhyu
12 Feb, 05:51 AM UTC

TAEMIN fascinated WANT Artistic Groove in blue sweety💕off the record #태민 #TAEMIN #テミン #WANT https://t.co/480ItE6siv
12 Feb, 12:49 AM UTC

2.12 유희열의 스케치북 출근 태민 winter runway✨ #태민 #TAEMIN #テミン https://t.co/2r6yzuCL0L
12 Feb, 05:45 AM UTC
тaeмιn ACE of SME 🌸
The accuracy #TAEMIN #태민 #WANT https://t.co/HAaHPB4jAa
11 Feb, 01:03 PM UTC
SHINetter シャイニッター
【#テミン(#SHINee)】 3/13発売映像商品「TAEMIN Japan 1st TOUR ~SIRIUS~」の発売を記念し、ツアーを振り返る投稿企画がスタート♪ <SIRIUS>のように“あなたの一番輝いた瞬間”はどんな場面ですか?「#私のSIRIUS」をつけてTwitter、Instagramへ投稿してください!
11 Feb, 03:08 PM UTC
[📸 #EUNHYUK & #TAEMIN] 두 번째 미니앨범 쇼케이스 주인공 #태민 과 #MC #은혁 🤩! 매력발산과 멋진진행의 케미 [TAEMIN SHOWCASE - WANT] SMTOWN 여러분~ 'WANT' 활동을 통해 한층 더 다가갈 태민의 모습 많이 기대해 주시고 응원해 주세요! #SMTOWN #TAEMtation #은혁 #SMmakesIT https://t.co/fjoiUpI10K
12 Feb, 04:23 AM UTC
셀수없는 forever
Taemin: This is my first showcase as a soloist! Shawols: Err..er.... Eunhyuk: You must have did it before! Taemin: Shawols: PYN!!!! Taemin: Wasn’t that just a press conference?! Oh I must have did it separately... LMAO WHAT WE EXPECTING FROM TAEMIN
11 Feb, 12:23 PM UTC
r a i s a
Ok but did your kpop boy look at Taemin in the Replay MV and be like “I’m gonna be like this motherfucker when I grow up” r a i s a's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
[Taemin-holic One More Time@_@] #TAEMIN #WANT updated! Love this song so much! Play this beautiful song at #SuperStarSMTOWN today! #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #TAEMtation #심쿵사 SuperStarSMTOWN's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 10:08 AM UTC

190211 WANT 쇼케이스 #태민 #TAEMIN 🔼 https://t.co/EcUSn8ZsE6 🔽 https://t.co/0cTsh3gkMi 떠's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Jeff Benjamin
Even as winners and nominees from the #GRAMMYs rush the charts, @SHINee's Taemin is Top 10 on U.S. @iTunes Top Albums chart and is the top-selling #Kpop song! Could he land his first @Billboard No. 1? Listen here: https://t.co/DOvJiWYv8H https://t.co/St1df7R3NF
11 Feb, 04:25 PM UTC
5HINee gif
SHINee #TAEMIN #テミン #WANT ショーケース!!! 5HINee gif's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 11:45 AM UTC
190212 유스케 출근 - 태민❄️❄️ #taemin #テミン #태민 #taemin_want https://t.co/9lVFL8ie59
12 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
[#MOMENT] 은혁형아한테 #WANT 포인트 안무 알려주다 귀요미 모드 장착된 탬니💕 무대와의 갭차이가 남다른 요정탬...! (귀여워서 정신 혼미) 🤦‍♀️ ​ 무브병에 이은 원트병 주도하는 태민이의 #모먼트를 만들어 공유해봐요 ​👉 https://t.co/epSWI5S3xV​ #TAEMIN #태민 ​ https://t.co/4l4CUBl8Ty
12 Feb, 06:49 AM UTC
Lora Wu
190212 태민 유스케 출근 #샤이니 #태민 #이태민 #SHINee #Taemin #テミン #李泰民 #泰民 Lora Wu's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 06:01 AM UTC
WANT BABY VER. #TAEMIN #WANT #태민 #원트 화성인's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 05:04 AM UTC
[#아이돌룸] 아이돌들의 아이돌! 우리들의 왕! 킹태민👑 울 탬이 영혼까지 털어낸 방송... 원해? WANT?! 원한다면 오늘 오후 6시 30분❗️ 놓치지 말고 아이돌룸에서 만나요💕 ▶https://t.co/AdL2JgX3AK #SHINee #샤이니 #TAEMIN #태민 #IDOLROOM #아이돌룸 #VLIVE
12 Feb, 07:28 AM UTC

190211 WANT 쇼케이스 #태민 #TAEMIN https://t.co/fPab8vYzs8 떠's photo on Taemin
11 Feb, 01:27 PM UTC
taemin loops
taemin's WANT hips taemin loops's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 02:44 AM UTC
-海外のファンから何と呼ばれたい? (δvδ)「Call me Taemin oppa♡」 テミンオッパ〜〜 후우짱's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 02:52 AM UTC
taemin loops
the taemin hair flip taemin loops's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 02:38 AM UTC
taemin loops
"call me taemin O-P-P-A" 6v6 taemin loops's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 02:57 AM UTC
Eunhyuk mentioned that he awaits for Idol Room and he mentioned that he knows everything about Taemin, so he jokingly warned Taemin to be careful 😂 https://t.co/5PE93KH7T8
11 Feb, 11:49 AM UTC
Eunhyuk said that Taemin is improving and grown mature so he can really feel the vibe when Taemin sing a ballad song https://t.co/QT9oBl04JT
11 Feb, 12:04 PM UTC
[FANTAKEN] 190212 Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook Filming- Taemin cr: winthegame https://t.co/1TH3W6fCCA
12 Feb, 05:48 AM UTC
walk with me
- Kibum’s I Will Fight - Jinki’s Your Scent - Taemin’s Monologue 🤝 the anthem of my life from now on
11 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
✨รักนะครับ👼Happy❤️in💛LEE TAEMIN&SHINee💎Forever
😊อยากให้แฟนๆต่างชาติเรียกชื่อเล่นว่า"แทมินอปป้า"มาก ถึงกับสะกดให้เลย😅 "คอลมี! แทมิน โอ-พี-พี-เอ #น่ารัก ❤ Music Tumblr #callme #taemin #o-p-p-a #6v6 #taemtime #taemtation #alwaysyouroppa https://t.co/Q4Hh9Df1wa
12 Feb, 02:55 AM UTC
taemin : call me taemin O P P A shawols : SUPPORT MINHO !!ᴰ⁻⁵²⁴'s photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 05:39 AM UTC
몽클한 별
[단독] 샤이니 태민, '스케치북' 출격...'원트병' 유발할 'WANT' 무대 공개 https://t.co/siMT6MOjQO '오늘(12일) 녹화하는 스케치북 녹화에 참여한다. 음원공개만으로 뜨거운 관심 불러일으키는 태민이 어떤 압도적인 역대급 무대를 선사할지 기대가 커지고있다' #태민 #taemin #WANT 탬스케 6▽6‼ 몽클한 별's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 07:05 AM UTC
[INFO] 190212 Taemin Answers on Tumblr Music 그로발_샤이니's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
여러분 제발 스밍해주세요ㅠㅠ 강요는 아니지만 지금 81위예요ㅠㅠ 100위 밖으로 떨어지면 안되요!! 활동도 2주밖에 안하는데 컴백 2일만에 차트이웃이면....큰일납니다!! 전세계 샤월의 힘이 필요해요!! 이 글 RT부탁드려요❗️스밍 돌립시다❗️ #taemin_want #스밍 #RT 치즈요정🧀's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 07:03 AM UTC
190212 stacynam IG : And I got the best present of all a signed CD (even though he broke my standee thingie 🤣🤣)~ Magic Hand strikes again! 👋 #태민 #テミン #TAEMIN https://t.co/SUmwtlf8E6https://t.co/xyzljT3CX3
12 Feb, 06:30 AM UTC
태민 음원총공팀
TAEMIN 태민 'WANT' MV (출처 : SMTOWN | 네이버TV) https://t.co/CLYKcJL5EM 네캐 탑백 2위 👏 퇴근시간에도 많이 볼수있게 숨스밍 ✔로그아웃 후 저화질로 1개 반복 🔂 ✔꾸준한 덧글→순위 유지 및 상승 #태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #더_원하게_될_태민_WANT #TAEMtation 태민 음원총공팀's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 07:55 AM UTC
2019 TAEMIN WANT SHOWCASE PART.2 #슈퍼주니어 #SUPERJUNIOR #Eunhyuk #은혁 https://t.co/zxUPltBr3g
12 Feb, 07:19 AM UTC
190212 Tumblr Answer Time #TAEMIN #WANT #태민 #원트 @SHINee 화성인's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 04:05 AM UTC
종현이보다 종현이가 게쩔어요🦀쫑니파
Q. Taemin! If you could summarize yourself with 3 emojis what would they be? #태민: 😊😳🐬 https://t.co/UKomChAVe6
12 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
[WANT] to Always Be [SHININ’]
You have 3 kinds of shawols Chani: I will fly to anywhere for Taemin sunbaenim Jeno: Taemin hyung shines the most on stage And.... Jisung: Wow....wow Jisung 99% of all of us comeon https://t.co/UfeRSiJK8P
12 Feb, 04:26 AM UTC
#태민 #TAEMIN #샤이니 #SHINee #WANT #더_원하게_될_태민_WANT #TAEMtation @SHINee 사과 금단의 사과 https://t.co/eQym76QcSp
12 Feb, 07:45 AM UTC
시노|온유하게 해라~ing💎🗝️🌙탬ㅅㅌ
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
J🌝 #Want #TXT
Taemin O-P-P-A 😭😭😭
12 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
Taemin SHINee Berbagi Dukungan yang Dia Dapatkan dari Kai EXO, Jimin BTS, dan Ha Sung Woon HOTSHOT https://t.co/wz2UfsRjto
12 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
bangs pots and pans together i'm still waiting for my danceline cover of Move .and to have taemin react to it
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
@SHINee WOOOOO~ I WANT LEE TAEMIN💜 6v6 Taeminnie’s nano dance is so cute~ Shiro's photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
мιинο. (pause)
Choi Taemin, mes lèvres réclament vos baisers, mes bras réclament votre corps et mon cœur réclame votre présence
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
ren; see you in shibuya
@tropicgalaxy Like I'll just run the razor over my legs a little at a time with each shower so I'm not full on deforesting in the shower for a 3 hour session
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
@kagayaku_taemin わたしたちったら w w w りーーーーー⌒⌒'s photo on Taemin
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC

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