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Eric Hubbs
Awful way to waste a good Taillon start
08 May, 01:21 AM UTC
Talkin' Yanks
Jameson Taillon tonight: 6.1 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO, 99 P
08 May, 12:54 AM UTC
Bryan Hoch
Jameson Taillon has retired 11 straight since the Yan Gomes homer.
08 May, 12:19 AM UTC
Sarah Langs
Pitchers to strike out Juan Soto looking twice in a game: Jameson Taillon, tonight Noah Syndergaard, 5/14/19 Aaron Nola, 8/28/18
08 May, 12:35 AM UTC
Dan Rourke
Great job tonight by Taillon
08 May, 12:45 AM UTC
Look how happy Juan Soto is. He’s smiling over at Taillon and just joking around with Gary. https://t.co/U0JOytypjp
07 May, 11:15 PM UTC
G.T Julian Guilarte
Taillon’s line: 6.1 IP 3 H 3 ER 1 BB 5 KAW’s 2 HR. 99 pitches 61 strikes.
08 May, 12:48 AM UTC
Jake Crouse
Oh wow this is weird to see: Bell off Taillon. https://t.co/cHYgdbdxfR
07 May, 11:48 PM UTC
Mr. Earl
Jameson Taillon. Great kid, great story but send this guy to fucking Jupiter
07 May, 11:29 PM UTC
Alex Fast
Sweet jesus look at the swing Taillon just got on this breaker. https://t.co/5UE6pytJQ0
08 May, 12:08 AM UTC
YES Network
Jameson Taillon reflects on his performance tonight on the mound. #YANKSonYES @YESNetwork's photo on Taillon
08 May, 03:03 AM UTC
Tenchy Rodriguez
El abridor de @Yankees hoy Jameson Taillon , ha permitido en lo que va de temporada 7HR en 22 entradas. ✍️
07 May, 11:36 PM UTC
G.T Julian Guilarte
It’s really a shame the Yankees had to waste Taillon’s outing. #SquadUp
08 May, 02:27 AM UTC
G.T Julian Guilarte
Yankees 3 Nationals 11: Throw the 8th inning away three errors in the inning. DJ really got it going with two Home Runs. Taillon provided his first quality start as a Yankee with nearly 100 pitches. Sànchez finally went yard, and Frazier’s bat is coming around. Bullpen was bad. https://t.co/xS2SuQtpzP
08 May, 02:25 AM UTC
Seth Rothman
Jameson Taillon with his curveball so far tonight: 0-for-8, 3 strikeouts, and a walk.
08 May, 12:34 AM UTC
Trading a loss for tangible improvements from Taillon ain’t the worst trade in the world though. https://t.co/JQBFW1viDC
08 May, 01:23 AM UTC
Gary Sheffield Jr.
Jameson Taillon: 6.08 ERA
07 May, 11:32 PM UTC
G.T Julian Guilarte
Taillon with his second KAW on Soto to get out of the 6th! #SquadUp https://t.co/r22vL1NwRW
08 May, 12:35 AM UTC
Jameson Taillon today: 6.1 IP, 5K, 3.96 xFIP, 3.71 SIERA On the season: 10.67 K/9, 23.7 K-BB%, 3.87 xFIP, 3.30 SIERA Pretty damn good pickup and I’d be very comfortable handing the ball to him in October
08 May, 03:19 AM UTC
Brian Rappaport
Aaron Boone will praise Taillon, say Lasagna had an off night, some bad bounces, guys hit the ball hard, confident they’ll come back tomorrow and get back at it #Yankees
08 May, 01:35 AM UTC
Seth Rothman
Taillon finished 0-for-9 with his curveball. Here's his pitch breakdown w/results. https://t.co/mfQ5cCl0mW https://t.co/1MhKTA4M8z
08 May, 12:51 AM UTC
Dave Andersen
Holy shit. Jameson Taillon threw a quality start. I’ve been waiting 2+ years for that to happen. Nice work Jamo.
08 May, 01:51 AM UTC
Pinstripe Alley
In a bummer of a game, the #Yankees’ bullpen got its doors blown off by a makeshift Nationals lineup https://t.co/jf8oXBHwd8
08 May, 02:49 AM UTC
Gerrit Cole Stan
Sucks to burn two really good outings from Cole and Taillon
08 May, 01:23 AM UTC
Not a SS
are we sure blake snell is better than jameson taillon?
08 May, 03:47 AM UTC
Jonathan 👑⚡️
No ice cream for them just some of the finest coffee ever made by Jameson Taillon. They are all dancing to praise you while they drink it and Boone is clapping. https://t.co/mz6cdJLj1D
08 May, 02:22 AM UTC
Dennis DeVivo
@YanksBar Plus Taillon ain’t just a 1 year guy
08 May, 03:21 AM UTC
Cooper Halpern
The Yankees drop their second in a row, this time in embarrassing fashion https://t.co/IBfXHe7tFJ
08 May, 02:52 AM UTC
Cherise Civello
@Yankees The Taillon Stallion had another terrific outing! Too bad he doesn’t get a win.
08 May, 02:34 AM UTC
Michael Galante
Game 32 (16-16) Waited all day for that junk! Taillon was decent - Lasagna and Cessna went back to 2019 form and gave up 8 runs in 2 innings! Back to .500 and looking at Scherzer tomorrow (Ugh!) #YankeesScorecard #Yankees #YankeesTwitter https://t.co/b39Y1EE96b
08 May, 02:18 AM UTC