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Nancy Pelosi Stock Tracker ♟
Breaking🚨: Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy's son, was an unnamed guest during her tour of Asia & Taiwan He also is also on the board of Two Lithium Mining Companies, $SXOOF & $ATAO Asian Countries produce 75%+ of the world's Lithium Batteries
09 Aug, 04:26 PM UTC
Rafael Poulain
Pongan atención que hoy les voy a contar la historia del conflicto entre China y Taiwan. @RafaelPoulain's photo on Taiwan
10 Aug, 01:42 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🍊
China just showed they can and will shut down Taiwan by force if they so choose and the US did nothing in response Actions matter
09 Aug, 09:22 PM UTC
Embajada de China en México
"No están rodeando Taiwán, Taiwán es parte de China. Y eso ha sido absolutamente aceptado por toda la comunidad internacional desde 1948, y si no lo sabes, no estás leyendo lo suficiente." Dice Roger Waters, el ex líder de Pink Floyd, durante una entrevista con CNN. @EmbChinaMex's photo on Taiwan
09 Aug, 03:58 PM UTC
The Spectator Index
BREAKING: China says exercises held near Taiwan have concluded
10 Aug, 09:06 AM UTC
國防部 Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C. 🇹🇼
While PLA keeps up their harassment around Taiwan, service members of #ROCArmedForces stand on their ground 24/7 with their heads cool to defend our territory and sovereignty. We devote ourselves to a peaceful and stable Taiwan Strait that all share and enjoy. @MoNDefense's photo on Taiwan
10 Aug, 04:08 AM UTC
佐々木 れな/ Rena Sasaki
「CSISが行ったウォーゲームでは、米国と台湾は中国の侵攻を防衛できることが判明した。しかし、軍事衝突が発生した場合、双方が大きな代償を払うことになる。中国は米空母2隻を沈め、日本各地とグアムの米軍基地を攻撃し、数百機の米軍最新鋭の戦闘機を破壊した」との論考。 https://t.co/pNyobUq0xB
09 Aug, 09:41 PM UTC
Andreas Fulda
Taiwan must remain free.
10 Aug, 06:22 AM UTC
@SavannahGuthrie The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted to the FBI's search of Trump's Florida estate and spoke about her recent visit to Taiwan. https://t.co/4K8a4kw1zp
09 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC
Psychic Visions
Taiwan geeft toe dat er meer mensen dood zijn gegaan door vaxxin 💉dan door het coronavirus. https://t.co/w1FgK31U3Q
09 Aug, 10:59 AM UTC
Taiwan News
Anonymous thanks Pelosi for Taiwan trip on hacked Chinese website https://t.co/cqAOmGfgEC https://t.co/YGfFa3r7Sj
09 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
Alex Joske
When will the National Press Club host Taiwan’s representative in Australia? Australians need more chances to hear TW’s perspective. We’ve had plenty of the Chinese govt’s.
10 Aug, 08:17 AM UTC
Voice of the People
Full Text: The #Taiwan Question and #China's Reunification in the New Era #OneChinaPrinciple https://t.co/G7sy1IobdA https://t.co/Cn5eUCNvqg
10 Aug, 02:54 AM UTC
Taiwan is a province of China and it doesn't seem so unusual for the PLA to demonstrate its ability to reunify the country. Meanwhile US & South Korea carry out war games simulating wiping out the DPRK and assassinating Kim Jong Un, and the Western media has no problem with it. https://t.co/VNIhyut9p4
10 Aug, 07:03 AM UTC
Insider Paper
JUST IN 🚨 China has withdrawn a promise not to send troops or administrators to Taiwan after taking it back, an official document showed on Wednesday, Reuters reported
10 Aug, 09:19 AM UTC
Wen-Ti Sung
China issues a new Taiwan policy white paper today. Mix of patience and confidence. 1. High bar for using force: "Use of force would be the last resort -- taken under #compelling circumstances". 2. Accommodation: "We are ready to create vast space for peaceful reunification". https://t.co/vZA5CyhTzR
10 Aug, 03:36 AM UTC
Akshit Singh 🇮🇳
India is maintaining its silence over the One China policy and military drills by china in Taiwan waters but silently kicked out Chinese apps and big telecom giants like Huawei and ZTE in a better effort to hit china where it hurts most.
10 Aug, 08:09 AM UTC
China has withdrawn a promise not to send troops or administrators to Taiwan after taking it back, signaling a decision by President Xi Jinping to grant less autonomy than previously suggested https://t.co/MyNwGDJLrv @Reuters's photo on Taiwan
10 Aug, 09:07 AM UTC
The Political Room
🇺🇸🇹🇼💥🇨🇳 Los buques de guerra estadounidenses continuarán haciendo tránsitos por el Estrecho de Taiwán y realizando operaciones de libertad de navegación, según un informe del Instituto Naval de EEUU. https://t.co/EubSso6N78
10 Aug, 08:51 AM UTC
Hendrik Klaassens #FBPE #FBR #StandWithUkraine
#FBPE #OndaCivica & #FBR are having a twitter storm on Friday, August 26, to condemn China's threat to invade Taiwan. We want to show our support for this peaceful island state. Time: 20-22h CET 19-21h BST 11-13h PST Our hashtags are: #DefendDemocracy #HandsOffTaiwan https://t.co/Y4DzObepYH
09 Aug, 07:02 PM UTC
台湾安全官员,希望富士康放弃对中国芯片的投资 英国《金融时报》周三报道称,台湾的国家安全官员希望劝说苹果公司的供应商富士康,取消对中国芯片制造商清华紫光的8亿美元投资。https://t.co/lOqYWzlhgO
10 Aug, 04:05 AM UTC
Thomas G Caffrey
Get this ,Nancy Pelosi takes her son with her on the trip to Taiwan he is an investor in their chip companies . No shame or criticism from the mainstream media on this . By the way who is he to get a free ride on a government jet give me a break .
09 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Stephen McDonell
The People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theatre Command has announced that military exercises around #Taiwan have now finished. The statement also said the PLA will continue to conduct regular training and operations in the area, including patrols in the Taiwan straight. #China
10 Aug, 08:39 AM UTC
Indo-Pacific News - Watching the CCP-China Threat
#China concludes military exercises held around #Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit. China pledges to continue regular patrols near the island (Bloomberg). https://t.co/zYyG7kcARW
10 Aug, 10:07 AM UTC
Yeah Taiwan, sorry to say but USA is going to give up on you. 🤷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/MsNrSuFDZb
10 Aug, 07:11 AM UTC
Brasil 247
China prossegue exercícios militares no Estreito de Taiwan e adverte sobre presença de navios dos EUA https://t.co/jB280efaBP
10 Aug, 09:35 AM UTC
Wen-Ti Sung
5. More directly blame Taiwan's ruling DPP by name. This may signal Beijing wants to keep up 'maximum pressure' approach against DPP for the longer term. 'coz these Taiwan policy WPs are 'commitment devices'. They last -- the last one was way back in 2000.
10 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Wen-Ti Sung
4. Less direct mention of econ incentives for Taiwan. WP talks bit more about integrating TW into Chinese order economically & institutionally. Contrast with Xi Jinping's 2019 Jan speech, when Xi stressed giving Taiwanese 'huodegan' 獲得感, literally: 'feeling of getting stuff'.
10 Aug, 04:29 AM UTC
NBC News
China’s military says it has “completed various tasks” around Taiwan but will conduct regular patrols, potentially signaling an end to days of drills but also that Beijing will keep up the pressure against the self-ruled island. https://t.co/JHuZH82BUU
10 Aug, 10:06 AM UTC
Le parlement (très) démocratique de Taïwan ou la démocratie que les USA protègent... https://t.co/mhc3xTaY6l
10 Aug, 06:57 AM UTC