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yvette nicole brown
Gotta say it’s pretty badass to have a hashtag all about taking me down. I hope it trends. 🥰 Ya girl is POWERFUL in these Twitter and zoom streets! 😂 I just hope no one realizes how dumb the reason for it is. #TakeDownYNB ❤️
01 Aug, 04:15 AM UTC
yvette nicole brown
I’ve blocked most of them but can someone tell the twits behind #TakeDownYNB that if the #MAGAts @Flotus sent couldn’t do it, what are some whiny babies upset about a fan question I asked in a ZOOM call gonna do? 🥴 Oh and also #BreonnaTaylor’s killers should be in jail. ✊🏾
01 Aug, 03:34 AM UTC
yvette nicole brown
Thanks! ❤️ My only thoughts about #TakeDownYNB are: Why are #BreonnaTaylor’s killers still free? Why hasn’t @senatemajldr brought the #HeroesAct to the floor? & have you registered to vote? @whenweallvote https://t.co/T8Lxcb0h3j ✊🏾 https://t.co/O1leB6OCYs
01 Aug, 01:34 PM UTC
yvette nicole brown
Thanks sis! As twitter troll Tang taught us, when a troll can’t match or beat your kindness, reach or brilliance they lie & blame you for their inadequacies. It means you’re doing something right! Folks know who I actually am. The squawks of birds matter not. #TakeDownYNB ❤️ https://t.co/hm3hIoJFM5
01 Aug, 01:28 PM UTC
yvette nicole brown
Yes, please! I will happily share my crusty troll-made hashtag for that great cause! ❤️ #TakeDownYNB ✊🏾 https://t.co/q9JNUhJPz1
01 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC
I want to #TakeDownYNB to Ulta and have her pick me out some skin products, because, I mean...have you seen her?? https://t.co/SDvdZCYc2r
01 Aug, 06:43 AM UTC
yvette nicole brown
One day trolls will learn that whatever they try will fail. I never back down. Wasn’t raised that way. Whatever they bring will be met. #TakeDownYNB ❤️ Ooh and please check your voter registration at https://t.co/T8Lxcb0h3j & #VoteBlue https://t.co/4pibnN57hm
01 Aug, 01:49 PM UTC
🌿Green loves 💚 BabyYoda 💐
Me when I see these children thinking they can #takedownynb https://t.co/PAQbFrieBw
01 Aug, 10:45 AM UTC
How could Yvette be such loving and respectful host for twd events and twd cast for all these years? How dared she to stay loyal and caring person and to not bring biggoting to any interview she was providing? #TakeDownYNB https://t.co/KMWe6ajvwx
01 Aug, 11:33 AM UTC
😄 Donnies are like #TakeDownYNB https://t.co/Dk1kIpwzYC
01 Aug, 10:57 AM UTC
@YNB Same! I just wanna #TakeDownYNB for a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie.
01 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC
Reagan "Socially Distant” Hawkins
@YNB So, some twitter trolls think they can #TakeDownYNB ? https://t.co/dqw0iX1nJk
01 Aug, 02:26 PM UTC
David Bedwell Is Using Common Sense
@YNB Are we doing #TakeDownYNB because you're too nice? I mean it is pretty disgusting you being out here making us all feel inferior. Too talented. Too supportive. https://t.co/GFTTN8vNu5
01 Aug, 02:20 PM UTC
Roi Yaron
#TakeDownYNB for a nice evening out and a great dinner because she deserved everything and is an amazing woman ❤️ stop the trolls. Take back the #
01 Aug, 02:16 PM UTC
BlackLivesMatter✊🏿Professional Comic Illustrator
#TakeDownYNB is how I get the perfect low taper haircut every time... I’m doing this right, right? 🙄😂 https://t.co/NsdZTTakoY
01 Aug, 02:02 PM UTC
Dr. Toni “The Masked Protester” Marquess
@YNB @senatemajldr @WhenWeAllVote I wanna take @YNB down...town to a nice dinner when COVID is over and simply talk about being a sci-fi fan and growing up in Ohio and laugh until we’re crying! 😂😂😂 She’s my celebrity wannabe friend! #TakeDownYNB
01 Aug, 01:43 PM UTC
Pandora Blackthorne
@YNB My first thought when I saw this attempt was I bet this lady is involved 🤣🤣🤣 people ain’t right. Why y’all got to get so crazy over a TV SHOW? #TakeDownYNB https://t.co/D8uKorWzoV.
01 Aug, 01:42 PM UTC
Shirly would not approve. #TakeDownYNB https://t.co/bbMVf7ET6C
01 Aug, 02:22 PM UTC
Miss Laurie Lehner
@YNB HHHWHAT! That's awesome! 👀 Look how hard they try to #TakeDownYNB
01 Aug, 02:21 PM UTC
Erin #SaveTheKidsAreAlright
We got to #TakeDownYNB How else am I gonna steal all her #TWD notes? @YNB
01 Aug, 02:17 PM UTC
Afro Bo Peep knows BLM
@YNB Found out I got switched from British Literature to American Literature this year. Those texts might end up being more blacketty black than usual...cuz you're an inspiration.❤ #TakeDownYNB
01 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC
Ironbear Jones I Lord JFC Hammercy
I woke up this morning and @YNB was at my door. She barged into my kitchen, called my spice rack "trash", and left something called adobo behind. And then she spray painted this in my driveway. Enough is enough. #TakeDownYNB https://t.co/8QiXyPNHOC https://t.co/1kxu0l57dP
01 Aug, 02:03 PM UTC
Cherie Lynch
I want to #TakeDownYNB Actually, no I don’t but I do love her style and wit.
01 Aug, 01:51 PM UTC
#TakeDownYNB have you seen her Insta? We do not have room for her kind of flawless.
01 Aug, 01:44 PM UTC
This. #TakeDownYNB https://t.co/0ev8FMjINz
01 Aug, 02:38 PM UTC
#TakeDownYNB is trending... Where y'all taking my sorority sister? To the studios to complete more acting jobs/gigs? To an intersection to protest #BLM? To purchase another electronic device to keep it Real & Factual in these internet streets??!! @YNB 💗💚✊🏽
01 Aug, 02:37 PM UTC
Bookish Rican ENBY 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇷🇻🇮
Why would anyone any one want to #TakeDownYNB?? What did she do? It must be all these Karens and Dicks who don't want to wear a mask. Coughing their verbal COVID on the timeline.
01 Aug, 02:34 PM UTC
Jason Cardwell
Okay @YNB … I clicked the hashtag out of curiosity … was gonna poke at some fools … but all these tweets are cute creative uses of phrasing. No right minded individual would ever want to #TakeDownYNB. https://t.co/kJuFPkYVa1
01 Aug, 02:32 PM UTC
#TakeDownYNB https://t.co/9RQA7tJtJc
01 Aug, 02:29 PM UTC
#TakeDownYNB https://t.co/nm4xagxsky
01 Aug, 02:28 PM UTC

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