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Donald J. Trump
...Why won’t they do it, and why are they so fast to certify a meaningless tally?
20 Nov, 07:38 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
Trump allies are spreading another baseless election rumor. The Army says there has been no raid on the offices of a business that makes software for local election officials. And the business does not "tabulate, tally or count votes" in U.S. elections. https://t.co/sUcpJmxPiT
20 Nov, 11:30 PM UTC
Marshall Cohen
President Trump and his allies have lost or withdrawn at least 28 cases they have fought in court since Election Day, according to CNN's latest tally, which is kept by @kpolantz. These lawsuits unsuccessfully tried to challenge mail ballots and vote-counting rules in key states.
21 Nov, 12:25 AM UTC
PTI Politics.
Independent Haji Shah Baig from GBLA 15 Diamer has joined PTI. PTI's tally now moves to 15 & PTI/MWM alliance now stands at 16 seats. @PTIPoliticsss's photo on Tally
20 Nov, 04:36 PM UTC
A record 196,100 new coronavirus cases were recorded in the US on Friday, according to latest NBC News tally. https://t.co/f6TH8RqcNF
21 Nov, 02:34 PM UTC
Press Trust of India
Delhi records 111 COVID-19 deaths; 5,879 new coronavirus cases take infection tally to 5.23 lakh: Authorities
21 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Press Trust of India
Maharashtra reports 5,760 new COVID-19 cases, taking tally to 17,74,455; 62 deaths push toll to 46,573: state health department
21 Nov, 03:28 PM UTC
کامران خان شروانی
میڈیا پر متواتر "فیملی ذرائع" کو quote کیا جا رہا ہے کہ وفات سے چند پہلے خادم رضوی صاحب کو بخار اور سانس کی تکلیف تھی دسو یار کرونا پھیلا ہوا ہے ایک ہائی پروفائل پرسنلیٹی کا کوئی ٹیسٹ نا ہوا کسی ڈاکٹر سے مشورہ نا ہوا اور سدے وفات؟ یہ کہانی tally نہیں کر رہی
21 Nov, 04:51 AM UTC
Scott Austin
13/ According to a tally by healthcare publication Stat News, hospitals in at least half of states are critically short on medical staff. It'll get harder to share staff or transfer patients interstate. https://t.co/69NMWZHkaH
21 Nov, 02:24 AM UTC
#سیاست_نہیں_جان_بچاؤ The single-day tally that once hit nearly 7,000 plunged to only 264 on Aug. 30, prompting the government to completely ease the months-long lockdown. The daily death toll also fell to a single digit. @MaHaNooRbaLoCh_ @TeamISF_ @MaHaNooRbaLoCh_'s media on Tally">https://t.co/zCJO0JNtYm
21 Nov, 10:16 AM UTC
Europe's COVID-19 cases surpass 15 million mark - Reuters tally https://t.co/l0obY90w3H @Reuters's photo on Tally
20 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC
Dr. Lynn J Anderson
Trump Says Georgia Recount Is ‘Meaningless Tally,’ Calls for Audit of Absentee Ballot Signatures via @WestJournalism https://t.co/5LS7AQk97x
21 Nov, 04:09 PM UTC
Bruce Ritchie
To the roaming bands of Clemson fans unhappy about the cancellation of the football game at FSU: Go to the coast, visit Wakulla Springs, or go hiking at Leon Sinks or @BirdsongNatureC. There is plenty to do in Tallahassee. @Visit_Tally #fsu-clemson
21 Nov, 03:34 PM UTC
Hindustan Times
Karnataka recorded 1,781 new cases taking its #Covid19 state tally to 871,342. 11,641 deaths have been recorded so far https://t.co/v1LAh5a3UD @htTweets's photo on Tally
21 Nov, 04:21 PM UTC
The Times Of India
Delhi records 111 COVID-19 deaths; 5,879 new coronavirus cases take infection tally to 5.23 lakh: Authorities #COVID19 | Live updates 👇 https://t.co/2s3AlmxzPH @timesofindia's photo on Tally
21 Nov, 04:15 PM UTC
Kenya reports 1,211 new COVID-19 infections, total tally jumps to 76,404 https://t.co/uqQ67RT579
21 Nov, 04:23 PM UTC
Donald Weber
Current national vote tally showing @JoeBiden with a 6,000,000,000 vote lead over the diaper wearing infant @realDonaldTrump. Yes folks...6,000,000,000 as in MILLION. https://t.co/8TDRO6xOK6
21 Nov, 03:40 PM UTC
Not sure what happened in Tally this morning regarding COVID-19 but @ClemsonFB is heading home.
21 Nov, 02:27 PM UTC
Jude 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 ✊🗽I STAND WITH TRUMP🗽
Trump Says Georgia Recount Is 'Meaningless Tally,' Calls for Audit of Absentee Ballot Signatures via @WestJournalism https://t.co/i5AHyxDqei
21 Nov, 04:20 PM UTC
tally bot
what tally hall member is this https://t.co/wZqjErRnm0
21 Nov, 04:23 PM UTC
Northern Ireland
⚽️ Callum Camps takes his tally of goals for the season to double figures after grabbing his second, and @ftfc fifth of the afternoon against @Only1Argyle #NIPlayerWatch #GAWA
21 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
#سیاست_نہیں_جان_بچاؤ 131........The tally of deaths reached up to 7,055 in Pakistan, whereas, the number of active cases of COVID-19 reached up to 22,088 and the total count of infections stood at 349,992. @TeamISF_ @Team4Pakistan https://t.co/kuQKVVUILm
21 Nov, 04:24 PM UTC
You let a sick player practice all week and then brought him to Tally after testing positive. This is on you...period. https://t.co/HfUR6HAhu6
21 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
The tally of #coronavirus cases in the #Eastern #European region passed 5million #governments across #Europe take measures to try to rein in surging cases The region which comprises #Belarus #Bulgaria #CzechRepublic #Hungary #Poland #Moldova #Romania #Russia #Slovakia & #Ukraine https://t.co/JCsZYtvzVB
21 Nov, 04:30 PM UTC
President elect Tzuyu (normal /k/orean)
He was convicted for raping and burying alive a black 16 year old girl. I guess this is going toward the tally of the FBI crime stats. https://t.co/gMcqcOrjVc
21 Nov, 04:28 PM UTC
Mark Cook
@ZacOnTheMic 😂😂 Clemson should worry about having a player practicing all week, flying to Tally then testing positive more then FSU ducking🤷🏼‍♂️
21 Nov, 04:28 PM UTC
@davematt88 . Georgia Election 1. Two-step signature verification 2. Machine count 3. Multiple failed Republican court challenges 4. Full statewide hand count 5. Official certification 6. Trump: "...a meaningless tally." https://t.co/dI77gEzWR7
21 Nov, 04:25 PM UTC
Jennifer Everest
@UKCovid19Stats Cases down. Anybody got the number of tests reported,and people tested to match these cases, to see if the drop is genuine or due to lower tests. Would like to know the percentage of people with positive tests where these figures are from. The data sometimes doesn’t tally.
21 Nov, 04:25 PM UTC
Hippie Frog
@ProfMJCleveland Heather has done some great reporting on the ground and Dominion representatives were present and participating in the tally and the recount. https://t.co/FtW88kHPx1
21 Nov, 04:24 PM UTC
Reuters UK
Eastern Europe crosses over 5 million COVID-19 cases – Reuters tally https://t.co/8nOQmV3NKL @ReutersUK's photo on Tally
21 Nov, 04:22 PM UTC

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