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Barack Obama
Michelle and I have spent a lot of time together these past few months. We’ve had a lot of good talks—and this one’s up there with the best. Take a listen to the very first episode of Michelle’s podcast: https://t.co/JEaVgT6GPC. @BarackObama's photo on tamera
29 Jul, 12:15 PM UTC
not daisy
Reminder the ppl in this movie hasn’t been paid yet n probably never will be. https://t.co/maY2ohSuQR
29 Jul, 03:48 AM UTC
Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: Trump hits a new low and calls the Russian bounty story fake news. Trump then defended Russia providing weapons to the Taliban. Trump is the biggest traitor in US history.
29 Jul, 12:18 PM UTC
Michelle Obama
So excited for you to hear the first episode of The #MichelleObamaPodcast with @BarackObama! I wanted to start this season off by discussing our relationship with our community and our country. I hope you'll tune in on @Spotify: https://t.co/iEjVDPIxEs. @MichelleObama's photo on tamera
29 Jul, 12:00 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump This "Suburban Lifestyle Dream" tweet will go down in history as one of your most blatantly racist dogwhistles in a huge pantheon full of racist dogwhistles. You have 96 days left, Spanky.
29 Jul, 04:54 PM UTC
The Lincoln Project
Maine is beautiful this time of year. #mepolitics https://t.co/vCQg3x9Fez
29 Jul, 11:37 AM UTC
𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚘𝚠𝚗 𝚋𝚛𝚞𝚓𝚊. 🔮
I’m sorry the family you create eventually becomes more important than the family you come from... that’s growing up. I’m not saying the family you come from doesn’t matter at all, but you chose to create a family and they’re now your priority.
29 Jul, 03:36 AM UTC
Jennifer Rubin
If you were a Putin asset you would pull troops out of Germany and not confront on bounties on US troops. You'd be more subtle than Trump however.
29 Jul, 01:42 PM UTC
Jake Tapper
Props to @jonathanvswan for getting a sit down with the president and asking him about this important issue. https://t.co/WGi5o90R05
29 Jul, 12:56 PM UTC
Jennifer Rubin
I'm going to spitball: Trumpers are obsessed with @RVAT2020 and @ProjectLincoln because they are tad ashamed of continuing to support election of a president who betrayed America multiple times. They are so partisan they'd re-elect someone who doesnt raise bounties with Putin.
29 Jul, 02:09 PM UTC
David Plouffe
He’ll defend quack doctors. But won’t defend our troops to his master, Vladimir. @davidplouffe's photo on tamera
29 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
Lindsay Lohan Daddy
The gag is Tamera learned she was about to get them Sister Sister residual checks from Netflix and told The Real GOOD BYE. @mrLdavis's photo on tamera
29 Jul, 04:03 PM UTC
Daniel Goldman
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Republican Party. https://t.co/qpbQHsv3wG
29 Jul, 06:51 PM UTC
k a r y.
I’m going to skip right to the season when Tia & Tamera straightened their hair 😂😂😂
29 Jul, 03:46 PM UTC
Your OG 🐩
Tamera: GOOD CUS I NEVER SEE YOUR UGLY FACE AGAIN. Tia: Then DONT look in the mirror Me @ 9yrs old: BITCCCCCH
29 Jul, 04:03 PM UTC
k a r y.
When Tamera & Jordan danced to “Slow Jam” outside of his party... yeah just pass me some Kleenex. https://t.co/4tHE2mcpYa
29 Jul, 04:09 PM UTC
he's worth how much???? Suddenly the spirit of Tamera Mowry has taken over me. https://t.co/f0UujpVSYR
29 Jul, 02:02 PM UTC
Matthew Chapman
Enraging. They don't care about these kids at all. https://t.co/olkMzrkYwz
29 Jul, 06:50 PM UTC
Rod Lurie
This is me beloved pup Potus (and, yeah, she is a she). Just because I feel I need it today it please pass along a photo of your dogs and their names. ⁦@jaketapper⁩ and ⁦@ScottEastwood⁩ can start... and please retweet this ! @RodLurie's photo on tamera
29 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC
Tamera knew she was bout to get them checks from Netflix for Sister, Sister and ain’t waste no time saying bye to The Real https://t.co/T8mghRgDr4
29 Jul, 06:07 PM UTC
Babyyy when they started straightening their hair and getting real boyfriends >>> I just knew I wanted be like Tia and Tamera 🤣 https://t.co/WkZA15vtYA
29 Jul, 04:26 PM UTC
TV One
CONGRATS! Tia and Tamera’s Brother, Tavior Mowry Proposes To Christian Rock Singer Zandy Fitzgerald https://t.co/8hoWdPriow
29 Jul, 05:09 PM UTC
aunt viv
the newer episode are also the better ones bc that’s when Tia and Tamera start at Michigan. #GOBLUE BABYYYY 🗣🗣🗣🗣💛💙 https://t.co/4e9KILJB4Z
29 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
Renzyyyy: BLMActivist 💜
Tamera said, “Go home Roger!” My childhood was so precious. 😭😭😭
29 Jul, 06:49 PM UTC
Tâmera Gomes
@NetflixBrasil As sra anda muito afrontosa ultimamente viu...
29 Jul, 06:59 PM UTC
Lapiz Lazuli
lol when Tamera told tia she was big in the Butt Lmaoo https://t.co/JvK9gBwi3i
29 Jul, 06:56 PM UTC
George Mattingly II
Fave moments: the summer camp switch, Grandpa Campbell, sinking the red car, cheerleading tryouts, the makeover episode, Tamera getting into college, and Lisa’s first major fashion show with “Gemini” 😂 https://t.co/CcmUeTzfwz
29 Jul, 06:53 PM UTC

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