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SF9 JAEYOON – ‘ELLE’ Shooting Behind YOUTUBE - https://t.co/Y1qHh9miBO #SF9 #에스에프나인 #재윤 #JAEYOON #엘르 #ELLE
19 Jul, 03:00 AM UTC
WWE Creative Humor
"Sorry for the technical problems but at least you got to see Tamina without issue" - @peacockTV #MITB
19 Jul, 01:57 AM UTC
누가 이렇게 예쁘게 웃으래 ⸝⸝ʚ̴̶̷̆ ̯ʚ̴̶̷̆⸝⸝ #SF9 #재윤 #JAEYOON https://t.co/lGDpFWO74P
19 Jul, 03:03 AM UTC
매트는 좀 귀여워요 SF9 재윤이는 좀 멋있고 이재윤은 섹시해요 ^_^ https://t.co/UHNTJqDcIH
19 Jul, 03:09 AM UTC
Aaron “#ravencoin is #bitcoin 3.0” Day @7421
Now is an excellent time to dump $doge and #ethereum for #ravencoin (either mine or invest). #dogecoin = 0 utility, ♾ supply #eth is moving to POS (@federalreserve 2.0) and has rug pulls and scams as its primary use case. #rvn $rvn #ravenites
19 Jul, 01:30 AM UTC
Womens Wrestling
@WWE @NikkiCrossWWE y’all did the same thing to Tamina at wrestlemania even with the crowd behind her…😭 love nikki but she did not deserve this over Liv or Naomi
19 Jul, 12:34 AM UTC
ᴊ ɪ ɴ
SF9 재윤(멋있음) 매트(귀여움) https://t.co/yWHW1ljLgX
19 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
Justin Davis (DIO Stan Account)
nattie and tamina bringin the energy down they slow
19 Jul, 12:24 AM UTC
Dumitrescu Corina
Canionul Șapte Scări si Cascada Tamina din Masivul Piatra Mare 📷Daniel Mihăiță #DiscoverRomania https://t.co/I11gsfuCti
19 Jul, 03:34 AM UTC
@WWE @HeymanHustle Potential SummerSlam Card: Roman vs Cena Edge vs Seth Bobby vs Goldberg Drew vs Jinder Finn vs Sami Natalya and Tamina vs Shotzi and Nox Sasha vs Bianca Becky vs Charlotte
19 Jul, 03:17 AM UTC
판타지 소리질뤄🙌🏻 팔랑팔랑 귀여운 모먼트의 유니💕 🔗https://t.co/NK1ikBL7p1 #JAEYOON #재윤 #이재윤 #SF9 https://t.co/3EN6fBmlph
19 Jul, 05:15 AM UTC
Alfred Konuwa
Women's #MITB wrestlers in order of fan reaction: 1. Alexa Bliss 2. Asuka 3. Liv Morgan 4. Zelina Vega 5. Naomi 6. Natalya 7. Tamina 8. Nikki A.S.H.
19 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC
친구가 생겨서 신난 강아지의 모습 https://t.co/pQyxESE5yi
19 Jul, 03:12 AM UTC
Bluedrop 💦
Time to end the pity run for Nattie and Tamina. it’s time. https://t.co/JvDZSXqa1b
19 Jul, 03:54 AM UTC
Nikki Cross (ASH) derrota a Liv Morgan, Natalia, Tamina, Asuka, Zelina Vega, Naomy y Alexa Bliss para ser la nueva Miss #MoneyInTheBank, a ver que pasa esta noche. Así empieza #WWEMITB #MITB https://t.co/bwP7QkxE0L
19 Jul, 12:36 AM UTC
Kyle Kyle ミ☆
Give me: Naomi vs Charlotte (Raw Title) Sasha vs Bianca 2 (SD Title) Natalya & Tamina vs Shotzi & Nox vs Asuka & Kairi(return stint) (Tag Titles) Liv Morgan & Toni Storm vs Zelina Vega & Carmella At Summerslam! These would all be amazing matches! https://t.co/t3OYcCM92P
19 Jul, 03:40 AM UTC
Daphne #WWE2K22
Naomi, Alexa, Liv & Tamina were the stars of the match #MITB https://t.co/8oGyX5U49j
19 Jul, 04:07 AM UTC
they couldn’t invite tamina for a group picture? https://t.co/kLJLcsUGDk
19 Jul, 05:24 AM UTC
'The Real' A.T.G. The Colonel/GREAT Dane/Alpha Dog
Ooooooohhhhh!!!!!! Liv Morgan just pushed one side of the ladder onto Tamina who held it from underneath!!! #MITB
19 Jul, 04:41 AM UTC
Charlotte Flair becomes new WWE Raw Women’s Champion defeated Rhea Ripley. NOW 14-times WWE Champion Full Result: https://t.co/bAv2U8Hx8L #Wwe #Charlotte #RheaRipley #LivMorgan #MITB #Brock #BeckyLynch #Lashely #AJStyles #Kofi #Roman #SethRollins #Goldberg #Tamina #Nia #Nikki https://t.co/wBRMZAtRek
19 Jul, 01:53 AM UTC
'The Real' A.T.G. The Colonel/GREAT Dane/Alpha Dog
Nobody's meaner than Tamina. That rhymes. #MITB
19 Jul, 04:39 AM UTC
'The Real' A.T.G. The Colonel/GREAT Dane/Alpha Dog
Natalya and Tamina are no one to (bleep) with. #MITB
19 Jul, 04:36 AM UTC
@CelebWweBabes All of them actually looked pretty hot except Tamina Rhea and charlotte looked great as well Still so hard for them
19 Jul, 04:32 AM UTC
Scott Carasik
Summerslam is gonna be fun: Feuds building or rumored: Cena - Reigns Goldberg - Lashley Seth - Edge Mysterios - Usos rematch Shotzi & Nox - Tamina & Nattie Need to set up IC, US, both Women's titles and the Raw tag titles.
19 Jul, 03:28 AM UTC
Alfie Davies
@Eduardo_Refugio @WrestleFeatures Lists of other superstars with wrestling royalty Natalya Tamina Ted Dibiase jr Curtis Axel Davey boy smith jr Etc Etc All with extremely famous fathers, however, none of them got this same treatment. Is it soo hard to admit she’s amazing ? 🧐 https://t.co/40Dt8qQKWw
19 Jul, 02:37 AM UTC
The King of SuaveStyle
The push of Tamina this year has been amazing and I want to see more but give her the Jinder Mahal effect. Swerve everyone and give that woman some shine and attention she truly deserves #mitb
19 Jul, 05:14 AM UTC
chey || womens wrestling 💓
btw i can’t believe these fans were booing tamina and nattie when they were just cheering them a couple months ago 😭 i know they didn’t want them to win, but damn lmao
19 Jul, 04:26 AM UTC
Bluedrop 💦
this women's mitb match has WAY TOO MUCH Nattie and Tamina no wonder it flopped #MITB
19 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC
Erin Quinn
Remember when Tamina managed the Usos?
19 Jul, 04:12 AM UTC
Bluedrop 💦
did they pipe in a cheer for Tamina? 💀 #MITB
19 Jul, 04:06 AM UTC