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Jenny Beth Martin
BREAKING: Hudson mayor demands all school board members resign or face possible criminal charges over high school course material that he said a judge called "child pornography." “I'm going to give you a simple choice: You either choose to resign or you will be charged." @jennybethm's photo on Tammy
14 Sep, 10:48 PM UTC
We need to get Tammy some better friends if Thomas is her best friend. #BachelorInParadise
15 Sep, 12:40 AM UTC
Demi Burnett
My favorite moment is when Tammy is a ride or die. I said “I hope they go home” and she says “you do?” And I say “yeah why are they here?” And she says “you’re right I hope they go home too” 💀💀💀 #bachelorinparadise
15 Sep, 12:23 AM UTC
Brett S. Vergara
Thomas after hearing Tammy pour her heart out to him saying she has strong feelings #BachelorInParadise @BrettSVergara's photo on Tammy
15 Sep, 12:42 AM UTC
Brent Scher
Terry McAuliffe, who supports mask mandates in Virginia, caught on Amtrak and in NYC train station without a mask. COVID can't spread on fundraising trips? From @BrookeSingman https://t.co/zhciT8mEoi @BrentScher's photo on Tammy
14 Sep, 07:44 PM UTC
"just Iet it go" do i look like elsa to you?
15 Sep, 12:42 AM UTC
Lonely Hungry Girl
me when tammy said thomas was her best friend #BachelorInParadise https://t.co/CvmLNT2rq9
15 Sep, 12:43 AM UTC
David Cay Johnston
Smart reform that should be debated along with higher thresholds for triggering recalls. https://t.co/N3P3IPq7eC
15 Sep, 04:15 AM UTC
Michelangelo Signorile
I keep seeing pundits say Larry Elder was the best thing to happen to Newsom. But Elder was the ONLY thing the GOP could offer. Their base will only vote for conspiracists who support Trump & white supremacy. So Newsom didn’t "get lucky." This is what the GOP is now.
15 Sep, 04:24 AM UTC
Brett S. Vergara
Me to my TV whenever I hear Aaron reveling in Tammy getting her heart broken #BachelorInParadise @BrettSVergara's photo on Tammy
15 Sep, 12:45 AM UTC
Bachelor Party
Thomas is Tammy's BEST FRIEND after ONE WEEK??!!! #BachelorInParadise
15 Sep, 12:40 AM UTC
映画情報 オスカーノユクエ
トロント国際映画祭で好評を博した新作「The Eyes of Tammy Faye」より15秒の動画がお披露目。70年代に宗教番組の司会を務めて人気者になったタミー・フェイとその夫の半生を描く。ジェシカ・チャステインが本年度アカデミー賞主演女優賞を期待されている。9月17日全米公開。 https://t.co/HQ65pKyVQH
14 Sep, 10:38 PM UTC
Zach Gilbert @ #TIFF21
Unless a biopic is THE SOCIAL NETWORK or I, TONYA, I find that they typically have poor “rewatch value.” However, that’s not the case w/ THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE. I honestly had a ton of fun with it and already want to watch it again - something I couldn’t say for JUDY/RESPECT. https://t.co/d3beOuxCho
14 Sep, 05:04 PM UTC
I am celebrating that this sham of a recall failed spectacularly. Above & beyond that, I resent that cynical actors who see democracy as a set of cracks and loopholes to be exploited could waste our time and resources while real problems need to be addressed. Reform the recall.
15 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
Tammy Bruce
I just posted a "Special Report" podcast w comments on the CA recall results, possible Gen. Milley treason, and other news of the day. Join me! Details: https://t.co/zjiasyfzlO
15 Sep, 04:34 AM UTC
New York Post
Jessica Chastain could win her first Oscar for 'Eyes of Tammy Faye' https://t.co/TpRRmB8bcu @nypost's photo on Tammy
15 Sep, 02:07 AM UTC
tammy archive
tammy’s fanbase may still be small but yall are the most supportive people i have ever seen on my life on stan twt!!! tysm 🥺🥺
15 Sep, 12:44 AM UTC
Diggy Moreland
Side note: Tammy said she gave him "everything?!" If you gave him everything you had in the 6 days of knowing him, HOW MUCH SHIT DO YOU OWN?! @BachParadise #BachelorInParadise
15 Sep, 12:48 AM UTC
🥺🌺Tammy!You are the real living pure soul🥺 @tamannaahspeaks The way you bowed & saying your apologies for not attending in promotionof #Seetimaarr coz of the pandemic You are the sweet and pure hearted soul #TamannaahForever #TamannaahBhatia https://t.co/6xeBrNf6EV
14 Sep, 06:12 PM UTC
Just Jared Jr.
Yesterday, @rachelzegler made her #MetGala debut, and today, she attended her first movie premiere! https://t.co/9FaCAKhB70
15 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
✨Blest with an all-star team that brought Tammy Faye’s story to life.✨ #TheEyesofTammyFaye, starring @jes_chastain and Andrew Garfield Only In Theaters this Friday Get tickets now: https://t.co/jjM9WTGLMo @eyesoftammyfaye's photo on Tammy
14 Sep, 07:03 PM UTC
Frisco ISD
Congratulations to Tammy Turner of @Cen10titans, who was awarded a $1000 @DonorsChoose gift to go towards a robotics competition field for her students by @FriscoBowlGame as part of @CFPExtraYard's #BigDayforTeachers! #FISDWeAreOne @friscoisd's photo on Tammy
14 Sep, 07:30 PM UTC
Wu tammy needs the planet pass she is the one c group who has shown such development and charisma she litreally is always working hard and never causing drama
14 Sep, 08:20 PM UTC
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
The four-point plan that helped transform @jes_chastain into Tammy Faye Bakker. (via @EW) https://t.co/2yLPtxbxYD
14 Sep, 04:55 PM UTC
Attending Two events in a single day shows her commitment and Passion towards Cinema 🎥 Love u Tammy ❤️ https://t.co/CRwFE5a5dk
15 Sep, 03:14 AM UTC
Ali 🦋 👑
@Tupapafrita02 @charleimyf Cuando le dijo " Yo siento míl cosas por vos, suene loco , raro como querrás .. me pasó cuando éramos pelados me pasó cuando volviste y te hiciste pasar por Tammy y me pasa ahora" .. ese día falleció el Fandomm .. 😭😍💙
14 Sep, 11:20 PM UTC
Evan DeSimone
Pleased to report that Jessica Chastain brings that same unhinged energy to The Eyes of Tammy Faye that she brings to her TikTok.
15 Sep, 02:38 AM UTC
Political Bread🍺
על הסתה חמורה כלפי מי שבחר בזכות לא לעבור הליך רפואי, יום כיפור אינו מכפר. על החלת תו ירוק שאינו מוכח אפידמיולוגית במקום המקודש ביותר לאדם הדתי-בית התפילה, יום כיפור לא מכפר. על שידול קטינים להתחסן בחיסון שאינו נחוץ לבריאותם, יום כיפור לא מכפר. על ניגודי עניינים יום כיפור לא מכפר
14 Sep, 10:08 PM UTC
𝟏𝟒𝟗𝑫𝒚° • น้องดยต้องได้เด!
โหวตให้ tammy ด้วยน้า TT ควรมีคนเห็นเขาจากความสามารถมากกว่าตอนร้องไห้อะะ https://t.co/qrKoC14dz2
14 Sep, 03:52 PM UTC