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chris charlton
Hiroshi Tanahashi’s eighth IWGP reign was the first to come to an end without a single successful defense since Manabu Nakanishi in May/June 2009 (appropriately enough a reign bookended by Tanahashi who lost it and won it right back) #njnbg
11 Feb, 11:54 AM UTC
Mike Killam
☑️ Beat Omega ☑️ Beat Okada ☑️ Beat Tanahashi ☑️ Win the IWGP Heavyweight title ⬜️ Headline The Garden The era of the Switchblade is here. #njnbg
11 Feb, 11:26 AM UTC
Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast 🎙
WOW! Ending to the IWGP Championship Match Jay White vs Tanahashi… didn’t expect this!!! #NJPW #ProWrestling #WWE #JayWhite Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast 🎙's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 12:21 PM UTC
Smark to Death Podcast
Wow! Jay White beat Tanahashi. Did anyone see this coming? #njpw #BreathewiththeSwitchblade Smark to Death Podcast's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:42 PM UTC
Voices of Wrestling
Knew White had a very good chance of doing it but seeing him put Tanahashi away so definitively in the middle of the ring with his finisher was still a shock. The Jay White era has begun in NJPW and the comparisons to Okada's first title reign are hard to ignore. -Rich
11 Feb, 01:21 PM UTC
Wrestling Observer
Full NJPW New Beginning in Osaka results: Tanahashi vs. Jay White -- https://t.co/m8q3QpHyZR Wrestling Observer's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 11:39 AM UTC
Wrestling Newspaper Podcast
NEW EPISODE BREAKING NEWS AUDIO discussing Jay White winning his first IWGP Heavyweight Championship by defeating Tanahashi at #njnbg #njpw https://t.co/z59pz40fFX
11 Feb, 12:24 PM UTC
Ross W Berman IV
Sorry but the "final" Tanahashi/Okada match will be at King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh at NJPW Greatest Wrestling Dontaku. #njnbg https://t.co/ZCRu3Bn9SF
11 Feb, 08:45 AM UTC
Cageside Seats
Hard-fought IWGP Heavyweight Championship match comes down to a question of strength of will vs. strength of leg https://t.co/kDz5LiU0wu
11 Feb, 11:45 AM UTC
Ross W Berman IV
I swear its a 1-10 scale. Tanahashi is just very, very good. #njnbg https://t.co/ifQpruz1NI
11 Feb, 12:06 PM UTC
A Tribe called Bad News Brown
Jay White won the IWGP heavyweight title against Tanahashi. Not shocked about the outcome. Jay isn't unworthy. He was the heir apparent. But after the long, disappointing Omega reign; they went right back to a gaijin. It's gonna be another lengthy run because that's Gedo's style.
11 Feb, 01:10 PM UTC
Héroe Del Distrito
#LoUltimo 📌 @JayWhiteNZ se corona como el Nuevo campeón de peso pesado IWGP tras Vencer a Hiroshi Tanahashi 😱 Héroe Del Distrito's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:15 PM UTC
Voices of Wrestling
Thanks Chris. Curious how White's first defense attendances look so we can truly see if the fans are into this or not. First big title match (with Tanahashi) drew well. https://t.co/ZTJrTu4pYu
11 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC
Tanahashi is a legend. One of the greatest of all time. And they berried him. Fuck you Gedo. IRON MIKE?'s photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:22 PM UTC
⭐ moxley ⭐
Acordei só pra descobrir que o Jay White venceu do Tanahashi. Era melhor ter continuado dormindo.
11 Feb, 01:41 PM UTC
POST Wrestling
IWGP heavyweight title match result from New Beginning in Osaka between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jay White https://t.co/o7nJanjo8b
11 Feb, 01:37 PM UTC
Michael Levy🙄
First title reign with zero defenses in about a decade. Shortest reign in 15 years. Very much believe that Tanahashi’s win was a “break glass in emergency moment” for NJPW.
11 Feb, 01:17 PM UTC
Voices of Wrestling
This is an interesting thought. Was Tanahashi always designed to be a "transition champion" or did the Omega situation put them into desperation mode and they've had to re-work their year with White as the beneficiary? -Rich https://t.co/WWapaDDWLA
11 Feb, 01:22 PM UTC
Kagetora Dream Gate Run 2019
You mean to tell me you’ve got MADISON SQUARE GARDEN on wrestlemania weekend and you take the title off Tanahashi? Gedo is brain dead. Quit trying to convince me that this is good booking. It’s not. They hit the panic button because their expansion is failing. I’m out.
11 Feb, 01:49 PM UTC
Monogamous Prime
@Matmenpodcast Can’t believe it. In the last year White has pinned, Okada, Omega and Tanahashi.
11 Feb, 12:22 PM UTC
Come on now.......Tanahashi deserves better https://t.co/Hf3p8WhzPd
11 Feb, 01:52 PM UTC
Save the Waifus
I guess Kevin Kelly was right..(See Cultaholic videos) Still way too soon for Jay White. Jay White as IWGP Champion is the Jinder Mahal of IWGP title changes. Tanahashi deserves better. https://t.co/cy77lh0d1S
11 Feb, 01:55 PM UTC
huh, didn’t think NJPW would pull the trigger on White this quickly even despite the big win over Okada at WK. would’ve like a longer Tanahashi reign but this makes things interesting (just cut out the BC for the love of god). some achievement for Jay White all the same. https://t.co/kjzOK6Y7dY
11 Feb, 01:36 PM UTC
Scott | #WWEChamber
Didn’t expect Tanahashi to drop the belt so soon thought he would of had another mega long run one last time.
11 Feb, 12:31 PM UTC
Just finished watching Jay White vs Tanahashi. Switchblades heel work was on point, from his mannerisms, to him working the knee, and Gedo getting involved. He keeps getting better every match.
11 Feb, 01:35 PM UTC
New Beginning 2018: Jay White beats Kenny Omega for the US Title New Beginning 2019: Jay White beats Hiroshi Tanahashi for the World Title What a difference a year makes.
11 Feb, 01:22 PM UTC
Ross W Berman IV
Because thats what everyone said the first time Okada beat Tanahashi. https://t.co/GXlCkDH1Kp
11 Feb, 01:19 PM UTC
Mr Saru
@iron_diaky @Thais_Celine Décevant, non. Vu que c'était le plan de base, c'est pas décevant selon moi. Même si ça m'a surpris, j'voyais Naito battre Tanahashi à Dominion ^^ Maintenant que va faire Tanahashi ? Qui va défier White.. ça va être bien !
11 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC
They actually let Jay White beat Tanahashi in his first defense....🤮🤮🤮
11 Feb, 01:52 PM UTC
Wait, what? Jay White beat Tanahashi? For real?
11 Feb, 01:48 PM UTC
Larz Wyld
Ik that Tanahashi is one of the most beloved faces in NJPW, and he only held it for a month, but that leaves extra shock value for White to win the belt. The man had high momentum behind him from last year and starting off 2019 by beating they're big man in Okada
11 Feb, 01:47 PM UTC
Telise Starseeker
My mom's love for Tanahashi is matched only by her hatred for Jay White. She's probably never going to watch wrestling again after she sees this match. https://t.co/aQ0u1GogtS
11 Feb, 01:44 PM UTC
Jake St-Pierre
I like Jay and I hope he continues to grow. Working with guys like Okada and Tanahashi is going to expedite the process, but IWGP champ level is hard to attain. Okada was probably gonna die if he didn't have that awesome match with Naito in 2012 before dropping the belt back.
11 Feb, 01:43 PM UTC
@OfficialSCAfilm Oh for sure. I think that's exactly what Tanahashi was. I also think NJPW is in a bit of a restructure with the departure of the Elite. They're still fitting in all the pieces of the direction the company is going to go from here.
11 Feb, 01:42 PM UTC
Bryce HAARPer
did the Knife Pervert beat TAnahashi or
11 Feb, 01:35 PM UTC
Sigo pensándolo y es que tenía que haber durado más el reinado de Tanahashi. Mostrando su último gran run en el ME remando a contracorriente para ganar y hacer la épica. Y mientras tanto seguían construyendo a Jay White para que cuando ganase a Tana fuese todo más natural
11 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
@StrongStyleNak Difference is that, when Okada won, there really wasn't much else in NJPW, it was basically Tanahashi and Nakamura, now they have a lot of talent and they choose to put the title in this boring POS
11 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC
Tony Rincon
@newpatriot77 Unpopular opinion: Jay won the title from Tanahashi because Omega didn’t want to drop it to White at Wrestle Kingdom. Change my mind.
11 Feb, 01:10 PM UTC
Jay White has now defeated Kenny Omega, Okada & Tanahashi already. There is a rocket attached to this man.
11 Feb, 01:09 PM UTC
[LGDC]Diaks レインメーカーのファン
@MrSaru2 @Thais_Celine 1 mois de règne donc oui mais vu ce que White a fait depuis le G1 est-ce étonnant même si le cout règne de Tanahashi est décevant
11 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Mr Saru
@iron_diaky @Thais_Celine Tanahashi et les Nouveau Commencement, ça tourne mal chaque année XD Mr Saru's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Super Ricochet
Tanahashi is my ace but damn if I’m not excited over Jay White winning the championship
11 Feb, 01:04 PM UTC
I remember when Okada won his first title at new beginning against tanahashi and the reaction it got so I'm not surprised that people aren't happy with White winning. I am tho.
11 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC
Mad Lucied, Embodiment of Evil
>MFW I found out that Hiroshi Tanahashi lost the IWGP HC title to Jay White in New Beginning in Sapporo Mad Lucied, Embodiment of Evil's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:59 PM UTC
eighty nine the brainchild
Tanahashi what?!?
11 Feb, 01:57 PM UTC
@JokeyZockey Lesnar und Nakanishi um mal 2 zu nennen. White ist jetzt schon einer der besten heels der Welt und konnte hier heute mit einem Tanahashi (auch wenn es gegen ihn "nicht so schwer ist ") mithalten. Geht es mit dem Titelrun zu schnell und ist er ein abstieg zu Okada/Omega/Tana? 1/2
11 Feb, 01:56 PM UTC
@straightedge109 I feel like I'm missing something as to how that wasn't expected. lol They have more top faces than heels in New Japan, and they weren't going to do Naito vs Tanahashi again.
11 Feb, 01:54 PM UTC
Tanahashi's reign was a bigger joke than Kenny's. #njpw #njnbg
11 Feb, 01:54 PM UTC
♍ 👑Jon Da 5'9👑 ♍
Who truly thought Tanahashi was gon be a one month transitional champion. Wow The Switchblade Era begins #njnbg
11 Feb, 01:52 PM UTC
Just like the Rainmaker Shock, the crowd did not count to 3 at the finish. They all thought Tanahashi was kicking out. No such luck. #njnbg
11 Feb, 01:52 PM UTC
Very sad I missed the event but I’ll catch up tomorrow with a replay of Tanahashi vs. Jay White from #njnbg
11 Feb, 01:51 PM UTC
John Service
Here’s prediction for Switchblade’s defenses for first half of 2019: Okada wins NJ Cup > Okada/Jay White rematch at MSG -> Ibushi def Tanahashi at MSG -> Ibushi/Jay White’s at Wrestling Dontaku in May -> Naito/Smitchblade at Dominion in June #njnbg #njpw
11 Feb, 01:49 PM UTC
Fred Richani
I'm intrigued by Jay White's unexpected IWGP heavyweight title win, but also pretty sad we won't get that classic Japanese main event at #NJPW MSG. Was looking forward to Tanahashi vs. Okada. 🤷🏽 #njnbg
11 Feb, 01:49 PM UTC
I can't believe it! The Switchblade has done it! Holy cosmos! First Omega, then Okada and now Tanahashi and the title is now his. @njpwglobal has gone all in on @JayWhiteNZ Unbelievable! New champion! Breathe.....with the Switchblade! He told us.......all of us. ShaunTheCHB's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:42 PM UTC
Jake St-Pierre
They're giving Jay White almost the exact same push they gave to Okada in 2012. Not as quick albeit, but he had the big impact at the Dome and on the first major show, beat major star Tanahashi to hotshot his momentum. Okada had trouble at first, and I suspect Jay will too.
11 Feb, 01:41 PM UTC
Nick H 🇩🇪 🇸🇪
@KevZCastle I'm sure a lot of people didn't get Okada's appeal either, and he was pushed way faster. When Okada debuted in NJPW as the Rainmaker, he had a terrible 4½ minute match against YOSHI-HASHI at WK6, and then ended Tanahashi's 400+ day long title reign one month later.
11 Feb, 01:40 PM UTC
Pro Wrestling SKOOPZ
JAY WHITE DEFEATS HIROSHI TANAHASHI FOR THE IWGP WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. with a Knife Pervert on top, I can finally say the Attitude Era has come to New Japan!
11 Feb, 01:40 PM UTC
Ross W Berman IV
@JasOlanPWGT He’s Tanahashi. He’ll be fine.
11 Feb, 01:36 PM UTC
We Wrestling Fans
New Beginning in Osaka results: Tanahashi vs. Switchblade https://t.co/p7VBTNsrKS We Wrestling Fans's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:35 PM UTC
Nicolas Awad
@voiceswrestling Omega said on Dave's show that he was supposed to beat Tanahashi at WK and drop it to Okada as MSG, I think. Which I have no reason to doubt as being possible + a card they haven't already used in Japan.
11 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC
Jay White beats Hiroshi Tanahashi to become the *NEW* IWGP Heavyweight Champion! It felt like an inevitability, but still surprised it happened this soon #njpw #njpwworld #SwitchbladeShock #NewEra TheSmarkRemark's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC
Nadie había derrotado a Tanahashi en su primera defensa luego de un Wrestling kingdom.
11 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC
Matthew Duggan
@voiceswrestling Jay has been feuding with Tanahashi basically since he returned from excursion. Really felt like this was an organic path to me
11 Feb, 01:31 PM UTC
John Service
@voiceswrestling Also it feels like Gedo likes to use the New Beginning tour to give a heel a a major title run through first part of the year e.g. Okada first IWGP reign in 2012, Styles in 2015, and Suzuki beating Tanahashi for IC belt last year
11 Feb, 01:31 PM UTC
Brandon Taylor™
At today’s NJPW “The New Beginning in Osaka” event, Jay White defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi to win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.
11 Feb, 01:29 PM UTC
John Lees
@NJPWFanClubNA Interesting video. Also interesting that the stuff that's cemented my negative opinion on him - his G1 run, the recent Tanahashi/Okada matches - are highlighted here as being out of character with White at his best.
11 Feb, 01:25 PM UTC
@voiceswrestling Maybe Omega should have beaten Tanahashi, but the AEW deal made them change. Possible, that Jay White should beat Omega at New Beginning and not Tanahashi.
11 Feb, 01:25 PM UTC
rodrigo gonzalez
Claramente una movida desesperada por el evento que se les viene en el MSG, un Tanahashi vs Okada ahí dejaba mil veces más la cagá
11 Feb, 01:24 PM UTC
Holy fuck, Jay White beat Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Championship. Gedo is nothing if not unpredictable
11 Feb, 01:23 PM UTC
Jay White se convierte en el nuevo Campeón IWGP Peso Pesado. Jay White consiguió el título al vencer a Hiroshi Tanahashi en el evento estelar de New Beginning in Osaka. Switchblade consigue el título por primera vez en su carrera. Jay White derrota a Tanahashi en un buen combate Club WWE ARGENTINA🇦🇷's photo on Tanahashi
11 Feb, 01:20 PM UTC
Nard Man
Tanahashi won the belt
11 Feb, 01:20 PM UTC
Elon Musk Presents...
Re: situation regarding tanahashi. Real bummer. I'm putting my people to work on the LUXURIOUS DAZZLED GLIDER AIRCRAFT made of ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLES.
11 Feb, 01:19 PM UTC
ケニーオメガが棚橋弘至を斬る。 https://t.co/CeTDAPYqDu
11 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
セントレアの写真Ken TanahashiさんにふぁぼRTもらえた嬉しい…
11 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
Dan Barnes
What a bold move from New Japan. Jay White is a great talent but I wasn't expecting Tanahashi's reign to end this quickly #NJNBG
11 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC

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