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Penguins Jesus
evgeni malkin is back and tanner pearson is becoming the wing we never knew we needed Penguins Jesus's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Penguins Jesus
tanner pearson could shoot a dime into a vending machine Penguins Jesus's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:14 AM UTC
DK Pittsburgh Sports
Tanner Pearson on Phil Kessel: "You give that guy a puck in a 10-foot radius of the net, he's probably going to put it in." DK Pittsburgh Sports's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Josh Cooper
How many times does someone struggling get traded to Pitt, put on Sid or Geno's wing and all of a sudden looks like a new player? Tanner Pearson is the latest situation ...
12 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
i really just be loving tanner pearson more and more
12 Jan, 05:24 AM UTC
DK Pittsburgh Sports
🚨 GOAL! 🚨 Tanner Pearson's second goal of the game makes it 6-4 Penguins! #PITvsANA DK Pittsburgh Sports's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Nick Alberga
Tanner Pearson with two tucks. Knows what's on the line tomorrow night. #REVENGE
12 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC
Black Seth Rogen
When you find out that the Anaheim Ducks blew a 3-0 lead to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and then proceeded to eventually lose the game 7-4, letting Tanner Pearson tax that ass TWICE in the 3rd period. Black Seth Rogen's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 07:53 AM UTC
Hockey Daily
TANNER PEARSON SLAMS ONE HOME IN TIGHT TO TIE IT UP! #LetsGoPens Hockey Daily's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC
Jewels from the Crown 💎👑
Penguins put up seven goals on John Gibson. Two goal game for Tanner Pearson. Ducks lose 10th in a row. Maybe Pittsburgh will be really, really tired tomorrow.
12 Jan, 05:38 AM UTC
Penguins Live
Next on #PenguinsLivePostgame we will hear from @penguins captain Sidney Crosby, @jakenbake20, and Tanner Pearson. LISTEN HERE: https://t.co/wDCbvzUvW5 Penguins Live's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 06:19 AM UTC
Your World🌍 My Pictures.📷
Tanner Pearson Logan Paul #AlaskanWayViaduct Gobert #BlueBloods https://t.co/MNg4fRehiN
12 Jan, 08:28 AM UTC
Fanático por Hóquei
Final: Pittsburgh Penguins 7-4 Anaheim Ducks PIT: Evgeni Malkin, Jake Guentzel, Jake Guentzel (2), Tanner Pearson, Phil Kessel, Tanner Pearson (2), Jake Guentzel (🎩🎩🎩) ANA: Nick Ritchie, Ryan Getzlaf, Daniel Sprong, Jakob Silfverberg #BrasilTemNHL
12 Jan, 05:35 AM UTC
Katya ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง
Gif of tanner Pearson by maljic on tumblr 💛
12 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
SiriusXM NHL Network Radio
#LetsGoPens win it 7-4 over #LetsGoDucks in Anaheim! Goal scorers: #PIT- Evgeni Malkin (14), Jake Guentzel (19, 20, 21)🎩, Tanner Pearson (7, 8), Phil Kessel (18) #ANA- Nick Ritchie (6), Ryan Getzlaf (10), Daniel Sprong (6), Jakob Silfverberg (12) #PITvsANA SiriusXM NHL Network Radio's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:33 AM UTC
Charles Ransom
PENS NATION After being shutout in the 1st & on the wrong end of a 3-0 score, our Pittsburgh Penguins 🐧 catch fire 🔥to tally a 3-goals/2nd period & a 4-goals/3rd period behind Jake Guentzel's hat 🎩trick to complete a 7-4 comeback win. Tanner Pearson added 2-goals also !
12 Jan, 05:58 AM UTC
Dave G
What a dominant 3rd period by the @penguins. Glad I kept my eyes open, and stayed up the entire time. Jake being Jake, but Tanner Pearson....? What a motor he has winning a lot of puck battles tonight, getting 2G. This team is oozing confidence.
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
NHL Goals
PIT: Tanner Pearson (7) assists: Evgeni Malkin (34), Dominik Simon (12) Goalie John Gibson (ANA 4, PIT 4 - 09:33 3rd)
12 Jan, 05:15 AM UTC
@bobgrove91 Tanner Pearson also with a quietly good and solid game as well.
12 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Onion search engine
Read #9 Tanner Pearson PRT3 (Requested) from the story Imagines by rachlove32.. https://t.co/6UvyEodFP1 #Tanner Pearson #trend #Trending #News #TrendingNow Onion search engine's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
Dave Medina
Seriously, @LAKings: What were you thinking trading away Tanner Pearson for Carl Hagelin?
12 Jan, 07:29 AM UTC
Tanner Pearson’s 8 goals since being traded from the Kings makes Rob Blake look like the present day George Maguire. @LAKings
12 Jan, 05:39 AM UTC
Anaheim Sports
Nick Ritchie (6) Goal Ryan Getzlaf (10) Goal Daniel Sprong (6) Goal Evgeni Malkin (14) Goal Jake Guentzel (19) Goal Jake Guentzel (20) Goal Jakob Silfverberg (12) Goal Tanner Pearson (7) Goal Phil Kessel (18) Goal Tanner Pearson (8) Goal Jake Guentzel (21) Goal 🎩✅ #PITvsANA
12 Jan, 05:36 AM UTC
mark belus
Reshi on the strength of his favorite player Tanner Pearson. Fights back to win the budaman mark belus's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 09:55 AM UTC
@Pensburgh tanner pearson belongs there to
12 Jan, 07:19 AM UTC
Khanh Tran
#LALvsUTA Comey #PITvsANA Logan Paul #DragRace Tanner Pearson J.D. Gibbs #INDvAUS https://t.co/KtczOUStrV
12 Jan, 07:10 AM UTC
Here’s a video of one of Tanner Pearson’s goals. I swear, sellout crowd was made up of about half Penguins fans 😂 MattCullenIsMyDad's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 07:05 AM UTC
#LetsGoPens Tanner Pearson: Scores twice - https://t.co/gbZtrQ2KVV
12 Jan, 06:30 AM UTC
متعة جنسية
#LoveAfterLockup Tanner Pearson Kevin Huerter Phil Kessel JD Gibbs https://t.co/kmoE0c95yV
12 Jan, 05:53 AM UTC
Lawrence Circosta
@LAKings After watching Tanner Pearson tonight score 2 goals for Pitt , LUKE and BLAKE Would of been already out the door if I was the Owner of the Kings , what a Brilliant MOVE that was , this team needs a whole management house cleaning !
12 Jan, 05:39 AM UTC
Bloomers #DFS
Projected score still broken on Yahoo but thanks Tanner Pearson! Bloomers #DFS's photo on Tanner Pearson
12 Jan, 05:35 AM UTC
@LAKings @MammothMountain Hey, Tanner Pearson has 2 goals tonight against the Ducks, and 8 since being traded. Just like Hagelin. That trade worked out well.
12 Jan, 05:31 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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