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That Marchand duck under on Tarasenko is the most predictable thing of all time. He can’t even help himself
07 Jun, 02:54 AM UTC
Cristiano Simonetta
Tarasenko is always beside the bench for the national anthem ... he cracks a smirk after being booed by the Boston crowd. https://t.co/jwIDv2mz6H
07 Jun, 12:20 AM UTC
Cristiano Simonetta
so many questionable hits this game (as well as the entire series) ... this time marchand on tarasenko. https://t.co/e1o9sN28Q9
07 Jun, 02:56 AM UTC
Dan Silver
Here’s scumbag Brad Marchand submarining Tarasenko He’s such a dirty little rat https://t.co/Z3bhO6nlNW
07 Jun, 02:57 AM UTC
Ryan Henderson
Marchand going low on Tarasenko. Gutless. https://t.co/JvItkla94E
07 Jun, 02:57 AM UTC
Alex Prewitt
Vladimir Tarasenko is the @StLouisBlues' star sniper with a whistling shot, two wins from the Stanley Cup. He is also an unapologetic homebody in his adopted city. Rehabbing from surgery last summer, he mostly worked out with his wife at their house gym: https://t.co/hwZs6GnIRW
06 Jun, 01:29 PM UTC
Dan Silver
@stoolpresidente @StLouisBlues This Marchand submarine on Tarasenko was the dirtiest play in the game so stop your bitching https://t.co/oCemFIKNjb
07 Jun, 03:58 AM UTC
Frank Seravalli
Schenn with #NHLBruins? Pietrangelo part of LeafsNation? Tarasenko sniping somewhere? #stlblues were Trade Bait fodder. Somehow, same roster that started season can inch within one win of #StanleyCup tonight. How Doug Armstrong almost blew up the Blues: https://t.co/Lg8ADeh3XC @frank_seravalli's photo on Tarasenko
06 Jun, 01:37 PM UTC
"Питання громадянства для іноземців-добровольців для нас принципове", — Андрій Тарасенко ▶https://t.co/VzffRyo6Q2 https://t.co/GP69Cwk4sp
06 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Cole Wegmann
Bruins swat the stick out of Binnington’s hands, board Schenn in the 1st, Marchand goes for Tarasenko’s knees. I don’t want to hear any crying from the B’s fans.
07 Jun, 03:02 AM UTC
Mike Kelly
If the Blues want to inject some life to their powerplay, they should put Vladimir Tarasenko on his off-wing, right circle. https://t.co/3LuOOWBkDF
06 Jun, 11:51 PM UTC
Eric Pazoza
@NHLBruins Not a good idea to whine about a no-call. Bruins players and coaches should be downplaying it. Moore chopped Binnington’s stick out of his hands.. no call. Tarasenko has his knees taken out. No call. It’s a 2-way street.
07 Jun, 04:30 AM UTC
@TStewart_92 @Rupper17 I forgot about the shot at Tarasenko’s knees
07 Jun, 05:14 AM UTC
@SamanthaKay11 @ironhorse58 @NHL @StLouisBlues @SAPSports Also have to look back at the Perron breakaway and the chop to the hand, stick parallel to ice. That’s the slashing they were trying to cut down on. Or Marchand undercutting Tarasenko. There’s been missed calls left and right for both teams.
07 Jun, 05:35 AM UTC
Joseph Canari
@DJ_Bean What’s worse is the “head shot” on Tarasenko was called in game 4 while 2 weren’t called tonight.
07 Jun, 05:12 AM UTC
Rigged NHL Playoffs
@ericp333 @NHLBruins Binnington left his stick hanging outside of the crease as a bruins player skated by and the hit on Tarasenko was hip to hip, not hip to knee
07 Jun, 06:43 AM UTC
07 Jun, 06:41 AM UTC
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07 Jun, 06:40 AM UTC
Keith from the STL
@jprutherford No doubt his best move was breaking up the Tarasenko, O'Reily, Schenn, line and putting Schwartz on the top line. Schwartz started scoring after that move! #stlblues
07 Jun, 06:17 AM UTC
«Сент-Луису» остался последний шаг для победы в Кубке Стэнли. Спасибо судьям за это 🙈 Когда Тарасенко не забивает — на помощь приходят товарищи по команде и арбитры: https://t.co/CNH6W7AFC9 https://t.co/eB9W1iPpxM
07 Jun, 05:58 AM UTC
Michael Gawthorp
@BruinsMafia Marchand low Bridges Tarasenko=no call Coyle slashes Binnington=no call Works both ways. Boston when 0 for 3 on the PP. St. Louis went 0 for 1. So Boston still had PP play advantage. Maybe if 55 didn't act like a soccer player, he might have gotten the call.
07 Jun, 05:57 AM UTC
John Paule
@wyshynski is Marchand trying to turn tarasenko into the next Sami salo here? https://t.co/mBgh0O2fWi
07 Jun, 05:24 AM UTC
Jake Batarick
@stoolpresidente @StLouisBlues Yeah cuz ol Marchand is playing clean right? Low hit on Tarasenko and the spear to the groin of Binnington? But I guess that’s just part of the game right? 😂😂
07 Jun, 05:23 AM UTC
Blues fans are saying Acciari was embellishing the trip. Blues fans. The team that Tarasenko plays for. Who acted like he got hit by the magic bullet when Krug brushed past him. And the one Schenn plays for. Who flung himself forward like he was Orr when he wasn’t even touched.
07 Jun, 05:22 AM UTC
Bill Bird
@mattyports @CindyLemoine Tarasenko should’ve been pulled after receiving that devastating check to the head in game that resulted in a penalty!!! Oh wait that’s right....
07 Jun, 05:10 AM UTC
Mr. Blues Hat
@Orion_Sterling take a look at the video of the takeout of tarasenko in the last few minutes or the slash of Bininington's stick out his hand and get back with me.
07 Jun, 05:08 AM UTC
@DanaScanlon when Marchand cheap shot tarasenko's knees and flipped him upside down -- he popped right back up and was ready to play.
07 Jun, 05:00 AM UTC
Оформление интерьера в коттедже. Лепка. Барельеф. https://t.co/NtXRSU8ppV с помощью @YouTube
07 Jun, 08:03 AM UTC
Оформление интерьера Лестничного Марша https://t.co/eL1rzzWXBM с помощью @YouTube
07 Jun, 08:02 AM UTC
Оформление интерьера. Лепка. Барельеф.г. Омск https://t.co/BVzUOC5Zds с помощью @YouTube
07 Jun, 08:01 AM UTC
Оформление Интерьера Кухни г Омск мастер исполнитель Владимир Тарасенко https://t.co/rhEcViIVh7 с помощью @YouTube
07 Jun, 08:00 AM UTC
Оформление интерьера стены. Лепка. Виноградная лоза https://t.co/MSU9Glu0hu с помощью @YouTube
07 Jun, 08:00 AM UTC
22 сентября 2018 г. https://t.co/2hbeXp2dd5 с помощью @YouTube
07 Jun, 07:59 AM UTC
Billy Shackleton
@SamuelAyton @James94Cart O’Reilly and Tarasenko have been on a different level since San Jose game 1
07 Jun, 07:46 AM UTC
Dale Domshy
@DaleEArnold @NHLPlayerSafety Bigger hit than the one on Tarasenko earlier in the series
07 Jun, 07:45 AM UTC
@NHLPlayerSafety Marchand did his slew foot on Parayko & clipped Tarasenko. He should be reprimanded as a repeat offender. https://t.co/7DFdUSAbD1
07 Jun, 07:26 AM UTC
@penpat20 @NHL @DP_57 @NHLPlayerSafety While you're at it, Marchand was at it again with a slew foot on Parayko & clipping Tarasenko https://t.co/umkLgHQ94C
07 Jun, 07:21 AM UTC
@StLouisBlues @lkorac10 Tarasenko kicking the debris back 😂
07 Jun, 07:19 AM UTC
Владимир Тарасенко
Брюинс - Блюз. Игра 5. Человеческий фактор https://t.co/qUPqcSMyqd
07 Jun, 07:15 AM UTC
Bob Haynes Jr
@ctherien6 Both teams got away with calls. St Louis just capitalized on their chances. Marchard low hit on Tarasenko was a penalty so was his slash to remove goalie stick.
07 Jun, 07:03 AM UTC
Tim Maloney
That's the f&$#*Ing G$+D&(*! truth. #LGB and Tarasenko. #PlayGloria https://t.co/q4qOj5obtG
07 Jun, 06:52 AM UTC
Andreas Matsoukas
@MurphysLaw74 You called him out for complaining, called Tarasenko an "Oscar winner" after that penalty was called while calling for a penalty on the "illegal hit to the head" of Krug (which was nearly identical). Maybe not biased, but you can see how these things could create that perception
07 Jun, 06:51 AM UTC
Patrick Hughes
@NHLBruins @stoolpresidente No do Marchand being a douche and going for Tarasenko’s knees.
07 Jun, 06:50 AM UTC
@carefullyshipp1 ВЫДЕРЖИШЬ😏😹
07 Jun, 06:47 AM UTC
@tarasenko_nadya Будильник что-ли завести? Мне кажется, что я, как обычно, все пропущу🤦‍♀️
07 Jun, 06:47 AM UTC
@tarasenko_nadya ААА! КАКИЕ 12 ПО МСК? Я НЕ ВЫДЕРЖУ!
07 Jun, 06:46 AM UTC
Kelly Hanratty
Thank you to @stlouisblues player Vladimir Tarasenko vt9191 for this awesome inspiration that was made into a shirt. Lol we 💙 u! #whatsruboffmeans https://t.co/QtasacLHP3
07 Jun, 06:38 AM UTC
@_min_suga_08 Сон Ха Мин 😹
07 Jun, 06:36 AM UTC
@frank_seravalli I was shocked the concussion spotters didn't take Tarasenko out in game 4 for examination.
07 Jun, 06:33 AM UTC
Elie Mansour
@briancrd But that Marchand low hit on Tarasenko was all rose pedals and rainbows I guess....
07 Jun, 06:24 AM UTC
Glorio St. Louis
Tarasenko booting the beer can thrown at him at 0:13 is a classic https://t.co/kY2oXrlqCJ
07 Jun, 06:21 AM UTC
@ldcrume @bluesrantscom Multiple cross checks by Chara in every game, interference with Tarasenko after the Bruins goal tonight, cheap shots by multiple Bruins across all the games.. and more, and more, and more... It happens on both sides of the ice. They had half a period to recover...and couldnt.😭
07 Jun, 06:14 AM UTC
@ChrisRasty @Toucherandrich That was the dumbest thing I heard all night. They say it as they show the video that his head doesn’t change level at all. Tarasenko looked like he was doing his best JFK back and to the left when Krug’s jersey grazed his face and they called it. Obvious head shot on Krug? https://t.co/swEIzsFyhC
07 Jun, 05:56 AM UTC
@_TyAnderson He needs to explain all the dirty hits by Marchand and Krug that haven't been called especially the knee on knee by Marchand tonight deliberately trying to injure Tarasenko.
07 Jun, 05:50 AM UTC
ill buy a Vladimir Tarasenko if the blues win the cup, give me the bet
07 Jun, 05:49 AM UTC
Not Rob
@BruinsMafia Marchand spearing Binnington in the nuts gets called bc of his rep. Shocked he didnt get one for going at Tarasenko’s knees.
07 Jun, 05:39 AM UTC
danielle scremin
@bostonsoxgirl67 @Illiniwek75 Ok now I see your true colors. Did I come and whine on your wall about Krug charging and injuring Thomas? Marchand trying his best to injure Tarasenko? Every Bruins player trying to charge and injure Binnington? NO. It's hockey. get over it
07 Jun, 05:38 AM UTC
Taylor Daniels
@A531House @StacyDempsey @NHLBruins Trying to figure out how to save it and upload it. He goes completely low on Tarasenko and takes his legs out. It’s worse than a slew foot. Was in the last 4 minutes. Any way you look at it it’s dirty
07 Jun, 05:35 AM UTC
Eric Pazoza
@bruinsfantrev @jprutherford No chop? Are you blind? 😆😎 I just watched the play again. Not to mention that cheapshot artist Marchand taking out Tarasenko at the knees and spearing Binnington.
07 Jun, 05:31 AM UTC
@bradyispliable @ymstrobelights That spear he had on Binnington the low hit on Tarasenko. That's just this game.
07 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
@EdDuhamel @StLouisBlues At least Tarasenko didn’t do This to a player https://t.co/Rb3I55SEaB
07 Jun, 05:23 AM UTC
Taylor Daniels
@firemedic271479 @StLouisBlues Tonight I watched Marchand take an absolute low cheap shot on Tarasenko and it wasn’t called. No one has said a word about that. These refs are trash, both sides are dealing with it. Play good enough that they can’t steal the game from you
07 Jun, 05:20 AM UTC
@StapeAthletic typical Marchand with the late hit on Tarasenko... but they were not going to hit BOS with a penalty given the situation.
07 Jun, 05:17 AM UTC
Mr. Blues Hat
@DexSiglin @curtprice I enjoy it because of the missed calls on the attempt at taking out Tarasenko's knees a minute after the trip and Marchand slashing Binnington's stick out of his hand. Go ahead, look up the video in my feed. I'll wait...
07 Jun, 05:11 AM UTC
Jack Keefe
Cry me a River. I guess the Marchand cheap shot on Tarasenko wasn’t a penalty. There are missed calls both ways. No doubt it was a penalty on Bozak but that’s NHL officiating in 2019 https://t.co/4q7d8idrcX
07 Jun, 05:09 AM UTC
@NHL_Campbell And the Brad Marchand submarine hit on Tarasenko infront of the bench with about 3 mins left, it's only a missed call if it results in a goal.
07 Jun, 05:05 AM UTC
Jessica W
@_Howie23_ @NHL @DP_57 I’m not a fan of the charge from Krug where he blatantly left his feet. I’m also not a fan of the elbow to Tarasenko’s head. There have been missed calls on both sides. Overall, the officiating’s been piss poor all playoffs. Comes down to the fact that Boston couldn’t score more.
07 Jun, 04:58 AM UTC