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Jordan Davenport
Bet my sister $50 dollars that she couldn’t do everything I do and she got mad 😂 @its_jaybruh's photo on T.I.
04 Apr, 08:54 PM UTC


Honestly number 3’s transition is the hardest thing I’ve ever seen
05 Apr, 05:08 PM UTC


05 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC


【速報】山中教授の分かりやすい例え #拡散希望
05 Apr, 09:11 AM UTC


Andrew Cuomo
I wish I could promise New Yorkers this will be over soon. I can't. Here's what I can promise. I will continue to give you the facts and I will make decisions based on science and data. New Yorkers deserve nothing less.
05 Apr, 02:04 PM UTC


Brokey McNiggerson
I would do anything to taste one of these @kelseybl4ck's photo on Shades
05 Apr, 06:06 PM UTC


Odé Danilo
An expired friendship is not beef
05 Apr, 05:21 PM UTC


i think about this illustration by cécile dormeau a lot
05 Apr, 07:07 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Advertising in the Failing New York Times is WAY down. Washington Post is not much better. I can’t say whether this is because they are Fake News sources of information, to a level that few can understand, or the Virus is just plain beating them up. Fake News is bad for America!
06 Apr, 01:08 PM UTC


Naira Banks
I think we can all agree that African women @jackieaina's photo on Meek
06 Apr, 01:33 AM UTC


Niggaz Be WILIN
Fuck animal abusers... fuck racism, fuck corona and fuck coleslaw.
05 Apr, 04:02 PM UTC

Jung Kook

印象操作だったのか この女性が可哀想だ!!
05 Apr, 02:36 PM UTC


Bleacher Report
It’s been one year since @KingJames learned Alex Caruso’s bounce is no joke 💀 @BleacherReport's photo on jaron
05 Apr, 01:10 PM UTC


RR . 🚧
J’ai l’impression j’me confine pour r frere les gens ils sont archi en balade mgl
05 Apr, 02:09 PM UTC


James Woods
The President has made it clear that this is a war. In war you take risks. #Hydroxychloroquine will be a last resort for people who are most certainly terminal. The only casualties from the drug would be the fake news trolls who will succumb from disappointment with its success.
05 Apr, 11:58 PM UTC

George W. Bush

ABC News
George W. Bush in 2005: "If we wait for a pandemic to appear, it will be too late to prepare."
05 Apr, 11:36 AM UTC


有本 香 Kaori Arimoto
05 Apr, 03:11 PM UTC


I was kinda rooting for them after a minute🤣🤣 @xDAMELIOx's photo on otis
05 Apr, 05:56 PM UTC

Ezra Miller

ezra miller is a great example of why yall should stop saying someone ended toxic masculinity everytime they wear unblended eyeshadow bc they’ve proven they can reject traditionally masculine aesthetics and still not hesitate to choke a woman to the ground 😁
06 Apr, 07:33 AM UTC


Ryan Fournier
Joe Biden called Trump’s China travel ban “xenophobic.” Now he is saying Trump should have done it sooner. Which is it Joe? 🤔
05 Apr, 04:42 PM UTC

Franklin Graham

David Weissman
I know I speak for majority of Americans when I say this, fuck you @Franklin_Graham.
05 Apr, 02:10 AM UTC

Cooking Mama

PSA FOR COOKING MAMA COOKSTAR @MorshuMmm's photo on Cooking Mama
05 Apr, 04:31 PM UTC

Lady Vols

LeBron James
Man WHAT??!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. No disrespect to those lady Gamecocks and their hoopers cause they can ball but THAT Lady Vols team would SMASH damn near any team. Now if you put them vs Lady Huskies(Bird,DT, Maya, B. Stewart, Lobo) now we talking. And yes I know they ain’t in the SEC🤷🏾‍♂️
06 Apr, 06:49 AM UTC


Rodney Caston
Back on March 20th, Novartis announced it would donate 130 million doses of generic hydroxychloroquine. Today Trump is saying the government will be purchasing the drug for the national stockpile. Novartis is the same company Michael Cohen helped obtain access to Donald Trump.
05 Apr, 11:44 PM UTC


รูปนี้ เอาจริงถ้าแกไม่เคยดู แกจะทายว่าใครเป็นผู้เข้าแข่งขันวะ? 55555 #MasterChefAllStarsThailand @SLHSWFE_2412's photo on McIntyre
05 Apr, 01:11 PM UTC


“And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the Son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.” Matthew 21:9 🌿
05 Apr, 12:41 PM UTC


Rosalie ✍️
Okay. Andrew Cuomo moved to the edge of tears because my governor, of my state, on behalf of Oregonians, sent him 140 ventilators. Guess who else is moved to the edge of tears? I am. Proud to be Oregonian, proud of Gov Kate Brown. (We shut down early.) 🌲🌲
05 Apr, 01:38 AM UTC

Afro Thunder

Richie Loco 🏁
Quarantine has turned my life into a Spike Lee joint @Richie_l0c0's photo on Afro Thunder
05 Apr, 12:39 AM UTC

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