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NRL on Nine
Heartbreak 💔💔 A shattered Jason Taumalolo paints a despondent picture after the Cowboys Prelim loss. 😔😔 #NRLCowboysEeks #NRL @NRLonNine's photo on taumalolo
23 Sep, 11:47 AM UTC
Dec C
@NRL Well you got what you wanted, try off a forward pass, Hiku was dropped on his head and Paulo wasn’t binned but Taumalolo was for the weakest shoulder charge I’ve ever seen
23 Sep, 11:42 AM UTC
Mark Gottlieb
I expect Jason Taumalolo will serve any possible ban for that high shot in round 1 next season irrespective of the result #NRLCowboysEels. Either NQ lose or they win and he serves it next season anyway… wouldn’t want to punish the fans by banning him for a Grand Final. #NRL
23 Sep, 10:49 AM UTC
Jason Taumalolo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. #NRL
23 Sep, 11:13 AM UTC
If there’s any integrity left in the place there’s just no way Taumalolo plays next week, it’s a shoulder to the head of a player, and it’s late. #nrl #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:43 AM UTC
Tiger Muz
If the Cowboys win Taumalolo gets a fine. If they lose he gets 4 weeks. Welcome to the @NRL judiciary #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:39 AM UTC
Nick Campton
Feel like Cows got the better of that half but Eels look dangerous whenever they hit an edge. Paulo played that entire first half and did well, but he’s gonna need a breather at some point or he’ll gas badly. Cotter and Taumalolo unreal. No idea how this breaks.
23 Sep, 10:38 AM UTC
Fox League
A valiant effort from the Cowboys 💪 Player Ratings 👉 https://t.co/PIxLDqPkoD @FOXNRL's photo on taumalolo
23 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
Taumalolo in the sheds ringing Mike rush as we speak 👍🏻
23 Sep, 10:10 AM UTC
Scott Bailey
Interesting re: Taumalolo. Grade 1 = fine, Grade 2 = ban. NRL made changes to judiciary in May for finals. If not for those changes, a Grade 1 would’ve been a ban given it’s his third charge of 2022. However if that tackle occurred in Origin, he could get a fine for Grade 2.
23 Sep, 10:45 AM UTC
Nick Campton
In conditions like that bench rotations are so important, and Parra ended up nailing it. Got the big first stint out of Paulo, then RCG came back to help turn the tide before Paulo came back on. In hindsight, Cows probably had to spell Taumalolo and get Cotter back on bit earlier
23 Sep, 11:49 AM UTC
Taumalolo has two charges this season already, so any charge he gets is "3rd+" offence. G1 Shoulder Charge would be a 3-4 match ban G1 Careless High Tackle would be $3k-2 matches G2 of either = suspended #NRLCowboysEels #NRLFinals
23 Sep, 10:41 AM UTC
Fox League
Jason Taumalolo's wrecking ball act fell short, while the Cowboys' weapons were shut down 😰 Player Ratings: https://t.co/uK25QgdOXk @FOXNRL's photo on taumalolo
23 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Mike Meehall Wood
I think we can all agree that the big winners tonight were, the true darlings of the rugby league world, everyone's second favourite team...the PNG Kumuls. Jason Taumalolo almost certainly out of Tonga's RLWC opener with PNG in St Helens.
23 Sep, 12:57 PM UTC
Phillip Basti
@TripleM_NRL After Taumalolo shoulder charged a bloke in the head and stayed with his victim. Wally said it was one of the greatest display of sportsmanship you would ever see. FMD 🤦‍♂️
23 Sep, 01:02 PM UTC
Taumalolo let’s the eels win so you can rest for the World Cup 😂😂
23 Sep, 11:32 AM UTC
Scott Bailey
Also, if Taumalolo got a grade-two should charge, it would be a real hit for Tonga’s World Cup hopes. Looking at four matches with an early plea, or five if he fights it and loses it. Either way, we’re talking group stage plus potentially a quarter-final. #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 10:49 AM UTC
Nelson Dale
Does the NRL care about player welfare & head knocks? We may be about to find out Jason Taumalolo is on report for a shoulder charge to the head. His 3rd shoulder charge in 2022 He should miss the GF if they win tonight, unless they rule not to “punish the fans” & let him play
23 Sep, 10:47 AM UTC
Scott Bailey
Man. Taumalolo is shattered. #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:44 AM UTC
Ian Hopper
@TripleM_NRL Taumalolo should have been sent off!!!
23 Sep, 11:43 AM UTC
The NRL Tweet
Wow - RCG strolls through Taumalolo and McLean and Parra bring the margin back to just 2 points. Cowboys 20-18. #NRLFinals #NRLCowboysEels #NRL https://t.co/R928OnjeWw
23 Sep, 11:16 AM UTC
Greg Prichard
Taumalolo will get a grade two, he'll go the judiciary seeking a downgrade, get it, pay a fine and play. That's if the Cowboys make the grand final of course! #NRLCowboysEels #crisis
23 Sep, 10:42 AM UTC
Official Benni
Feel for Taumalolo, put his all in his team and the game tnight Ofa atu @nthqldcowboys #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 03:06 PM UTC
Dec C
@Koydeuy @GhostofBen22 @NRL What’s your opinion on the Taumalolo sin bin? Because that was less dangerous and yes it was a shoulder charge but it was so soft That sin bin set the standard so when the bar is set so low they have to follow through
23 Sep, 12:46 PM UTC
Jordan Patu
That's pitifully soft defence from Taumalolo and McLean. #NRLCowboysEels
23 Sep, 11:15 AM UTC
Me everyday to Jason Taumalolo https://t.co/gC3ULHc2h7
23 Sep, 10:44 AM UTC
Taumalolo BEASTMODE Ai Generated https://t.co/huEaKO9j9A via @YouTube
23 Sep, 09:45 PM UTC
Beautiful Girl
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23 Sep, 06:32 PM UTC
@NRLonNine I felt bad for Taumalolo watching this interview, guy was absolutely shattered and trying to keep it together, this game has a lot of passion, probably can't put into words what a premiership means to the players
23 Sep, 03:35 PM UTC
Beautiful Girl
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23 Sep, 02:15 PM UTC