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Andrew Kanatsky
When a customer asks for a manager and your manager says the same thing you just said https://t.co/JLkVShN2nh
19 Jan, 01:34 AM UTC


Jason Kander
The President said he was going to run America like his businesses. Apparently we have reached the part where he would usually just declare bankruptcy and run away. #TrumpShutdown
19 Jan, 06:26 PM UTC


fat bully
the FBI agent that monitors me through my laptop watching me try to take a cute selfie fat bully's photo on Tanya
19 Jan, 03:04 AM UTC


\ #でか焼鳥無料プレゼント / 1周年記念!フォロー&リツイートで抽選で1日1万名様に さらにうまくなった #でか焼鳥 がその場で当たります(^^) 4日目は1/20 10:59まで! #ローソン https://t.co/qDIuU1Yvai ローソン's photo on SHIHO
19 Jan, 02:00 AM UTC


電車内での出産に対してこのコメントかっこいいなw きらめくだいすう's photo on TrySail
19 Jan, 09:50 AM UTC


Chris Klemens
lmao y’all are still eatin tide pods Chris Klemens's photo on Janssen
18 Jan, 11:51 PM UTC


ㅤKing Nathan, II 𓃵
Aight dawg. First they was finding coke in bags on birds flying around, then in watermelons, and now in Pineapples? Someone snitching cuz nobody just wake up in the morning like “Hey Phil let’s check pineapples for coke today” https://t.co/0dZHSO6JbQ
18 Jan, 03:58 PM UTC


不動産屋に勤めた私が上司にやめとけって言われた場所。 ・水が流れ(概念)が悪い家。 ・自殺・病死は別に良いけど、押し入り系の殺人事件の家。 ・消防署、警察署、病院の直ぐ近く。 ・自分の直感でヤバいと思った家、本能大切。 ・寺は別に良いけど、神社の跡地だけはヤバい。神様系はマジでヤバい。
18 Jan, 09:09 AM UTC


フジテレビに行った。 画びょう刺しといた^_^ 松本人志's photo on Loki
19 Jan, 09:34 AM UTC

Senate Democrats

Donald J. Trump
Government Funding Bill past last night in the House of Representatives. Now Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate - but they want illegal immigration and weak borders. Shutdown coming? We need more Republican victories in 2018!
19 Jan, 12:04 PM UTC


Amar é entrar no tempo do outro. padrefabiodemelo's photo on Vinicius
19 Jan, 01:51 AM UTC


This crazy wind in London is doing people so dirty LOOOOOOOOOOL Sensational's photo on Jaqueline
18 Jan, 02:22 PM UTC


19 Jan, 11:46 AM UTC


Mars Blackmon
There’s chapters about her being raped at her job w/a gun to her head. Chapters about her mother being cheated on for years. Chapters with her being the only black face in white spaces but you posted 1 of 272 pages to call her a hoe because she’s sexually liberated. Good Job https://t.co/9Qt0Goj3hn
18 Jan, 02:36 PM UTC


Richard Hine
The President who was spanked with a copy of Forbes by the porn star with whom he had adulterous, unprotected sex 4 months after his 3rd wife gave birth now wants to allow "Christian" doctors and nurses to deny healthcare to LGBT people because they disapprove of that lifestyle.
18 Jan, 11:13 PM UTC


2018 #BTS 4TH MUSTER <HAPPY EVER AFTER> Stage sketch More photos @ (https://t.co/F8kuLxFhpC) https://t.co/Kzsyjnc4uh
20 Jan, 06:02 AM UTC


Steve King
I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary. #releasethememo
19 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC


Mark Meadows
I viewed the classified report from House Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called "Russian collusion." What I saw is absolutely shocking. This report needs to be released--now. Americans deserve the truth. #ReleaseTheMemo Mark Meadows's photo on #ReleaseTheMemo
19 Jan, 03:52 AM UTC


Daisy Marquez
This is so inhuman and disgusting https://t.co/QSjkELRzUu
19 Jan, 01:40 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
House of Representatives needs to pass Government Funding Bill tonight. So important for our country - our Military needs it!
18 Jan, 11:39 PM UTC


Stephen King
Coming in May. Stephen King's photo on Moose
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC


ウェンディとシャルル編 https://t.co/qTkmWHa8yY
18 Jan, 12:27 PM UTC


Nancy Pelosi
Before he took office, @realDonaldTrump was happy to say the president owns the blame for a government shutdown. As President, he blames Democrats. That tells you all you need to know. #TrumpShutdown
19 Jan, 06:07 PM UTC

The $1

Donald J. Trump
Today, I was honored and proud to address the 45th Annual @March_for_Life! You are living witnesses of this year’s March for Life theme: #LoveSavesLives. Donald J. Trump's photo on The $1
19 Jan, 06:39 PM UTC


嫌う人へ スルメロック's photo on Rémy
19 Jan, 02:57 AM UTC


No has puesto una lavadora en tu vida hulio😂 https://t.co/uFHnrd8tPW
19 Jan, 06:50 PM UTC


Wanna One
[#워너원데이] 쿠알라룸푸르에서 만난 우리 워너블❤️ 함께해서 너무 행복했습니다! 다음에 또 만나요!🌟 https://t.co/OtWh2gUHi3
19 Jan, 04:26 PM UTC


ところで自分はマヌルネコの画像を触媒にしてガチャを引いたら邪ンヌが来てくれた。そこで実際に効果があったのかどうかは不明だが邪ンヌとマヌルネコの画像を並べてみた タングステン@狼喰鉱石's photo on Homes
18 Jan, 12:38 PM UTC


Adele Roberts
Happy #BTSonBBCR1 day 🤩🎉 🇬🇧 https://t.co/25ipUmvlh3 🌏 https://t.co/u5R3gTDlo4 @BTS_twt on @BBCR1 💕🇰🇷💕 Adele Roberts's photo on #BTSonBBCR1
19 Jan, 02:21 AM UTC


“filha não vai perder a chave tá?” Ta https://t.co/OjM5ICP1Bu
19 Jan, 10:30 PM UTC

Judd Trump

Stephen Colbert
If Donald Trump likes being spanked with a magazine, he's going to love it when a judge throws the book at him.
19 Jan, 03:22 AM UTC


🎙️第6期キャスト発表🎙️ 鬼太郎:沢城みゆき 目玉おやじ:野沢雅子 ねずみ男:古川登志夫 ねこ娘:庄司宇芽香 犬山まな:藤井ゆきよ 砂かけばばあ:田中真弓 子泣きじじい&ぬりかべ:島田敏 一反もめん:山口勝平 📺PV公開📺 https://t.co/eyRXBrRlXV #4月1日放送開始 #ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 #情報解禁 新番組「ゲゲゲの鬼太郎」4/1スタート's photo on ねずみ男
18 Jan, 09:06 PM UTC


こういう作業環境が欲しいって話なんですけど からめる's photo on Remy
19 Jan, 10:51 AM UTC


私、市川美織はこの春をもってNMB48を卒業します‼︎ 紆余曲折な人生な私ですが、この決断をするまでに成長させてくれたAKB NMBに本当に感謝です😌 私を応援して下さるファン皆さんありがとうございます✨ 皆さんとはこれからも色んな事に挑戦し困難を乗り越え頑張っていきたいです💗応援宜しくです🍋 市川美織's photo on 私と私
19 Jan, 12:38 PM UTC


小室哲哉の最後の言葉を何故報道しないんだろう、 記事を読んで初めて知った。 tOm0@2/20あゆ's photo on 小室哲哉
19 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC

Bill Manning

Ezra Klein
I've never seen anything as cynical in politics as Republicans spending 4 months refusing to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program, then attaching reauthorization to another controversial bill, then blaming Democrats for not supporting CHIP. It's breathtaking. https://t.co/NeoE2Fiu0h
19 Jan, 12:48 PM UTC


Pattie Mallette
Happy #BeliebersDay 😘 Thanks for loving my baby. We love you back.
19 Jan, 07:31 PM UTC


📢情報解禁📢 アニメ「ゲゲゲの鬼太郎」新作放送決定!フジテレビほかにて4月1日(日)より毎週日曜あさ9時放送スタート!主人公・鬼太郎役は沢城みゆきさん、そして初代・鬼太郎を演じた野沢雅子さんが目玉おやじ役を務めます!👉https://t.co/ZFYkykMwZd #ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 #第6期 https://t.co/0VjlGf0iNW
18 Jan, 09:01 PM UTC

Nintendo Labo

pewdiepie 💰
Nintendo Labo level 100 pewdiepie 💰's photo on Nintendo Labo
18 Jan, 09:55 AM UTC


Natural selection is working soon there will be no traffic in California https://t.co/LACQmWkAxE
19 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC


Rate my professor: you have to study me: Well this class sounds like its going to be so difficult like idk if I can do it
19 Jan, 12:27 AM UTC


Nicolás Lopresti
Ni Messi se animó a tanto. Nicolás Lopresti's photo on Ernesto
18 Jan, 02:52 PM UTC

All Star

Joel Embiid
Fantastic day!!!! We got a great win and I became an ALL STAR.... I wanna thank all of you guys out there and the organization for the support.. We’ve been through so much but this is for you guys so THANK YOU #TheProcess Joel Embiid's photo on All Star
19 Jan, 03:36 AM UTC


몇십년이 지난 후 아들한테 이 말을 해줄거에요 아들아 나 유명했다 #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt 진저's photo on #BestFanArmy
19 Jan, 05:11 AM UTC


I’m bout to wax my vagina and I’m soo fuckin scared 😰
20 Jan, 01:25 AM UTC


BBC Radio 1
✨ IT'S FINALLY TIME! ✨ #BTSARMY, we are SO excited to show you what @AdeleRoberts has been up to! ❤️ Watch Adele meet the amazing @BTS_twt here 👉 https://t.co/jWIOrVesSq See Adele explore the K-Pop phenomenon on @BBCiPlayer here 👉 https://t.co/HULijvhk0f #BTSonBBCR1 BBC Radio 1's photo on #BTSARMY
19 Jan, 05:01 AM UTC


Lady Gaga
CIAO ITALIA in custom @Versace love you Donatella. Tonight I met family I never met before because of this album “Joanne.” It brought us together. I am so proud to be Italian. Lady Gaga's photo on Donatella
18 Jan, 10:41 PM UTC

Pulp Fiction

Benjamin Netanyahu
Will my Bollywood selfie beat @TheEllenShow Hollywood selfie at the Oscars? @SrBachchan @juniorbachchan @rajcheerfull @imbhandarkar @vivek_oberoi @ Benjamin Netanyahu's photo on Pulp Fiction
18 Jan, 05:06 PM UTC


troye sivan
🖤 #THEGOODSIDE IS OUT EVERYWHERE NOW 🖤 https://t.co/D6iGHlJxTz troye sivan's photo on #THEGOODSIDE
18 Jan, 04:40 PM UTC


I’m very proud of her but I’ll wait for the next plane https://t.co/wxWPrPYb1c
18 Jan, 11:31 AM UTC


imagina a prova de matemática então Gingkobiloka's photo on De NS
18 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC

The Answer

Chris Hayes
BTW, the answer to the question "Why hasn't GOP funded CHIP" is now clear: They were always using it as a hostage/bargaining chip. They appear to view children's healthcare not as a good policy, but as a thing the other side wants that they will use to extract value.
18 Jan, 02:55 PM UTC


Narendra Modi
Wonderful bonding, Prime Minister! https://t.co/byIO1EjLkH
18 Jan, 06:09 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Not looking good for our great Military or Safety & Security on the very dangerous Southern Border. Dems want a Shutdown in order to help diminish the great success of the Tax Cuts, and what they are doing for our booming economy.
20 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC

US Government

Ted Lieu
Dear @realDonaldTrump: You are the President, the most powerful government official on earth. You told the American people how great you are at making deals. You told us you alone can fix it. If there is a #govshutdown, you failed. Full stop. https://t.co/iU0BV3iB5x
19 Jan, 03:29 PM UTC


パティシエさんとお嬢さん🍰13話 https://t.co/UHjyo1JgkD
19 Jan, 09:30 AM UTC


you think an offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is filling out applications? https://t.co/UT1umFkDI3
19 Jan, 08:11 PM UTC


An openly gay male idol is debuting next week & my stan card has already been filed. The song sounds so lovely too aftershava.'s photo on Campello
18 Jan, 08:55 PM UTC


박보영 브이앱 보는데 존나 광대 터진다 ㅠㅠㅠ 앓음다움's photo on 박보영
19 Jan, 12:32 PM UTC


Donald Trump Jr.
Watching media outlets panic and say they are not as fake as others is really amusing. #fakenews
18 Jan, 02:38 PM UTC


probably because they can’t fucking drive karen https://t.co/xSnZeWMt7j
18 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC

Ja Rule

Me listening to Ja Rule & 50 Cent diss tracks in 2018 Matt's photo on Ja Rule
19 Jan, 02:34 PM UTC


\残り3日‼その場で当たる✨/ 合計1⃣0⃣,0⃣0⃣0⃣名様 #新オールフリー 🍻 #稲垣吾郎 さん #香取慎吾 さんの 直筆メッセージ缶プレゼント😍🎁 1⃣@suntoryをフォロー 2⃣この投稿をRT💞 3⃣結果がすぐ届く✌🏻 #ひと足先に美味しさ実感キャンペーン https://t.co/uwpVt8REAE SUNTORY(サントリー)'s photo on AYAさん
19 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC


Child Support Enthusiast
If you needed a smile today. This honestly made me tear up. THIS is a village 😩😪😩💙💙 Child Support Enthusiast's photo on Drizzy
19 Jan, 03:29 PM UTC


eu amo tanto esse site voces nao tem noção https://t.co/4sLKwtrbM0
19 Jan, 01:54 PM UTC


[#김동한😬] 안뇽 우리 조이풀~ 잘 잤나용? 오늘 하루도 잘 보내구 좀이따 뮤직뱅크도 봐주세요!😘 https://t.co/LacWAG8N4p
19 Jan, 01:56 AM UTC


파노라마 사진 찍다가 실패해서 설산의 정령 되어버림 냥냥's photo on Tobio
19 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC


Joy Reid
Keep in mind, REPUBLICANS let CHIP expire last year. They could have reauthorized it at any time, and could reauthorize it today. They could vote right now. They're not, because they wanted to use those 9 million kids as hostages.
19 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC


19 Jan, 07:52 AM UTC


[V CH+] 임재범의 본색 2018. 01. 20 11PM COMING SOON! https://t.co/c1v29e2CfS #GOT7 #재범 #JB GOT7's photo on #GOT7
19 Jan, 12:12 PM UTC


Andrés Manuel
Ya no soy peje, ahora soy AndresManuelovich Andrés Manuel's photo on AndresManuelovich
18 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC


ถ่ายรูปยังไงให้เหมือนเจ้าของตึก 백현이🐶's photo on Tide
18 Jan, 11:19 AM UTC

The 2018

Shaun King
My God. In juvenile court, after a police officer pushed a boy's mother against the wall, & the boy intervened, the cop shot & killed him. 16 years old. An unarmed 16 year old boy. His name is #JosephHaynes. The 55th American killed by police in 2018. https://t.co/Ep0keWtrOZ
18 Jan, 03:10 PM UTC


Shane Dawson
also, only refer to me as “Slim Thick” from now until i’m dead. thank u.
19 Jan, 04:58 AM UTC


『ついに…ついにナナがアニメショップの店頭を飾る日が来たんですね…』 SSレアの安部菜々さん登場です! https://t.co/mIoEjCBQs4 #デレステ スターライトステージ's photo on 菜々さん
19 Jan, 06:07 AM UTC


The W
This gotta be the most scariest shit that can happen to you 😭🏃🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/QrT6zqIrk0
19 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC


The fake ass Offset outrage is so annoying. Rappers talk about killing people, fucking people’s mom and disrespecting women. But now y’all mad about a queer comment. GTFOH
18 Jan, 01:11 PM UTC


Donald Trump Jr.
Democrats willingness to shut down the govt and cut off children’s insurance and US military salaries at home and abroad for illegal immigrants tells you all you need to know about Democrats.
19 Jan, 03:24 PM UTC


カリオストロの城でルパン達が食べてるミートボールスパゲティですがセブンイレブンのミートスパゲティ(398円)にミートボール(98円)を混ぜる事でそれっぽいスパゲティが作れます https://t.co/wHS5QyDGc4
19 Jan, 11:58 AM UTC

Kodak Black

DJ Akademiks
Breaking: Kodak Black house was raided today by SWAT and he was arrested for Gun Posession, Weed Possession, Child Neglect and will be remanded in Custody for Violating his Two Ongoing Probation Sentences. DJ Akademiks's photo on Kodak Black
19 Jan, 03:33 AM UTC


순 별 팔로는 신중히
자 여러분들 맞춤법 강박증 생기게 하는 강의예요. 받침이 없을 때엔 ~예요 받침이 있을 때엔 ~이에요 *아니에요는 예외이다. Ex) 저기 봐! 호랑이예요! 저기 봐! 곰이에요! 안녕하세요, '순별'이에요. 안녕하세요, '순별이'예요.
19 Jan, 02:08 PM UTC


Vicente Fox Quesada
.@realDonaldTrump, I was wondering, what's your urgency with building such a wall? America, I need your opinion: LIKE if you think he's really worried about the U.S. security or RT if you think he's in a hurry, because he's failed in every other promise.
18 Jan, 07:26 PM UTC


Christian Powe
Fresh Prince of Bel Air was prophetic. I see this literally everyday on Twitter and a lot of you women never catch on 😂 Christian Powe's photo on Cougars
19 Jan, 01:04 PM UTC
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