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Bleacher Nation
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN It's happening. Taylor Davis is pitching to Kyle Schwarber.
07 Aug, 02:22 AM UTC
Cubs Talk
Taylor Davis is pitching..........and Schwarber is catching @NBCSCubs's photo on Taylor Davis
07 Aug, 02:23 AM UTC
Bleacher Nation
07 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC
Cubs Talk
Taylor Davis with the quick reflexes 😲 @NBCSCubs's photo on Taylor Davis
07 Aug, 02:31 AM UTC
Kelly Crull
Not a ton for #Cubs fans to cheer about in this one, but they are showin some love for Kyle Schwarber who is now behind the plate catching for catcher Taylor Davis. Entertaining if nothing else...
07 Aug, 02:24 AM UTC
Jesse Rogers
And Taylor Davis is pitching. https://t.co/6TuuLlOMmU
07 Aug, 02:21 AM UTC
Jeremy Frank
that’s loyal MLBRandomStats twitter follower Taylor Davis behind the dish https://t.co/4lm7A6yYo9
07 Aug, 01:31 AM UTC
Christopher Kamka
Taylor Davis is the 12th #Cubs position player pitcher used by Joe Maddon 4 Victor Caratini 2 David Ross 2 Miguel Montero 1 Anthony Rizzo 1 Leonys Martín 1 Tommy La Stella 1 Jon Jay 1 Ian Happ 1 Chris Gimenez 1 Daniel Descalso 1 Chris Denorfia 1 Taylor Davis
07 Aug, 02:24 AM UTC
Bruce Levine
Kyle Schwarber gets big ovation from the crowd as he goes in to catch and catcher Taylor Davis pitches in the ninth .
07 Aug, 02:23 AM UTC
Cubs Prospects - Bryan Smith
Well at least they found a good game for the Taylor Davis - Kyle Schwarber battery to get a look!
07 Aug, 01:26 AM UTC
Susan Slusser
A's load the bases against the battery of Taylor Davis (pitching) and Kyle Schwarber (catching) and don't score.
07 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC
Shae Peppler Cornette
This is what’s happening in the 9th inning as the #Cubs trail the A’s by 9 runs. Taylor Davis pitching, Kyle Schwarber catching. 😱. And they get out of a bases loaded jam with no outs...👏🏽
07 Aug, 02:28 AM UTC
WATCH: Taylor Davis pitches, Kyle Schwarber catches ninth inning: https://t.co/HcjccEzat6 https://t.co/u9sLIEwMyS
07 Aug, 02:50 AM UTC
crawly's cub kingdom
Now batting, the pitcher, Taylor Davis! #Cubs @Beanz_TD https://t.co/AF7AQGYx7U
07 Aug, 02:42 AM UTC
Matt Lindner
Taylor Davis pitched out of a bases loaded jam tonight. Did NOT see that one coming. @mattlindner's photo on Taylor Davis
07 Aug, 02:31 AM UTC
Gabbi Kraus
the standing o for taylor davis and his too-slow-to-register fastball is the type of support i crave
07 Aug, 02:28 AM UTC
katie dzwierzynski
just wanna say that cubs game was hot garbage BUT i got to see the battery of taylor davis as pitcher and kyle schwarber as catcher plus a kb homer so it could have been worse i guess
07 Aug, 03:32 AM UTC
Dan Gallagher
It shouldn't be lost in all the Taylor Davis (P) to Kyle Schwarber (C) hoopla, but Underwood faced 6 & fanned 6, while we've had guys like Brad Brach pitch a ton of meaningful innings this season. #Cubs
07 Aug, 02:55 AM UTC
Zach Keller
@Cubs @Beanz_TD @kschwarb12 Taylor Davis throwing the 9th was like having Carlos Mármol back. #Cubs
07 Aug, 02:45 AM UTC
K.C. Smithwood
Was it just me or was Taylor Davis doing his famed stare at the pitcher before he got into his batting stance? 😆
07 Aug, 02:46 AM UTC
Adam Jacobi
Taylor Davis wants to go out there and pitch the 10th. The hero this team needs.
07 Aug, 02:44 AM UTC
William Chase
@chrisbleck tomorrow Taylor Davis needs to catch Kyle Schwarber in a blowout Cubs win to complete the circle
07 Aug, 03:24 AM UTC
Sydney Kuczen
Taylor Davis is my favorite Cub, @Cubs LEAVE HIM IN THE MAJORS
07 Aug, 03:08 AM UTC
Chicago Sports
Jon Lester allowed 11 runs in four innings as the Cubs lost 11-4 to the Athletics on Tuesday. Catcher Taylor Davis did help save the bullpen somewhat by pitching a scoreless ninth. https://t.co/8npu7M2aJM via @MDGonzales @ChicagoSports's photo on Taylor Davis
07 Aug, 02:54 AM UTC
Taylor Davis and Kyle Schwarber has fun at least!
07 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
Sean McDermott
Taylor Davis flies out to Stephen Piscotty in right field Cubs strand 2 in scoring position & fall to the Athletics 11-4
07 Aug, 02:47 AM UTC
Tyler Conaway
@Cubs Taylor Davis is the greatest pitcher of all time.
07 Aug, 02:47 AM UTC
Atticus Draco
'Taylor Davis +250' Correction: I did win that bet :) #Cubs https://t.co/3IDyco7tJn
07 Aug, 02:45 AM UTC
taylor davis three run homer coming
07 Aug, 02:41 AM UTC
Matt Heller
"Now batting, the pitcher, Taylor Davis @Beanz_TD." Things you hear in the bottom of the 9th in a blowout. #cubs
07 Aug, 03:06 AM UTC