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Hannah Hart
And just like that @taylorswift13 releases the next great love song of our generation... 😭💗 "Lover" by Taylor Swift https://t.co/h8zJ2UmxuA
18 Aug, 08:21 PM UTC
Taylor Swift looks kind of mixed? TAYLOR SWIFT! MIXED??!! @KevOnStage's photo on Taylor Swift
18 Aug, 04:43 PM UTC
Orion Carloto
taylor swift liked my tweet............. i’ve peaked.... omfg
18 Aug, 09:09 PM UTC
Who do you want to see on the next season of SNL? Vote for #ChanceTheRapper, #BTS and more below! https://t.co/CZ1uKnTyr2
18 Aug, 08:00 PM UTC
Taylor Swift volta a mostrar que é fã #1 de Lana Del Rey, responde qual sua música favorita da artista e não mente: “Todas elas”. https://t.co/zbqfLxE71X @bchartsnet's photo on Taylor Swift
18 Aug, 09:32 PM UTC
RoadTrip knock Taylor Swift off Number 1 Pre-Order spot https://t.co/jJBwtDhzWk @CelebMix's photo on Taylor Swift
18 Aug, 09:22 PM UTC
KiSS 92.5
You & a friend could win a trip-of-a-lifetime to the city of love to see @taylorswift13 at a concert you can’t buy tickets to. To enter, be listening for the keyword to text to 925-555* for your chance to win! *Std Msg & Data Rates May Apply https://t.co/ZrfVXbLa1g
18 Aug, 03:33 PM UTC
elijah daniel
@waterparks @abiiorawsten STREAM LOVER BY TAYLOR SWIFT
19 Aug, 02:34 AM UTC
Conexão Pop ✺
🎥 | Não e simplesmente subir em uma palco e cantar... ela vai muito além, e como se o estádio, e a Taylor Swift fossem um só. https://t.co/mojg8dfv5L
19 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
🌈 sam
at 19: can't wait to turn 22 & sing “22” by Taylor Swift at 20: can't wait to turn 22 & sing “22” by Taylor Swift at 21: can't wait to turn 22 & sing “22” by Taylor Swift at 22: I DON'T KNOW BOUT U BUT I'M FEELING 22 at 23: that was fast but now i can finally die in peace BYE https://t.co/yhsqmhJUAC
18 Aug, 02:51 PM UTC
B (Fan Account) 🏹
Taylor Swift better start promoting Lover heavily from Monday, the GP is loving Lover, scatter some Billboard’s everywhere, post regularly online, lets get this bread
18 Aug, 11:00 PM UTC
Taylor Swift Facts
Fun Fact: Taylor Swift's upcoming collab with Dixie Chicks on "Soom You'll Get Better" will be her first ever all FEMALE collab on an official single. The song is reportedly about Taylor's mother Andrea Swift who is battling cancer. We ✈😭.
18 Aug, 06:46 PM UTC
here are the same stans that were crying because someone on Jimmy Fallon bodyshamed Taylor Swift, bodyshaming Demi Lovato, tell me since when someone weight is your damn business? https://t.co/jSLfP4AkqP
18 Aug, 03:05 PM UTC
People with Taylor Swift as their profile pic are upset with me. Please guys. Leave me alone. I have a family.
19 Aug, 03:44 AM UTC
daisy ♡
on behalf of taylor swift fans and getaway car stans everywhere, we thank u @carlyincontro 😌💅🏽 https://t.co/F4vQGm7VnD
19 Aug, 02:34 AM UTC
RT for "Style" by Taylor Swift LIKE for "You Need To Calm Down" by Taylor Swift https://t.co/nM3uyipScR
18 Aug, 10:33 PM UTC
Before Swift unleashes her 120 million Instagram followers on the patriarchy, she may want to do some research. #EqualPay #WageGap #IWpol https://t.co/XUdHQxSyWB
18 Aug, 11:33 PM UTC
klaroline dancing to lover by taylor swift. that's it. that's the tweet. https://t.co/h0aZtZfitk
18 Aug, 09:47 PM UTC
Taylor Swift or Camila Cabello GoodLuck FRANKIANA #IndestructibleLoveforFRANKIANA
19 Aug, 03:48 AM UTC
𝔰 // fan account
i met taylor swift on the street today and we started talking and i told her that i was single and she spit on me, pushed me off the curb and RAN
19 Aug, 03:53 AM UTC
Jodiwa Lang E 🥝🍠🏖
@FrankiAna_OFC Taylor Swift ...pero kung mahal mo ko bakit mo ko pinapapili? Hahaha GoodLuck FRANKIANA #IndestructibleLoveforFRANKIANA
19 Aug, 03:50 AM UTC
acá ustedes en las respuestas pueden ver a fans de Taylor Swift burlándose de Demi y su peso, aaah pero luego cuando alguien jode a Taylor diciéndole "tabla" por lo delgada que es saltan re atacaditas, la doble moral que se manejan es increíble, me dan muchísima pena. https://t.co/lZkMHZNJdd
19 Aug, 03:41 AM UTC
Pαɾƚყ Wιƚԋ Bιʂԋσρ | FAN ACCOUNT
Swifties in the comments getting mad because he said Taylor Swift is white. No words 😶 https://t.co/JftJsSqry6
19 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
|| pepper potts, I’ll use a different fake probably Taylor Swift for something different. If Instagram wins then I’ll make a new poll. Hailee Steinfield will be the fake of Morgan Stark.
19 Aug, 02:20 AM UTC
me voy a descargar tinder para conseguirme pareja y q me dure un día solamente pero pueda dedicarle lover d taylor swift
19 Aug, 03:35 AM UTC
Love Story- by Taylor Swift (2009) https://t.co/xhdNeG1hui
19 Aug, 03:51 AM UTC
a flop || fan account
Taylor Swift’s Best mainstream singles. https://t.co/XlcUbF4rBj
19 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
Aí d mim q sou romântica
Tal qual uma gay branca padrão me encontro cantando as + tristes da Taylor Swift 😪😪😪
19 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
Rachel Frances
Sending @Sladek7 a Taylor Swift email about her new song so he can be in the know too I can’t listen to her new album alone. 😂#Swifties
19 Aug, 03:46 AM UTC
jack 🌙
@yourfavNPC I too ship Taylor Swift and Sasuke
19 Aug, 03:51 AM UTC