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極度の怖がり男と七不思議の話(1/4) https://t.co/eUvDySBon4
24 Nov, 10:31 AM UTC
🚨 GAMEDAY GIVEAWAY 🚨 Retweet this post and we'll choose a random follower to win one of our new THROWBACK HOODIES! #RT #LFG https://t.co/CZGsVbwOwo
23 Nov, 05:18 PM UTC
Sara Walsh
TB12 has arrived for #mnf. @TB12sports @Sara_Walsh's photo on TB12
23 Nov, 09:43 PM UTC
NFL Research
Tom Brady is the only QB that Aaron Donald has faced multiple times in his career and failed to register a sack or win a game against (including playoffs). Who wins the battle tonight on #MondayNightFootball: TB12 or AD_99?
24 Nov, 01:02 AM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
RAMS BEAT BUCCANEERS: Goff outguns Brady and Rams get their first win over TB12 since 2001 https://t.co/sE8aMb9oMQ
24 Nov, 04:35 AM UTC
Michael Giardi
Brady 1-of-9 on throws over 15 yards. It's almost like he's 43 and doesn't want to hang on to the ball for more than a couple seconds bc he doesn't want to get hit. They need to have a come-to-football Jesus moment. More of what Brady excels at. But TB12 did pick this "O"...
24 Nov, 04:22 AM UTC
The Big Uglies Podcast
If Jared Goff can shake hands after losing the damn Super Bowl then TB12 can shake hands after a regular season loss.. https://t.co/NBMF0WUJLS
24 Nov, 04:56 AM UTC
People love to see TB12 and other great players have bad performances. & it’s weird @AdrianColbert27's photo on TB12
24 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Kevin Kelley
Last play was classic TB12 for @Buccaneers . Tom got pass batted, caught it and then KNOWING it was illegal threw again hoping to make first down. Then @RamsNFL would have HAD to take the penalty giving the Bucs another 3rd down chance. That's why he is the GOAT #LARvsTB
24 Nov, 03:44 AM UTC
自分の反則が理解できず脳内で「ピーヒョロロロ~」とダイアルアップ接続音が鳴っているTB12 https://t.co/4iCSS5kHi7
24 Nov, 03:47 AM UTC
Tipico Sportsbook
Tom Brady never gives up on a play, even if that means throwing it twice! #MNF #Bucs #TB12 @tipico's photo on TB12
24 Nov, 03:50 AM UTC
Fã do De Laura da zueira #CougarsStore
Para mim o problema do Brady não é nem o braço ( óbvio que n é o mesmo de antes ), mas ele ainda n é principal motivo pelas INT's e turnovers exagerados E sim TB12 sob pressão, aonde ele tem feito múltiplas decisões questionáveis e errando passes incomuns
24 Nov, 11:55 AM UTC
Ian Hartitz
.@PFF_Fantasy podcast breaking down Rams-Buccaneers and Week 12 waiver wire! -TB12, sheesh -Peep the Buccaneers Weeks 14-17 schedule -Goff + volume = Kupp and Woods 🚀 -Thoughts on Gus, Gallman, Pittman, much more iTunes: https://t.co/Q5TZiy3SUM Spotify: https://t.co/Xzv2ybrIIB
24 Nov, 12:15 PM UTC
Anyone else enjoying watching @AB84 curse yet another team? You hate to see it. 🤣🤣🤣 #TampaBay #TB12 #BucsvsRams
24 Nov, 07:11 AM UTC
Colton Phillips-Koch
@Reecespuffs14 @TheCousinSal @BrandonPerna Tom Brady + Giants + playoffs = bad result for TB12 It’s simple math
24 Nov, 07:23 AM UTC
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24 Nov, 08:59 AM UTC
I feel like the difference between Bucs TB12 and Pats TB12 is that this Bucs team is just individual stars making plays. Pats was a well oiled machine. Tom is not made for this kind of offense.
24 Nov, 08:40 AM UTC
President-Elect Tweety Birdy⁷ 😳 🤖 🌺😳
"The very word 'secrecy' is repugnant in a free and open society ... we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings." JFK (4/27/61) Trends #BTSxCorden #SaveSmash #pocforcorpse #DWTS #karl700k #TB12 https://t.co/im9QnrDkAY
24 Nov, 07:51 AM UTC
Kyle Holderfield
@danorlovsky7 @Buccaneers Was painful to watch. Tb12 was a sitting duck. Not mobile, no help with play calling. 7 step drops with that OL
24 Nov, 12:42 PM UTC
@TB12_Forever We should make Trump & his demon offspring take that one before they move to Moscow. 🤣
24 Nov, 12:32 PM UTC
Andrew Harwood
@alexanderoldham @danhughes99 @Outside_Huddle @pond_acrossthe Alex you won't be disappointed. Our TD's came from drives where our playbook was diverse, and plenty of punts and interceptions from plays being forced downfield. TB12 final drive should have been patient, we had time and didn't need to force it. D gave us chance 2nd half to win
24 Nov, 12:16 PM UTC
GuiC_Rams ! 🤘
@RamsFR Battre Tampa à Tampa avec 2 "saucisses" de TB12 comme on voit rarement, c'est le signe qu'il ne faut surtout pas changé !
24 Nov, 11:54 AM UTC
Auntie Hattinufaeuh
@ProFootballTalk They could have won easily. It’s torturous to watch the way they use TB12 and his receivers. Pure torture. They should borrow one of the Belichick boys for the rest of the season. BA SUCKSSSSSS.
24 Nov, 11:31 AM UTC
TB12 não me decepcionou ontem. Foi por pouco mais foi. Rumo ao 6-6 https://t.co/hGQzqWlkRR
24 Nov, 11:21 AM UTC
2 absolutely horrible throws by TB12 last night resulted in game changing Picks in which the Rams ultimately went on to win- are the Buccs the finished article people claim? Or are they a mile off?
24 Nov, 11:20 AM UTC
Paul I Bigelow,Jr.
@ShannonSharpe I have noticed that 💩 to, TB12 is a BIG TIME sore loser.💯
24 Nov, 10:54 AM UTC
Jai Ntapalis
@MikeFromWoburn Relax Mike it’s sports for crying out loud. I have no problem w Brady nor do I root against him but really, How boring would it be if everyone just bowed down to TB12 he will get all the love when it’s all said and done
24 Nov, 10:48 AM UTC

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