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Brett McMurphy
Nebraska President Ted Carter says this morning, not knowing he's on a hot mic, before a news conference: "We're getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight” via @KETZ
15 Sep, 03:58 PM UTC
PMT memes
Ted Carter: ok what I’m about to say can’t leave the room Ted Carter: https://t.co/Fv6jJi7crM @PardonMyMeme's photo on Ted Carter
15 Sep, 04:15 PM UTC
Clay Travis
Nebraska president heard on hot mic saying Big Ten is announcing the return of football tonight. https://t.co/NbdYCMKwPj
15 Sep, 04:18 PM UTC
Eleven Warriors
Nebraska president Ted Carter accidentally leaked news that the Big Ten is announcing "Huskers and Big Ten football" on Tuesday night. https://t.co/95omrjKDM7
15 Sep, 04:25 PM UTC
I absolutely love that Ted Carter and Nebraska broke this news. Such a perfect ending to this. You know the B1G is preparing for some big grand reveal tonight to tell everyone how smart they are. Nope! Not on Ted Carter's watch baby!
15 Sep, 04:12 PM UTC
Mitch Sherman
Ted Carter has a special place in this Big Ten saga. First his email to Kevin Warren, from an account Carter knew was open to public exposure, reminding the commish that “you work for us.” Now this. Carter needs to actually drop a mic at midfield before Nebraska’s first kickoff.
15 Sep, 04:02 PM UTC
Sir Yacht
Thank God for Ted Carter and hot mics https://t.co/w3OtNpbkER
15 Sep, 04:41 PM UTC
ESPN College Football
Ted Carter, the University of Nebraska system president, was caught on a hot mic Tuesday saying "we're getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight." https://t.co/i3Z8uIN9bm
15 Sep, 05:02 PM UTC
Yousef Nasser
University of Nebraska president Ted Carter scrolling through his phone shortly after the hot mic incident. Have to think this is when he realized what happened. #BigTen #Huskers https://t.co/fk8deCuJPZ
15 Sep, 04:59 PM UTC
Ted Carter is an American Hero. https://t.co/RPT42jLBy1
15 Sep, 04:06 PM UTC
Bill Kurelic
Report: Big Ten to announce season plan tonight. https://t.co/GTup25ftau
15 Sep, 04:07 PM UTC
Matt Schick
Live look at Nebraska President Ted Carter. @ESPN_Schick's photo on Ted Carter
15 Sep, 03:57 PM UTC
Sir Yacht
With Nebraska president Ted Carter leaking that the B1G will be making an announcement tonight, all 14 Big Ten football teams are still planning to participate in the fall restart, per source.
15 Sep, 05:12 PM UTC
Buckeye Nation
"We're getting ready to announce the Huskers and @BigTen football tonight" - University of Nebraska President Ted Carter
15 Sep, 04:33 PM UTC
Karl Vogel
#B1G power rankings (unofficial): 1. Ohio State 2. Ted Carter 3T. Scott Frost/Ryan Day 5. Nebraska 6. Football players' parents 7. Iowa 8. Penn State . . . . 200. Michigan 201. Sir Yacht 202. Desmond Howard/Pat Forde/Nicole Auerbach 203. Maryland 204. Rutgers 205. Kevin Warren
15 Sep, 04:22 PM UTC
University of Nebraska president Ted Carter was heard on a hot mic saying the Big Ten will announce a return to play tonight! Details: https://t.co/knennj0eRe
15 Sep, 04:17 PM UTC
Yousef Nasser
University of Nebraska president Ted Carter was heard on hot mic saying that an announcement will come tonight regarding the #Huskers and the #BigTen football season. I asked him about the comments. He says they were taken out of context. https://t.co/SP0x5ZqCtF
15 Sep, 04:29 PM UTC
Jim in MN
I have officially changed my 11 yr old son’s name to Ted Carter (and then last name) and I will inform him when he returns home from school today.
15 Sep, 04:29 PM UTC
Hail Varsity
Could we get an announcement from the #B1G on football’s return to play later today? According to University of Nebraska President Ted Carter (who was caught on a hot mic), it seems like #Huskers fans won’t have to wait much longer for some news. https://t.co/eIcXoSynqn
15 Sep, 04:18 PM UTC
Fake Ryan Day
.@UMichFootball one,two, I’m dropping 100 on you.. https://t.co/K2RZfd5YaE
15 Sep, 05:14 PM UTC
Nebraska president Ted Carter clarifies Big Ten's return comments made on hot mic: https://t.co/Z0LsWGTAnh @247Sports's photo on Ted Carter
15 Sep, 05:11 PM UTC
Husker Wave
BREAKING: Kevin Warren asks Ted Carter to step down as president of Nebraska
15 Sep, 05:17 PM UTC
World-Herald Big Red
Ted Carter said to @Channel8ABC his comments were "picked up a little out of context." “All I said is, 'There’s work going on,’ and I remain cautiously optimistic — like everybody else — that we’ll get to discovering when it’s safe to play." https://t.co/YSTuUOLhZS
15 Sep, 04:55 PM UTC
Sir Yacht
Wouldn’t be surprised if the B1G announcement was imminent after the leak from Ted Carter. https://t.co/KMp8lMVSek
15 Sep, 05:30 PM UTC
Ryan Glasspiegel
As the Big Ten turns: one president says a return to play announcement is coming tonight while another chancellor dodges questions about it in Congress at the same time https://t.co/D3cFbTxazd
15 Sep, 04:18 PM UTC
Nebraska President Ted Carter accidentally reveals Big Ten Football restart will be announced tonight https://t.co/Fa6G73LdgS
15 Sep, 04:14 PM UTC
Kevin Warren - “Hey Ted, I need you to not leak information”.... Ted Carter - 👇🏽 “nah, stop texting me.” https://t.co/py9dIvV0Y3
15 Sep, 05:27 PM UTC
Detroit News Sports
Nebraska president teases possible Big Ten restart, before walking back comments. Story from @mattcharboneau and @TonyPaul1984 https://t.co/yjL7Fe1QZL https://t.co/Yg7ViizRyU
15 Sep, 05:20 PM UTC
James “Renegade”
Can someone do the Ted Carter looking at his phone video and drop some sunglasses and a “Deal with it” mashup? Twitter is undefeated.
15 Sep, 05:26 PM UTC

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