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Kailyn Lowry
I’m 100% ok with where I stand with my mom now. I have no feelings. No love, no hate. Just indifferent #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:23 AM UTC
Teen Mom
I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. 🥺 #TeenMom2 @TeenMom's photo on #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:50 AM UTC
Kailyn Lowry
Karma’s a bitch #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:49 AM UTC
Teen Mom
SHE 👏 DID 👏 THAT 👏 Congratulations are in order for @jade_desere! 🥳 #TeenMom2 @TeenMom's photo on #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:57 AM UTC
Briana Dejesus
Who is watching #teenmom2
23 Sep, 12:19 AM UTC
Teen Mom
We’re ALL so proud of you, @jade_desere! 👏 #TeenMom2 @TeenMom's photo on #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:10 AM UTC
Jade Cline
Who’s watching #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:24 AM UTC
Teen Mom
When someone tells me they don't watch Teen Mom... 😒 Who's watching a brand new episode of #TeenMom2 right now on @MTV?! @TeenMom's photo on #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:00 AM UTC
Teen Mom
They grow up so fast! 🤧 #TeenMom2 @TeenMom's photo on #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:45 AM UTC
(insert here)
Jade: I just wanna do good and have a bunch of Salons. Jades Mom: CAUSE YOU A BOSS ASS BITCH!!! Everyone: #TeenMom2 https://t.co/ALV7mrQV0l
23 Sep, 12:13 AM UTC
Teen Mom
Pleeease don't be awkward. 🤞 #TeenMom2 @TeenMom's photo on #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
grace greenleaf
briana is not the victim here. she tried to use sex to trick luis into being a family man and got burned. LITERALLY. go away and use your cream ma’am! #teenmom2
23 Sep, 12:51 AM UTC
what zit tooya🎩🎩
😂😂 #TeenMom2 https://t.co/bvTJtNWBrQ
23 Sep, 01:04 AM UTC
French Bulldog Lovers Community
Manners please ?! 🙄🙂 Like and retweet for more #frenchbulldog daily. #frenchbulldogpuppy #frenchbulldogs #frenchbulldoglove #frenchbulldogsofinstagram #DWTS #StupidQuestionsForQAnon #TeenMom2 https://t.co/ngSYP34875
23 Sep, 01:10 AM UTC
Lowry scolds her absent mom on #TeenMom2 – saying her kids “don’t know who the f—k you are!” (via @toofab) https://t.co/YWeYyvkwc6
23 Sep, 01:35 AM UTC
Maria Reyes-Tanon
I just want to hug you @jade_desere! 😭#Teenmom2
23 Sep, 12:44 AM UTC
Me every time Briana’s segment comes on #TeenMom2 https://t.co/BqKmaRuVeb
23 Sep, 01:03 AM UTC
That same energy Kailyn is giving her mom, she needs to give to her BD (Chris) lol #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 01:59 AM UTC
Why would this girl get her STD test results on national TV? #TeenMom2 https://t.co/WqDOQD4cEz
23 Sep, 01:52 AM UTC
Nobody loves to embarrass themselves more than Brianna #TeenMom2 #teenmom
23 Sep, 02:09 AM UTC
Author T.J. ✍🏾
Please 😩😩😩😩 #teenmom2 Noooooo more daddy daughter dances with Chelseas segments pleazzzeeee 🥱🥱🥱 we are BOREDTTTTT
23 Sep, 02:03 AM UTC
Jas 🥀
I relate to @xobrianadej situation so much @TeenMom #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 12:44 AM UTC
Cin Flames Twin Flames.
I would kill my mother if she was this late and had my child and refused to answer the damn phone. #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 02:00 AM UTC
Kum Kardashian
Brittany is the only voice of reason in that whole family!!! and @xobrianadej don’t keep saying you know because clearly u don’t or else u wouldn’t have kept sleeping with that deadbeat without a condom #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 02:00 AM UTC
Briana says she doesn’t know how to feel about catching chlamydia. How about, pain or burning while urinating and unusual discharge? Lmao. This show has taught them nothing. #teenmom2
23 Sep, 01:50 AM UTC
Christy you lard ass 🐷 your daughter is talking to you about graduating and her goals. You may want to put the steak & the phone down. #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 01:47 AM UTC
Angela’s bra purse
Leah girl please watch some episodes of #90DayFiance before you go sponsoring anyone please. #TeenMom2 https://t.co/GZfuHAqHDc
23 Sep, 02:18 AM UTC
What stress? Her family helps her with everything #TeenMom2 https://t.co/RFt3lLE6wP
23 Sep, 02:04 AM UTC
Nobody can tell me that her mother didn’t do this on purpose. She’s jealous of Jade #TeenMom2
23 Sep, 01:59 AM UTC

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