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The Business of Fashion
"I don’t like things that are overpriced for no reason, that are based on an idea of ‘luxury’ that isn’t grounded in anything," said Telfar Clemens.
08 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
Everything changed when the Bots attacked. Only the Chocolate Telfar bag, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed her most, she vanished.
09 Nov, 02:11 PM UTC
The chocolate telfar bad sold out....dePRESSED
09 Nov, 02:02 PM UTC
The Cut
The “Bushwick Birkin” has the Oprah Winfrey seal of approval
09 Nov, 02:32 PM UTC
How did the chocolate telfar sell out in two minutes... HOW?! IT WAS IN MY CART! I’m sick as hell
09 Nov, 02:12 PM UTC
why the chocolate telfar sell out as i pressed submit payment ...
09 Nov, 02:04 PM UTC
Shakia Chanel
The Chocolate Telfar bag sold out as I was checking out! I'm so fucking mad!
09 Nov, 02:08 PM UTC
Stop Killing Trade ✊🏿
Oprah`s "Favorite Things" is gonna be all Black Owned Business this year. Everybody is getting a Telfar bag
09 Nov, 02:36 PM UTC
If Telfar only stock four bags they can literally just tell me that tf
09 Nov, 02:40 PM UTC
Titilayo Olaide
No telfar bag, discord is down. How am I supposed to function 🥺😭
09 Nov, 02:28 PM UTC
Yoooo I hate myself 😭 I forgot about the Telfar release again!
09 Nov, 03:04 PM UTC
Black-owned cucci
I need that chocolate TELFAR bag
09 Nov, 02:08 PM UTC
Orichimaru’s 5-Step Skincare Routine
You already know this fina be me with this chocolate Telfar babyyyyy
09 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC
almost secured the chocolate telfar. clicked “purchase” and it sold out...
09 Nov, 02:43 PM UTC
all I wanted was the chocolate medium telfar bag ...... I’m sick
09 Nov, 02:16 PM UTC
accomplishment of the day? securing the chocolate telfar 🤩
09 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
5'9 Yellow Σtallion
Eye..... I missed my Telfar Bag... Again 🙃
09 Nov, 03:02 PM UTC
Shiv Roy Stan Account
@tadahhla yea im happy for Telfar but also annoyed
09 Nov, 02:45 PM UTC
I am so in love with my telfar mini bag that I need to get it in every single colour
09 Nov, 02:38 PM UTC
Not y’all in Telfar’s comments EVERY week asking when your “bag security program” bags are being shipped. Did you not read the rules before participating? Between December and January pls. Not every day the same question🙄
09 Nov, 02:38 PM UTC
Girl, please! I’m like 100-0
@Britt_BaddFeet Damn lol I wonder how big the large one is then! Tell Ally I’m 2 for 3 now on the Telfar drops thanks for her advice lol
09 Nov, 02:35 PM UTC
Drake really was in his Telfar when he recorded How Bout Now, cause WHEW
09 Nov, 03:16 PM UTC
Grand Theft indo.
All i wanted out of this morning was the chocolate telfar bag 😣
09 Nov, 03:09 PM UTC
i hate you dumb bitches for literally going against everything telfar stands for
09 Nov, 03:07 PM UTC
Fuck i forgot telfar dropped today
09 Nov, 03:03 PM UTC
mansa moo•soo
Save me a telfar bag!!!
09 Nov, 03:00 PM UTC
Killa Blanco 💫
Telfar 🤞🏽 do me right
09 Nov, 02:59 PM UTC
tried to cop a telfar earlier and they sold out:/ i guess that life wasn’t meant for me lmao
09 Nov, 02:57 PM UTC
If I dont a telfar bag the next drop, imma cry 🥺
09 Nov, 02:52 PM UTC

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