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I personally think that as a black person it is okay to rob a non black who has a telfeezy
23 Sep, 01:43 AM UTC
He got me the Telfeezy 🥹
23 Sep, 05:09 PM UTC
dani ☆ 🏁
GUESS WHO GOT A TELFEEZY!!!!!! https://t.co/qIT87q1x6X
23 Sep, 04:10 PM UTC
So who got a Telfeezy today 😏 @TELFARGLOBAL #telfarrainbow https://t.co/rVOdfuxCax
23 Sep, 05:31 PM UTC
just remember if you dont buy her a telfeezy, you’re the problem
23 Sep, 02:34 PM UTC
Y’all are stealing Telfeezy confirmation screenshots? It’s not that serious! 😭
23 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
I wish she wanted a telfeezy that’s easy, this girl want dior😭
23 Sep, 09:13 PM UTC
if you know my man got me a telfeezy why would you ask what i’m doing when clearly i’m sucking dick !??
23 Sep, 06:41 PM UTC
Finally got me a TELFEEZY 🥹🥹
23 Sep, 04:30 PM UTC
JT 🦋
Secured my telfeezy
23 Sep, 06:02 PM UTC
got my telfeezy🤭
23 Sep, 08:40 PM UTC
reni, the resource | finance, career & lifestyle
I got my first telfeezy 🥳
23 Sep, 08:28 PM UTC
pardon me, penelope!
my baby got me a telfeezy 🥰
23 Sep, 09:09 PM UTC
Soul Things Botanica
Iyaworaje Telfeezy secured 🔒🕊️
23 Sep, 09:06 PM UTC
all y'all getting these telfeezy's and i'm not💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
23 Sep, 06:41 PM UTC
telfeezy day babyyy
23 Sep, 08:47 PM UTC
Nnenna 🇳🇬
asking for 2k but you cannot buy telfeezy???
23 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
bought her a telfeezy now she cant leave me
23 Sep, 08:21 PM UTC
Had to buy my own telfeezy 😒 count yall mf days w me
23 Sep, 08:46 PM UTC
Nnenna 🇳🇬
not even surprised cus common 2k you useless men could not buy, it’s okay we know you don’t got telfeezy money either.
23 Sep, 08:37 PM UTC
hair appt & the mustard telfeezy on da way 🤝 https://t.co/jj5uIKis1i
23 Sep, 08:19 PM UTC
oluchi ✨
first person to cashapp me $150 gets a free telfeezy 👀
23 Sep, 08:30 PM UTC
camcam 🫶🏾
They got hella telfeezy’s left, y’all better go get it
23 Sep, 08:29 PM UTC
finally got my hands on the bubblegum telfeezy😫🫶🏼
23 Sep, 08:26 PM UTC
chentii ♡
where the fuck MY telfeezy at ????
23 Sep, 08:19 PM UTC
Reup > telfeezy
23 Sep, 05:47 PM UTC
cherry cleavage 🍒
that blue will go so cute with my telfeezy https://t.co/SxbHF0QPAO
23 Sep, 08:25 PM UTC
maybe: ravyne ✰
not everyone at my job celebrating themselves getting their telfeezy
23 Sep, 08:46 PM UTC
i got my telfeezy, did you?🫣
23 Sep, 08:41 PM UTC
fuck my manager I couldn’t get my telfeezy 🥲💔 https://t.co/nM1svLCMdO
23 Sep, 08:36 PM UTC