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Fantasy Premier League
Gameweek 26 isn't the longest GW in #FPL history 😴 #TellMeALie @OfficialFPL's photo on #TellMeALie
13 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
The Tweetwit 🆘
#TellMeALie Donald Trump doesn't do drugs. https://t.co/bkjMR5fwwv
13 Feb, 05:13 PM UTC
Obama had no knowledge of his FBI spying of Trumps Campaign....👉#TellMeALie
13 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
Being Libertarian
#TellMeALie Your government is cost efficient, effective, and rules with moral integrity.
13 Feb, 01:37 PM UTC
Mike Bloomberg’s nickname in school was Stretch #TellMeALie https://t.co/LMViwAoOe9
13 Feb, 04:40 PM UTC
#TellMeALie Bread lines are a good thing. 🍞🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🏃‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ https://t.co/y7YIi69ayW
13 Feb, 04:47 PM UTC
👠IStandWithTrump ⭐️⭐️⭐️ClearFlynnNow
Groping @JoeBiden claims no one has accused Hunter of wrongdoing #TellMeALie https://t.co/a19kOLXYus
13 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
SCOTUS Is Ours! Build The Wall!
#TellMeALie How in the Hell does a #Democrat Congressional Candidate Tomeka Hart get to be the Jury Forman for Roger Stone????? https://t.co/AVNU5prpg2
13 Feb, 01:17 PM UTC
#TellMeALie Farmed animals live good lives. #AnimalCruelty #AnimalCrossing #plantbased https://t.co/87n5o1dkzB
13 Feb, 02:22 PM UTC
#TellMeALie 45’s mother knew her son would grow up to be something big https://t.co/jvbUyWFtDM
13 Feb, 06:24 PM UTC
Jeff Dwoskin
A Baker’s dozen is a group of 12 bakers #TellMeALie
13 Feb, 01:02 PM UTC
Chris Copacetic 💜🍑✌️
I’ll remember your name 30 seconds after you tell me what it is. #TellMeALie
13 Feb, 02:23 PM UTC
Accountist 📣🗽🇺🇸🌎🎨⚜️
Hey @Jim_Jordan Take a polygraph, then see if you #TellMeALie https://t.co/tnVh3pFein
13 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
#TellMeALie Animal farmers care about animals. #vegav #TryVeganToday #farm365 #Februdairy #FebruDairy2020 https://t.co/MSjIwQP9Ez
13 Feb, 04:48 PM UTC
✌Mark My Words🤘
#TellMeALie Trump has created more jobs in 3 years than the World has ever seen before! https://t.co/rth9lVWKzm
13 Feb, 01:02 PM UTC
#TellMeALie Liberals are very stable people. https://t.co/gcNedpkcbr
13 Feb, 04:41 PM UTC
Mac users don't have to worry about malware 🍎 #TellMeALie https://t.co/l1qjYjyuUw
13 Feb, 02:33 PM UTC
#TellMeALie @MayorKeller says Albuquerque is safe since he banned concealed carry guns from Senior & Community Centers.
13 Feb, 06:26 PM UTC
A quick copy and paste. There. That was easy. ...and I didn't even read any of it. #TellMeALie https://t.co/NAkeMoAaSU
13 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
#TellMeALie @NMDEMS #TellMeALie that the tyrants in Santa Fe can plan my life better than I can. That they know what's best for me.
13 Feb, 06:05 PM UTC
ACLU of Idaho
#TellMeALie Idaho's Republicans understand and appreciate LGBTQ people. #idpol #idleg
13 Feb, 07:02 PM UTC
The Tweetwit 🆘
#TellMeALie Donald Trump never lies. https://t.co/Tu4TFcmIts
13 Feb, 05:14 PM UTC
#TellMeALie @HouseDemocrats tell me that health insurance is affordable, as it charges me >$500/mo & has a $7K deductible. My former plan, banned under the ACA, only cost me abt $200/mo with a much lower deductible.
13 Feb, 06:46 PM UTC
#TellMeALie @SenJoeCervantes NM Sen Bill 5 keeps people from committing suicide.
13 Feb, 05:54 PM UTC
#TellMeALie – The World is Flat ……. https://t.co/2cfLP1tVKW #Photography #Content #Context #Photo #Pic #Announcement #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation https://t.co/tSu4A8D20t
13 Feb, 09:31 PM UTC
Luigi Valentino 🇺🇸♥️➡️follows all #MAGA 🔙🏳️‍🌈
#TellMeALie Amy Klobuchar has a Heart❤️ #AntifaAmy #AmyKnowsMe and HATES ME “Leading from the Heartland” ⬅️🤣Good Luck Amy has a Vile Hatred for 1/2 of Americans. Someone who HATES Americans Must NEVER become President of the United States https://t.co/mdds0MssG7
13 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
#TellMeALie try this grey stuff, it's delicious! don't believe me? ask the dishes! https://t.co/eBFxxAIQUX
13 Feb, 09:01 PM UTC
When you see #TellMeALie is trending but it's NOT about the #OneDirection bop. #1D @Radiodotcom's photo on #TellMeALie
13 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
#TellMeALie I think Ukraine did hack the DNC and interfered with election and that Jesus sent 45 to save this country https://t.co/KDAaHBnuHR
13 Feb, 07:13 PM UTC
Water flowing upwards , Antarctic the warmest ever , brush fires igniting of course global warming is a hoax #TellMeALie https://t.co/HMarrBvimr
13 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC