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Dan Rather
I am old enough to remember when childhood diseases - now controlled by vaccines - terrorized families, wreaking pain and heartbreak. This is lunacy. https://t.co/t84c8DKIUG
13 Jul, 09:21 PM UTC
Emerald Robinson ✝️
Congratulations to the great state of Tennessee for firing their COVID vaccine official - after she tried pushing it on kids!
14 Jul, 12:24 PM UTC
Lindy Li
Friendly reminder that Marsha Blackburn is the U.S. Senator for Tennessee, which is now stopping ALL vaccine outreach for children Elect a clown, expect a clown show Taylor Swift is right: Blackburn is “Trump in a wig”
14 Jul, 02:42 AM UTC
John Pavlovitz
What happened in Tennessee today confirms that if Republicans control the presidency or Congress the next time there is a global health crisis, we’ll all be dead.
14 Jul, 01:06 AM UTC
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
'Killing kids to own the libs': Americans horrified after Tennessee shuts down ALL child vaccination programs https://t.co/VDqzb3PDy8
14 Jul, 01:24 AM UTC
Rick Wilson
I keep coming back to this story and the utterly unforgivable, amoral, murderous intent of not getting kids vaccinated. Major corporate relocations to Tennessee -- looking at you, @Oracle -- should be put on hold until the TN govt reverses this decision. https://t.co/V1DEoDwN3A
14 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC
Tennessee Republicans coming out as pro-measles is a weird way to own the libs.
14 Jul, 04:55 AM UTC
Barbara Malmet
Seems like Tennessee will be the new third world country where diseases like polio re-emerge because the GOP is just that horrendous there. Parents there beware.
13 Jul, 11:18 PM UTC
Tennessee health department halts vaccine outreach for all diseases because it's still the 1800's there and science is a tool of the devil.
13 Jul, 08:46 PM UTC
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
Tennessee is changing its state motto from “Agriculture and Commerce” to “Polio and Measles.”
14 Jul, 12:50 PM UTC
Agolf Twitler Slayer
Tennessee is becoming a complete No Vax State. God help them! God help us!
14 Jul, 12:44 AM UTC
ReallyAmerican.com 🇺🇸
The Tennessee Department of Health should change its name to the Tennessee "Bored of Health."
14 Jul, 03:52 PM UTC
Coming Soon to Tennessee: "Polio!" Too soon?
14 Jul, 12:59 AM UTC
Julián Castro
This is extremely dangerous. The radicalization of the Republican Party is putting our children’s health at risk. If Tennessee won’t do so, the federal government must ensure families in the state have adequate information about and access to immunizations. https://t.co/Vo55SWRCRN
13 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
The Recount
Tennessee fired its vaccine chief over her memo supporting the vaccination of minors. The state then eliminated *all* vaccine outreach to minors shortly after. Dr. Michelle Fiscus: “Our leadership has been toxic to work under.” @therecount's photo on Tennessee
13 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC
John Pavlovitz
All these years Republicans have been calling the Left "baby killers..." #Tennessee
14 Jul, 01:33 AM UTC
A T C @ Pissed off Mom # Trump lied Daughter died
Let's pass this around in the state of Tennessee if you are 14 years of age and up you do not need parental consent to get vaccinated or get medical attention. Someone just got fired for passing that information on today.
14 Jul, 01:00 AM UTC
Reed Galen
.@DollarGeneral is the third largest company in Tennessee. It’s owned by @KKR_Co and @GoldmanSachs. They should call @GovBillLee and tell him y’all can’t afford to have him killing your customers.
14 Jul, 03:17 PM UTC
👽 McSpocky™ 🔄🌊👍 #PatriotsVoteBlue
'Killing kids to own the libs': In a HORRIFYING move Tennessee shuts down all child vaccination programs. How can Republicans be this despicable? OMG! https://t.co/Abh5ir6HXX https://t.co/Kj6VgdJhaQ
13 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC
Shannon - life in the vaxxed lane!
The Tennessee health department’s war on vaccines will not only cost lives, it will cost jobs and our economy will suffer. No serious company will consider moving their employees and to a state that doesn’t protect its own citizens from preventable disease. This is insanity.
14 Jul, 03:48 AM UTC
Barbara Malmet
I have been to remote villages in rural India where medical teams bring polio vaccines to the local people living under tarps held up by sticks. Tennessee is no longer reaching out to prevent polio. Compare and contrast. https://t.co/FhgP6yjnjU
14 Jul, 05:10 PM UTC
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
Tennessee is changing its state motto from “Agriculture and Commerce” to highlight its decision to stop all vaccine outreach to minors — not just for Covid-19, but for ALL diseases. Which of these new mottos do you prefer?
14 Jul, 02:22 PM UTC
Brianna Keilar
Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the news that Tennessee is halting outreach on ALL vaccines for kids - including shots not related to Covid-19. "We are going to the dark ages when it comes to totally preventable disease in this country." @drsanjaygupta @brikeilarcnn's photo on Tennessee
14 Jul, 12:32 PM UTC
Norman Ornstein
Tennessee Dept of Health and Governor Bill Lee: People will die because of your actions.
14 Jul, 07:11 PM UTC
Bill Kristol
“In other words: Vaccines work. They keep people from getting sick and dying, and the anti-vax demagoguery is not merely reckless —it is potentially lethal.” https://t.co/1vrOVd1bO7
14 Jul, 03:24 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
COVID is spiking again in Tennessee, as it is everywhere in the Anti-Vaccination Belt. https://t.co/vftPNN5HH9
14 Jul, 01:04 PM UTC
Dr. Michelle Fiscus, Tennessee's vaccine chief who says she was fired over political pushback to her evidence-based approach, says the state is halting its vaccination efforts for teens and kids — not only for COVID but for measles and other illnesses. https://t.co/zpFKkGIFB8
14 Jul, 02:04 PM UTC
@goldengateblond I’ve updated Tennessee’s tourism commercial https://t.co/yU63smwBXA
14 Jul, 03:46 AM UTC
Scott Huffman for NC
Why are elected Republicans trying to kill our children? They called #Covid19 a hoax, attacked Dr. Fauci, masks and the medical science for the vaccine. Now, in Tennessee they stopped all efforts to vaccinate our children who are the most vulnerable to the Delta variant. #ncpol
14 Jul, 04:37 PM UTC
The Tennessee Holler
Tennessee has 5 of the 65 deadliest cities and we have the worst COVID case spike in the nation. Meanwhile our governor just passed permitless carry and adopted a decidedly anti-vaccine position. Maybe we shouldn’t be throwing “travel advisory” stones? https://t.co/ZwMehoaRxc
14 Jul, 07:18 PM UTC