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Idk why Savannah and Terilisha still have beef. Y’all got voted out super early and were in the game for like 2 days... #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircle @RealityTvMimi's photo on Terilisha
05 May, 02:20 PM UTC
thots and prayers
Savannah really telling Terilisha “don’t hate the player hate the game” when she was blocked second 😂 #TheCircleNetflix #thecircle @donutsanonymou1's photo on Terilisha
05 May, 02:32 PM UTC
idk if it’s just me but i love khat and mitchell’s friendship. when terilisha and savannah were going back and forth and they looked at each other and clinked them glasses like #TheCircle #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircleUS @joiashleyy's photo on Terilisha
05 May, 07:18 PM UTC
ReeCeMonique👩🏽‍⚕️ ✍🏽♌️ ✊🏽
Trevor was the well deserved winner. Despite production’s attempts to give Courtney & Savannah a Golden edit when we saw the truth, Terilisha, Khat,Trevor, Bryant & Mitchell came off the best & leave w/their integrity in tact #TheCircle #TheCircleUS #TheCircleFinale https://t.co/YMYW9HGn2K
05 May, 12:36 PM UTC
surviving loneliness
Terilisha every time savannah tried to say she was telling “her truth”, whatever that means 🙄#TheCircleNetflix #TheCircle https://t.co/oyrfLwpAYt
05 May, 10:29 AM UTC
I hope y’all dip now that the season is over 🥺 I like talking to y’all and sliding into y’all conversations 😂🤣😂
05 May, 09:05 PM UTC
Finale Night Photo Dump 📸 (Twitter only allows 4 pics https://t.co/R4L7Ca6wUm to see more) Drop a 🖤 if you were loving the look! ♠️ Always bet on black and a red lip 💋 #Terilisha #TheCircle #TheCircleNetflix https://t.co/dpGPAfAPYX
06 May, 12:00 AM UTC
The blocked contestants’ reactions when Savannah and Terilisha kept bickering had me CRYINNN #TheCircle #TheCircleSeason2 #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircleFinale https://t.co/pRyHqCZWsg
05 May, 10:10 PM UTC
Oh I wish I knew what Terilisha was saying to Courtney 😂😂😂 #thecircle #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircleUS https://t.co/o1RQDAe8gr
05 May, 06:27 PM UTC
Savannah really thought she ate Terilisha up with that little line during the finale 💀💀💀 girl you did nothing but lie the whole time you were there #TheCircleFinale https://t.co/JKie6orvMq
05 May, 01:05 PM UTC
The First Ones to Die Podcast
Khat's reaction to Terilisha and Savannah at the reunion has me on the FLOOR! #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircle #TheCircleUSA https://t.co/CmsVi9hxvt
06 May, 02:26 AM UTC
Joelle J
Can we talk about Bryant praying, and Khat and Mitchell clinking their glasses, as Savannah and Terilisha argue? #TheCircleNetflix #TheCircleUSA #TheCircleSeason2 #TheCircleFinale https://t.co/K1PMMxgiTW
06 May, 03:29 AM UTC
Ella eh?
@londondelrey__ LISTEN! Terilisha was not having it! 😂 https://t.co/eiMZAfE3wv
05 May, 07:07 PM UTC
Terilisha and Savannah played the game horribly. Like, HORRIBLY. #TheCircleNetflix
06 May, 07:13 AM UTC
Terilisha said she wouldn't have done anything differently. SO YOU WOULD LOSE 100k AGAIN? #TheCircleNetflix https://t.co/yZVSmd7vwh
06 May, 07:31 AM UTC
If Terilisha don’t win fan favorite.... #TheCircleNetflix #TeamTerilisha 💙⭕️ https://t.co/95Lr4vYFrr
05 May, 10:54 AM UTC
𝕾𝖕𝖔𝖔𝖐𝖞 𝕾𝖓𝖎𝖝𝖝
Khat clinking glasses with Mitch while Savannah and Terilisha hold on to their grudge is ICONIC LMAO #TheCircleUS #TheCircleFinale https://t.co/46SapSltfU
06 May, 05:48 AM UTC
How could y’all like Terilisha ??? I get she’s Black but she really was a trash player and person. Let’s not forget that! She called a black man a threat the very first day as a influencer after trying to save two white women #TheCircleNetflix
06 May, 07:39 AM UTC
P Makavel ♛
Terilisha got a stank ass attitude🥴 sis you lost.. it’s okay #TheCircleSeason2
06 May, 08:55 AM UTC
Kai 🍫
@AaliyahTrene @yoaveragemo She didn't sacrifice her game for him... she tried to establish two teams (one with the girls and one with Courtney) and it backfired. She was a selfish player and lost because of it. Terilisha wasn't a great player either so she lost too. They both seem like so so people.
06 May, 07:45 AM UTC
Like.......... terilisha knew wtf was up yo. Courtney needed to go fr bc the negative ass vibes he brought on the show killed it for me. Savannah probably would’ve voted his ass out later if she could. #thecircle
06 May, 07:16 AM UTC
🤎 didi
Khat & Terilisha were a victim of “black women always angry/negative” syndrome and i didn’t like it one bit !!! #TheCircle
06 May, 08:39 AM UTC
@alanaraylyn He got me so annoyed 😭 Terilisha was my favorite. She better win fan favorite I stg
06 May, 08:20 AM UTC
@VeritasLos @Terilisha THANK YOUUU lol I knew me and my brother could not be the only ones seeing that 😩We wanted to root for Terilisha but her going after a black man the first day definitely rubbed me the wrong way.. then she started drama for no reason with Savannah who actually liked her.
06 May, 08:02 AM UTC
Not Terilisha...the way her and Savannah would still be here if she just LEFT IT ALONE... https://t.co/2iDJBD2yzW
06 May, 07:56 AM UTC
This is an Airfryer Stan Account
Terilisha such a damn liar fr. If I was Savannah I'd beat her ass one time
06 May, 07:44 AM UTC
I don’t give af about what y’all gotta say that terilisha girl is trash #TheCircleNetflix
06 May, 07:28 AM UTC
J Sole
@hamazonswine I mean Terilisha/Khat Bryant but they were the best out of what they had at the end.
06 May, 07:28 AM UTC
Basement Pretzel's Waldain
06 May, 07:15 AM UTC
And I’m fending terilisha till the end bro bc those bitches did her fucking DIRTY.
06 May, 07:12 AM UTC