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Maryland Basketball
It ends at the buzzer. An absolute battle. Will never hang our heads. [ Final ] #3 LSU 69, #6 #Terps 67 #FearTheTurtle Maryland Basketball's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 06:36 PM UTC
Maryland Basketball
The round of 32! 🏀: #6 #Terps vs. #3 LSU ⏰: 12:10pm 📺: CBS #FearTheTurtle | #MarchMadness Maryland Basketball's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
Maryland Women’s Basketball
We'll see you Monday night! FINAL | No. 3 #Terps 73, No. 14 Radford 51 #FearTheTurtle Maryland Women’s Basketball's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 04:59 PM UTC
Barstool UMD
“I love them. They made coaching fun again.” We give Turgeon a lot of shit, but Terps fans should be proud of what he did with this team this year. Now let’s go to Bents ❤️🐢 Barstool UMD's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 09:04 PM UTC
Tiger Nation— In Jacksonville, our front lines started strong. The Terps changed strategy midway through the battle and our men struggled. We regrouped and our leaders delivered. As always our Tigers used each other and collectively the enemy’s shells collapsed. #bootup GW
23 Mar, 06:37 PM UTC
Justin Fenton
Every Terps game Justin Fenton's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 06:03 PM UTC
Lila Bromberg
Maryland basketball took the NCAA Tournament loss to LSU hard, especially freshman Jalen Smith. The Terps crawled back after being down by nine at halftime, but LSU nailed a shot in the final seconds to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Shot for @TestudoTimes. https://t.co/YlkD3Jlf7f
23 Mar, 06:44 PM UTC
Mark Viviano
Since Turgeon was “Twitter fired” after the loss to Nebraska, only fair to give him credit for going to zone to erase 15 point deficit vs LSU. Terps lost a great game by 2 pts. That’s sports. That’s #MarchMadness 🏀
23 Mar, 06:46 PM UTC
Juan Jose
SE ROBARON TODO....escucha CABEZA de TERMO #MacricidioDia1200 #MacriNuncaMas #24MPorLaMemoria #MemoriaVerdadYJusticia #BuenSabado Pirlo #InAWorldWithNoTwitter #Caturday Terps Naz Reid #MDvsLSU #AskNav #CSKvRCB #PeoplesVoteMarch Juan Jose's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 06:51 PM UTC
Maryland Lacrosse
FINAL | TERPS WIN! Make it THREE wins in a row for the #Terps as they handle UNC! #BeTheBest Maryland Lacrosse's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:05 PM UTC
Dan Kolko
Aaron Wiggins almost single-handedly kept the Terps in the game in the first half. He was their offense. I do not understand why he isn’t on the floor to open the second half.
23 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
Terps lose.... 69 to 67 to LSU. Terps with a great comeback effort but fall short. Season over for the Terps.
23 Mar, 06:27 PM UTC
Maryland Lacrosse
Anthony DeMaio with the swim moves ‼️ Career-high in points for the sophomore with 5 (4G, 1A) ! Q4 2:34 | #Terps 16, UNC 9 #BeTheBest Maryland Lacrosse's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 09:59 PM UTC
Reese Waters
Reading tweets how good the game was that your team lost #Terps Reese Waters's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
Maryland Lacrosse
Lou are you serious??? Dubick takes an absolute SHOT on the skip pass from Long but still puts it away! Q2 0:19 | #Terps 11, UNC 3 Maryland Lacrosse's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC
NBC4 Sports
March Sadness: #Terps coach Mark Turgeon on what he told his team after their season ending loss to LSU: “That I love ‘em...they made coaching fun again.” NBC4 Sports's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 08:02 PM UTC
Don Markus
As expected, both sophomore center Bruno Fernando and freshman forward Jalen Smith were non-committal about turning pro, but Stix might have put himself back in the conversation after his performance in the NCAA tournament. Terps are still hopeful Smith returns.
23 Mar, 08:29 PM UTC
Aaron Torres
Know it's not what Maryland fans want to hear right now, but Terps could legit return their whole team expect Bruno Fernando next year. If everyone else comes back - as they should - the Terps should start next season in the Top 15. LOT of talent on that roster. Future is bright
23 Mar, 07:00 PM UTC
Juan Jose
+testimonios q demuestran que TN-CLARÍN se merecen un premio NOBEL x CREAR UNA NUEVA RAZA #MacricidioDia1200 #MacriNuncaMas #24MPorLaMemoria #MemoriaVerdadYJusticia #BuenSabado Pirlo #InAWorldWithNoTwitter #Caturday Terps Naz Reid #MDvsLSU #AskNav #CSKvRCB #PeoplesVoteMarch Juan Jose's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
Maryland Lacrosse
Another one! DeMaio goes top corner this time for his 2nd straight goal . Q1 5:20 | #Terps 2, UNC 1 Maryland Lacrosse's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Maryland Lacrosse
Did someone day first quarter hat trick??? DeMaio scores his third of the day in barely 10 minutes and the #Terps lead by 2! Q1 4:32 | #Terps 3, UNC 1 Maryland Lacrosse's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 08:21 PM UTC
Rick Snider
Disappointing, but Terps played a good game. One shot short, but heads held high.
23 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
NCAA Lacrosse
Anthony DeMaio with a sick shot for the Terps!!🥍 #NCAALAX (via @TerpsMLax) NCAA Lacrosse's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:08 PM UTC
US Lacrosse Magazine
Terps Rise to the Occasion. 🐢 Logan Wisnauskas tallies 4G, 4A to lead @TerpsMLax to the 16-9 win over @UNCMensLacrosse. US Lacrosse Magazine's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:22 PM UTC
T.J. McBride
What a deflating loss for the Terps. Brutal. Also, MADNESS BABY. I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR.
23 Mar, 06:28 PM UTC
UCLA W. Basketball
Up next 👉 Maryland Terps on Monday night 🏀 Game time TBA! #GoBruns | #ncaaW UCLA W. Basketball's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:40 PM UTC
Michelle Lim
I’m so tired of the Terps being out coached every.single.time.
23 Mar, 06:28 PM UTC
Testudo Times
From the excitement of the comeback to the tears after the last-second loss, @lilabbromberg has some incredible photos from an incredible game. https://t.co/rpuePdESrT
23 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
2 Dabz
i could honestly go the rest of my life without alcohol , but not terps.
23 Mar, 10:19 PM UTC
Scott Abraham
WATCH - "Everybody is going to feel bad if the game winning shot is on you" @TerrapinHoops freshman @JalenSmith2000 hard on himself after the game against LSU. But the Terps would not have been in that position to win without him. Bright future ahead! @KgriggsPhoto @ABC7News Scott Abraham's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:19 PM UTC
No oily residue, non carcinogenic, AND it completely eliminates the smell of smoke!💨 #SkunkDoctor #airfreshener #bodyspray #smokeodoreliminator . . #smoke #dank #stonernation #stoned #high #sativa #medicalmarijuana #terps #bud #indica #forza #shatter #ganjagirls SkunkDoctorUSA's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 11:00 PM UTC
Kevin Coleman
@InsideHoops Was a huge fan of Juan Dixon but his pro career never blew up. #FearTheTurtle #Terps
23 Mar, 10:37 PM UTC
2 Dabz
let’s dab some fucking terps
23 Mar, 10:18 PM UTC
Testudo Times
Last season, Maryland women’s lacrosse handed James Madison its only loss of the season, as the Dukes went on to win the national championship. The two teams match up in Harrisonburg tomorrow. https://t.co/v9rc6cqnmi
23 Mar, 11:00 PM UTC
Extract Consultants
Thank you #terpenes for adding great depth to the horticultural art & connoisseurship of #cannabis and most importantly, for your medical value! #TheMoreYouKnow #terpene #terps #extracts #marijuana #cbd #cbdoil https://t.co/uCntSI8nPp
23 Mar, 10:58 PM UTC
Mike Burke
The way it ended stinks (can’t use my real-life words on company account), and though it was maddening every step of the way (it’s @TerrapinHoops, it’s always maddening ... we’re used to it), #Terps had a pretty darn good year. The future is bright. #GoTerps #FearTheTurtle
23 Mar, 10:58 PM UTC
Chris Elcik
@Skee_Dubs @SportsTalkBarry The list of former Terps that fall under this category goes on and on (Greivis Vasquez and Juan Dixon being my big two)
23 Mar, 10:49 PM UTC
that girl who wears minnie ears
@christylynz I remember mocking seniors etc for not going off campus much but now I’m just trying to get as much time I can before I graduate 😭😭😭 Can do any job on campus nbd can talk to anybody no terps needed and just so much more ❤️
23 Mar, 10:36 PM UTC
NBC Sports Wizards
What's next for Maryland's Bruno Fernando? #Terps @BenStandig wrote about his NBA potential: https://t.co/fnXTlX011N
23 Mar, 10:33 PM UTC
Corey Johns
Not ditching the Terps, just already wore their shirt and they already played. Going out to watch more games, representing Auburn! Corey Johns's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
2 Dabz
terps on my feet, i am married to the streets
23 Mar, 10:11 PM UTC
2 Dabz
appreciate every dab of the terps
23 Mar, 10:22 PM UTC
willie mnatzakanian
@testudotimes @amyjenningsnews Bitter sweet, perhaps ! Just 2 days ago, Terps defended last possession, this time they didn't. Turgeon coached teams are fundamentally challenged and while turnovers were achilles heal much of the season, today it was missed free throws ! Will Cowan ever knock down shots again ?
23 Mar, 11:02 PM UTC
McKenzie Figur
Couldn’t have been prouder of my terps at the last game I’ll ever cheer ❤️🐢 https://t.co/YSfQ9f6rp1
23 Mar, 11:02 PM UTC
Jake Livingston
can’t remember why you were hired because it was so long ago/on the basis of nominal accomplishments such as takingTA&M to the sweet16. Something you now struggle to do with #terps @CoachTurgeon
23 Mar, 11:01 PM UTC
Kyle Phillips
The Maryland Terps got me in my feels today! Dicks
23 Mar, 11:00 PM UTC
Mitch Levine
Thanks for the season, @TerrapinHoops - we love you now and always. Let’s go lady terps? @PerryJGorelik Mitch Levine's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Marvin stoner
@EliteRob2914 Your killing me with that hop crap go terps
23 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Scott Kellenhan
Terps home now. Good run. It’s Orioles baseball time now. #Birdland
23 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
willie mnatzakanian
@AnnieYuTV Terps teams all year are fundamentally flawed, turnovers and missed FT"s, today it was missed FT's. All teams are young to start the season BUT after nearly 35 games , just an excuse ! Coaching, perhaps ! Good teams find a way, this team didn't !
23 Mar, 10:57 PM UTC
fred bowden
@Josh_Stirn Love @JalenSmith2000. Shows a lot of character for a freshman to be accountable like that. Definitely not his fault. It’s a team game in the end and I’m proud for their effort and to be a Terps fan. Blame NEVER starts with the players at the D-1 or pro level.
23 Mar, 10:55 PM UTC
@john_fowler_jd All the terps in John Guy and Wappa
23 Mar, 10:54 PM UTC
All terps some of yall life on boof🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/kjzYweoByW
23 Mar, 10:53 PM UTC
Kevin Grace
Well Terps let one get away and are bounced out of NCAA #MarchMadness . Seems like the Lady Terps are always better and go further #Terps #maryland
23 Mar, 10:52 PM UTC
Chris Barron
Tough end to the season, proud of the Terps. Fought all the way to the end. https://t.co/ccjNEJ5xPd
23 Mar, 10:49 PM UTC
Lamont Young Sr.
As tough as it was to root against my hometown #terps I had #LSU winning in my brackets. Shout to UMD on a great game but thanks #Tigers for keeping me in 1st place. Let’s go #FSU https://t.co/bxZqqkrSMo
23 Mar, 10:47 PM UTC
@adamlongoTV @wusa9 I'm sick too for the Terps lost!
23 Mar, 10:46 PM UTC
OG Khush
@MMPconnect Now that cannabis is "legal" he feels the need to stick up for his friend smoking garbage weed back in the day that made him paranoid for life. All hearsay with no actually evidence of plant cultivar or terps involved no names of people given. This is called reckless journalism
23 Mar, 10:46 PM UTC
@TerrapinHoops Would love to see Maryland Family shirts. Love you Terps! ❤️❤️
23 Mar, 10:43 PM UTC
Mikesell hits a milestone as well balanced Terps advance https://t.co/g4rEOVBuAc #NCAAW MyMindOnSports's photo on Terps
23 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
@Magic20099 Too bad the #Terps lost, I didn't get to watch but I heard they battled LSU!
23 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
Joey Flyntz
Now that I've cleared my head a little, my final thoughts on the #Terps: I'm incredibly sad for the players more than I am angry or sad for me. r than Cowan, every player on the team is extremely likable and a credit to the university. They didn't quit and they deserved to win.
23 Mar, 10:41 PM UTC
Proud of these terps and proud to have a coach who cares so deeply about every player. I know that Bruno will be awesome at the next level - and cant for these guys and the recruits to play again. https://t.co/2OwrS5VP20
23 Mar, 10:39 PM UTC
Funky Flood
Could not have been said better. #Terps #FearTheTurtle https://t.co/N4KsMFrzyy
23 Mar, 10:38 PM UTC
@Jeff_Ermann @Josh_Stirn A great effort - proud of every terps player. One bounce in a different direction and its a win. Cant wait till next season @TerrapinHoops
23 Mar, 10:36 PM UTC
Scott Camp
@bomani_jones The 1974 Maryland Terps @notthefakeSVP who lost to N.C. State in the ACC Conference finals or the UCLA team that lost to N.C State in the NCAA finals @BillWalton
23 Mar, 10:33 PM UTC
Henry Malone
Good news! Maryland sports won in something today, as men’s lacrosse defeated UNC 16-9. https://t.co/JFewajP6dr
23 Mar, 10:33 PM UTC
Jessica Ennis
Impressed by both #terps basketball teams today. #MarchMadness
23 Mar, 10:32 PM UTC
Loved it when Charles Barkley, in the midst of giving a shout out to #Maryland’s Coach Mark Turgeon, noticed the footage of the Terps consoling one another after the buzzer and interrupted himself to say, “I hate to see these young kids cry....” #B1G #MarchMadness
23 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
Lila Bromberg
Today was a tough loss for Maryland basketball in the NCAA Tournament, but I still had an awesome experience covering my first March Madness this week. Check out my best photos from the Terps’ defeat to LSU in the Round of 32. https://t.co/mlUVpxYVld
23 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
Anita Bose
So so sad about the Terps.... In other news, my bracket’s completely shot... #marchmadness
23 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
@Nats_Terps @MarkZuckerman And takes bat out of Soto’s hands! Turner will steal 15 bases this year or Soto will have 100+ walks and season rest in hands of Zimmerman at 5. Back to bomb or bust baseball! No running Kevin Long said we don’t run we swing for fences
23 Mar, 10:27 PM UTC

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