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Jay King
The way Terry Rozier has been talking on ESPN, it's more clear than ever that the Celtics' issues ran DEEP.
14 May, 03:36 PM UTC
Bleacher Report NBA
Terry Rozier says Kyrie is a great leader but “whatever Kyrie wants done...that's what he wants done,” per @GetUpESPN Bleacher Report NBA's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 01:34 PM UTC
Stank Was Right...
This basically is Terry Rozier’s mood now: Stank Was Right...'s photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 04:55 PM UTC
The Shadow League
Here's Terry Rozier not holding back on his future with the Celtics 👀 📹 @chrisgrenham The Shadow League's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 04:50 PM UTC
NBA Central
Looks like Terry Rozier doesn’t plan on staying in Boston (@FirstTake ) NBA Central's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 03:46 PM UTC
Max Kellerman: "You were a good team not a great one. How much is a result of Kyrie, how much is a result of the young guys not adjusting properly to Kyrie, or is it a Gordon Hayward issue?" Terry Rozier's answer: 69's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 03:29 PM UTC
Kevin O'Connor
@ByJayKing Time of possession per game Terry Rozier: 3.7 minutes Gordon Hayward 2 minutes Touches per game Rozier: 51.9 Hayward: 45.5
14 May, 03:27 PM UTC
Tim Killian
With Terry Rozier all but gone, the Celtics need a backup Point Guard. I wonder who's available... Tim Killian's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 04:51 PM UTC
All Terry Rozier did was make me sympathize with Kyrie a bit. That backup was the delusional guy who chose to never buy in or look at himself and see how he could best impact winning.
14 May, 04:25 PM UTC
The Undefeated
Terry Rozier sets the record straight on playing with Kyrie. (via @GetUpESPN) The Undefeated's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 03:02 PM UTC
Brian Robb
Someone might want to show Terry Rozier his playoff stats (team-worst 32% FG, 23% 3-pt, third highest usage rate among regulars) before his next interview.
14 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Treon Greyjoy
Terry Rozier got us to the ECF & y’all hate him but not Kyrie? Treon Greyjoy's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 04:51 PM UTC
Ahmed/Plz Watch Doom Patrol
Terry Rozier is on a press run calling the Celtics trash Ahmed/Plz Watch Doom Patrol's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 05:11 PM UTC
Tucker Boynton
FYI, Terry Rozier attempted 31 more field goals than Gordon Hayward despite the fact that Hayward played almost 100 more minutes than Rozier.
14 May, 04:29 PM UTC
Adam Kaufman
In just a few mins on @espn today, Terry Rozier has called out Brad Strevens, talked about how difficult it is to play with Kyrie Irving, and reiterated how much he went thru this year and why he doesn’t want to be back with #Celtics in similar situation. This serves no purpose.
14 May, 03:26 PM UTC
Keith Smith
Terry Rozier has made it pretty clear today he doesn't want to be back with the Celtics, especially if they run back a lot of the same roster. It's understandable, but it's not a great look to be this public about things. Just handle your business without all the statements.
14 May, 03:21 PM UTC
Sopan Deb
terry rozier out here burning more bridges than queen daenerys
14 May, 04:34 PM UTC
Hoop Central
The Knicks might show interest in Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier in Free Agency, per @ASherrodblakely.
14 May, 09:39 PM UTC
Darren Hartwell
Terry Rozier just now on @FirstTake about the sacrifices he made this season: "The ball in was either Kyrie or Gordon Hayward's hands most of the time. So, I feel like Terry Rozier is just in the corner or on the bench."
14 May, 03:06 PM UTC
Terry Rozier on ESPN today like Mike's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 05:33 PM UTC
Ben Stinar
I love Terry Rozier Ben Stinar's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 03:31 PM UTC
Terry Rozier on Get Up, First Take, NFL Live, Outside The Lines, Around The Horn, DLHQ, High Noon and Baseball Tonight. Kofie's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 08:47 PM UTC
Jared Weiss
I like how Terry Rozier knows that you need to use matching rights to leverage a bigger contract as an RFA and he’s like “nah F that I’ma keep it real.”
14 May, 03:40 PM UTC
Celtão Brasil 🇧🇷
Terry Rozier: "Eu sacrifiquei o meu talento jogando ao lado de Kyrie Irving e Gordon Hayward." Todo mundo: Celtão Brasil 🇧🇷's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 07:11 PM UTC
Lewis Allen
Danny Ainge when Terry Rozier returns to the Celtics headquarters.... Lewis Allen's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 06:28 PM UTC
Dan Greenberg
It still has me confused how Rozier talked about Hayward's usage being too much despite him ranking 7th in usage of the 7 players who averaged at least 18 minutes a night in the playoffs (Terry 3rd)
14 May, 09:49 PM UTC
Rich Keefe
Terry Rozier in Game 7 of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals: 2-14 FG 0-10 3PT 4 points
14 May, 09:19 PM UTC
Three Eyed Raisin
Terry Rozier to the Celtics offense all year especially in the third quarter Three Eyed Raisin's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 06:53 PM UTC
Savage Boston Sports 🇺🇸🍀
Terry Rozier was the worst player on the Celtics this year, and has the balls to come out right after the season and bitch. Hilarious
14 May, 07:29 PM UTC
☘Keisha Lambright☘
Terry Rozier can take his disappearing, lack of basketball having IQ, locker room killing, no shot making, lazy on defense, need to be #15 riding bench self the HECK OUT OF BOSTON! I don't want to EVER hear how he represents being a Celtic. Selfish...selfish selfish! ☘Keisha Lambright☘'s photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 01:38 PM UTC
@FirstTake @T_Rozzay3 Terry Rozier walking out of ESPN HQ earlier today....... Top$$helf🍸's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 05:58 PM UTC
NBA Buckets
Terry Rozier was as inefficient as it gets and as dumb as it gets this season and made no contribution in his minutes off the bench this season other than blowing leads and taking bad shots
14 May, 04:50 PM UTC
Lifelong Orlando Magic Fan
I'm not saying that he's right, but Terry Rozier believes in himself. He had some really stand out games in the playoffs against the same guy who shut Kyrie down this year, and he wants to be a lead guard. The confidence it takes to be a pro athlete can be a double-edged sword.
14 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Baseline Hoops
How quickly these Celtics fans have turned on Terry Rozier Lets not forget he was a key component in getting the Celtics to the ECF in 2018...
14 May, 06:29 PM UTC
Since Terry Rozier wanna live in the past...here's a friendly reminder 2Libras's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 09:23 PM UTC
Heart of NBA
Terry Rozier asked if he would want to return if Boston kept the exact same team next year: "nah I might have to go" Heart of NBA's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 11:08 PM UTC
yea no terry rozier slander not after gordon hayward just pulled the biggest finesse in history
14 May, 11:07 PM UTC
Rashaan Josey
I’ve been busy all day and just saw the Terry Rozier comments. Wow. You really hate to C a teammate do that. Rashaan Josey's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 11:10 PM UTC
D Lo
@eldonjavier8 @PekJorkins @nihilist_bucks “Talking 2018, keep up. Your star player got outplayed by Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown.” “I said he got cocky.” Damn you’re stupid
14 May, 11:10 PM UTC
Terry Rozier has all my support and respect coming in to the season whether he ends up in another team or stays in bostob, huge statements exposing the celtics' real locker room situation and how their talents are sacrificed for the 'greater good' of the franchise.
14 May, 11:10 PM UTC
Dom K
The Suns better pick up Terry Rozier II
14 May, 11:09 PM UTC
Idk why mafuckas are coming for Terry Rozier.. he was asked a series of questions and he gave it to them straight ... no sugar coat, cherries or nothing.. the world could learn a thing or two from blood
14 May, 11:08 PM UTC
😂when it's terry rozier it's keeping it real but yall criticized kyrie for the same shit.
14 May, 11:16 PM UTC
el gonzo
Papi Terry Rozier la cagó hoy
14 May, 11:15 PM UTC
🌐 Bevin Gates
Terry Rozier woke up and said fuck it lol
14 May, 11:15 PM UTC
@SavageBoston yall boston fans in yall feelings over a man keeping it real ? i guarantee if terry was starting yall wouldnt have lost to the bucks 4-1. all kyrie worry about is his shot. Rozier does the little things and the big things smh if yall smart trade kyrie and keep him
14 May, 11:15 PM UTC
Front Page Buzz
Terry Rozier Was Very Candid About His Situation With The Celtics... https://t.co/8h7ZQlYqpn ..
14 May, 11:15 PM UTC
Terry Rozier is just loving the spotlight...a little too much
14 May, 11:15 PM UTC
Seth Walker
Terry Rozier reminds me a lot of when Lance Stephenson became a free agent and everyone thought the Hornets were getting a steal... lol https://t.co/XaAE6VsAha
14 May, 11:13 PM UTC
macc buddHa ㄣ⃒
gimme terry rozier and lets move dlo to the 2 pls
14 May, 11:13 PM UTC
Damnn even if true, that was a bad look for Terry Rozier 😬
14 May, 11:13 PM UTC
Terry Rozier just a Kris Dunn that kno Tom Brady
14 May, 11:12 PM UTC
Son Periyot
🗣️ Terry Rozier: #NBA "Bu sene çok fazla şeye katlanmak zorunda kaldım. Sezonun sonunda da söyleyeceğimi söyledim. Şans bulacağım bir takım istiyorum. Celtics de olur, başka bir takım da." Son Periyot's photo on Terry Rozier
14 May, 11:11 PM UTC
Brandon the Sad Hornets Fan
@brkicks @BleacherReport @ZionW32 Why is terry rozier the one for puma
14 May, 11:11 PM UTC
Terry Rozier has literally zero value in Free Agency right now
14 May, 11:11 PM UTC
Do ya get me?
Terry Rozier is not about to be pegged as the selfish guy who was trying to sabotage Kyrie all season when he straight up said that was their best player & he was gonna step back from the jump. Kyrie is the one who chose to make cryptic comments all season & act flaky #Celtics
14 May, 11:11 PM UTC
sperry springer📼
I want the bulls or Mavericks to sign Terry Rozier🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
14 May, 11:10 PM UTC
Terry Rozier asked if he would want to return if Boston kept the exact same team next year: "nah I might have to go" via /r/nba https://t.co/jYIQwOjOEM
14 May, 11:10 PM UTC
Josh Liddle
Terry Rozier will be a RFA this summer. Haven't heard his name come up in connection with the Jazz- incredible defender that led the Celtics to the conference finals, averaging 16.5 ppg last year. He's a big fan of @spidadmitchell too. Love to see it! #LouisvilleStars
14 May, 11:09 PM UTC
Celtics Off Szn, What's Next? 🏀☘
Today should b classified as a "If I Had To Do It All Over Again..." type of day for Terry Rozier.
14 May, 11:09 PM UTC
Jeremy Carpenter
Jaylen brown > Terry Rozier https://t.co/2XSi4zMICe
14 May, 11:09 PM UTC
Terry rozier is just going to be Reggie jackson V2 😐
14 May, 11:07 PM UTC
I can’t be mad at anything Terry Rozier has been saying..... I bet he genuinely thinks the Celtics were better without Kyrie, and Kyrie minimized his impact causing him to lose millions of dollars this offseason.
14 May, 11:07 PM UTC