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febre amar ela 𓆏
“ela é demais para você” eu: @brusnos's photo on Teske
12 Jan, 01:41 AM UTC
Michael Spath
Certainly it's frustrating that Juwan Howard won't double an opponent's best player, but that's no excuse for Jon Teske to play defense like he's not even on the court.
12 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
Wolverine Coverage
Last season I was convinced Teske was the best defensive big in the country. What happened?
12 Jan, 07:05 PM UTC
Milena Rajkovic Conic
Pojedinci , pristalice SzS, postaju iz dana u dan sve obuzetiji mrznjom, koja ih izjeda sve vise I vise. Ne prezaju ni od boga, a ni od najvece ljudske svetinje DECE. Ocito da MRZNJA poprima simptome teske BOLESTI!
12 Jan, 01:18 PM UTC
Tim McCormick
Opposing big men have averaged 29 & 10 in Big 10 games vs Michigan. Jon Teske needs help. A good idea is to occasionally send a double team off the weakest Gopher shooter on Oturu’s 1st dribble. Offer the element of surprise & free Teske to rebound & play with more confidence.
12 Jan, 02:46 PM UTC
Wolverine Coverage
The Lineup of Franz, Teske, Brooks, Zavier, & DeJulius played the last 21 minutes against Purdue. They won that game for UM. Juwan did not go to that lineup 1 time in the 1st half today. Instead we got a good dose of Nunez, Castleton, & Davis. Can someone explain that to me?
12 Jan, 06:45 PM UTC
Michigan Men's Basketball
Minnesota ends the half on a 9-0 run but #GoBlue maintains its lead, 31-30, on the strength of 6 triples. Leading Scorers: Teske 7⃣ Wagner 7⃣ Simpson 6⃣ @umichbball's photo on Teske
12 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC
I miss the old Teske Protect the the hole Teske
12 Jan, 07:23 PM UTC
Big Ten Network
Best part of this @umichbball highlight? A. Jon Teske's dime B. Eli Brooks' finish @BigTenNetwork's photo on Teske
12 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
Maize n Brew
The small lineup is in and once again probably should be the one that finishes out the game. Simpson, DeJulius, Brooks, Wagner, Teske
12 Jan, 07:35 PM UTC
Orion Sang
Michigan's small lineup is going to have a chance to tip the game in its favor here. Simpson, Brooks, DDJ, Wagner, Teske.
12 Jan, 07:33 PM UTC
Dylan Burkhardt
Really bad foul there by Jon Teske gambling for a steal. That's his fourth and Minnesota will shoot 1+1.
12 Jan, 07:39 PM UTC
Andrew Kahn
Well, here is the lineup that closed the Purdue game: Simpson, DeJulius, Brooks, Wagner, and Teske with just under 7 minutes left and the game tied.
12 Jan, 07:37 PM UTC
Matthew Way
Teske's becoming visibly frustrated by the way he's officiated. Can't say I blame him, he's taking pretty regular elbows to move him out of position.
12 Jan, 07:23 PM UTC
i onda kažu žene teške a ovaj debil pola sata bira koju će pjesmu da stavi na story dok vozi auto https://t.co/vELPHIsGif
12 Jan, 08:33 PM UTC
Milina Hidanović
Republika Srpska je obezbedila opstanak i ostanak Srba u BiH. Hvala Bogu za Dejtonski Sporazum posle teške borbe. Nek nam je srećna naša Srpska. #HitTvit @avucic
12 Jan, 08:38 PM UTC
Matt Cypher
@umichbball Teske should be embarrassed by his recent performance...soft!
12 Jan, 08:00 PM UTC
Miloš Žmukić
U vreme vlasti sadašnje opozicije CG i KiM su proglasili nezavisnost. Dok je ta banda bila na vlasti, Srbija i srpstvo su doživljavali teške poraze. #HitTvit @avucic #Vucic
12 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Manga Purist
Would you believe someone tried to tell me Teske was the best player in the Big Ten 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂 https://t.co/5PrTGLBCpp
12 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC
@ItsAntWright Because one team was allowed to foul. Hold teske in the paint and the obvious walk on oturu that some how turned into free throws
12 Jan, 08:13 PM UTC
Marcus Gibson
@MetaWootenPeace This Teske thinks he plays shooting guard and is extra soft, two fouls on reach in fouls to players under 6’3”!! Wagner is also soft but he is at least a freshman!
12 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Scott Stasak
@SamWebb77 Teske is getting eaten alive, need to double. Brooks is stealing DDJ’s shots, their minutes need to be flipped!
12 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
Michigan Forever
@Schro4Blue Horrendous officiating....but we missed every open shot...and Teske keeps getting torched for career highs...I love the guy but we gotta start double teaming...and forcing shots....and Brooks has just been embarrassing....said since day 1 hes not a starter...gotta fix a lot
12 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Opposing teams are very much taking an NBA approach v Michigan in attacking a known weakness displayed on film. Its up to Coach Howard/staff to change the approach v post iso to the extent opposing teams no longer hunt our post D. It’s pretty clear Teske has taken a step back.
12 Jan, 08:21 PM UTC
Dean Neamos
@ItsAntWright Literally next play Teske manhandled and no call. Hubbell even commented. Happened throughout the game.
12 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC
@ItsAntWright Clear walk on oturu then he turns around and grabs teske under the rim and it's not called 19 fouls on Michigan 7 on Minnesota 6 free throws for Michigan 27 for Minnesota
12 Jan, 08:17 PM UTC
@Bojana E ne znam, moze biti svasta - oni tokom noci prozivljavaju neke teske situacije tokom dana koje su se desile, ja npr ako vicem na Emu, ona ce sigurno tokom noci da njuci ili cvili
12 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Michigan Forever
@Schro4Blue Terrible terrible terrible game.....so much they need to fix and work on...Brooks shouldn't be starting...Teske needs to work on his feet and anticipating plays....and stop with dumb fouls...and for the love of god hit open shots....love this team...but we gotta be better
12 Jan, 08:09 PM UTC
Angel Rivas
@MichaelSpathITH He’s going to have to change that strategy some on the road. Refs will always find a way to call BS fouls one on one on Teske while allowing the home team bigs to play physical. Happens every year, it’s like watching replays constantly on road games.
12 Jan, 08:06 PM UTC
@Crankit11 @blackc487 In a 2 minute shift in the first half Oturu scored 7 points on Davis. Teske gave up points but even without help it’s not like all 30 were on him. You could see how much easier it was for Oturu to score on our backups.
12 Jan, 08:05 PM UTC

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