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Tessa Violet
tweet a photo of your Games Presave (and which playlist you added it to) with the hashtag #TessaGames and Ill pick one person to send the vinyl of the ACT I EP vinyl to! i’ll pick someone later tonight :) link to presave here: https://t.co/K6l8w46Tmr https://t.co/e5gdANXrRp
10 Sep, 10:14 PM UTC
Lena 🌻
all my playlists are named with emojis πŸ˜… this is my favourite playlist it basically has all of the music from my fave artists such as tessa violet (hopefully ur reading this), dodie, orla, conan, cavetown, mxmtoon, chloe moriondo, girl in red & more #TessaGames https://t.co/BovcikPySK
10 Sep, 10:21 PM UTC
Pre-save GAMES by @TessaViolet on spotify now!! It comes out this month and it sounds amazing!! #TessaGames https://t.co/tTLfrSMfYJ
10 Sep, 10:39 PM UTC
olivia ✰ dodie today!
i added it to my current favorites playlist bc i already know it’s gonna be a BOP @TessaViolet #TessaGames https://t.co/xJLoNdeaxL
10 Sep, 10:31 PM UTC
#tessagames y'all better presave this or else https://t.co/2WwALeGfSx
10 Sep, 10:19 PM UTC
⎊ Shibi saw Spiderman FFH⎊
Hi uwu #TessaGames πŸ’« https://t.co/wVedusSpj1
10 Sep, 11:48 PM UTC
hearing this song performed live was one of my favourite moments ever, i'm so excited for everyone else to hear it!! #tessagames https://t.co/zZOw7JJXFw
10 Sep, 11:11 PM UTC
Jake Likes (the idea of) Food
#TessaGames Tessa I can't wait until Games and the full album come out, I'm so hyped. Thank you for everything you do! https://t.co/MoU3ifxKiZ
10 Sep, 11:08 PM UTC
ben []
#TessaGames presaved this song to the most suitable playlist https://t.co/jDvUBSmGI9
10 Sep, 10:56 PM UTC
Pearl Sanchez
So ready, this is gonna be on replay 25/8!! Gonna be a BOP! https://t.co/z8sW0BfmyV… Definitely PRE-SAVE GAMES OR ELSE. 🀑🀑🀑 @TessaViolet #TessaGames https://t.co/aPzR9zOv0A
10 Sep, 10:38 PM UTC
liv wants games
I don't play around when it comes to presaving πŸ‘€ #TessaGames https://t.co/dbbKPjpAdc
10 Sep, 10:33 PM UTC
#TessaGames @TessaViolet are indirects still a thing Tessa Violet? Lmao https://t.co/vCazcOLjqX
10 Sep, 10:29 PM UTC
paeton wants games
@TessaViolet added to my september playlist because i already know it’s gonna be one of my favorite songs released this month πŸ₯° #TessaGames https://t.co/5KNnbfFw2y
10 Sep, 10:24 PM UTC
gentleman phie || 32 || 33 || 60 || 66 || 100
#TessaGames @TessaViolet i will noT shut up about this goddam song my friends are getting mad and i haven’t even heard it yet 😬😬😬 https://t.co/7ogCBsPAUZ
10 Sep, 10:22 PM UTC
#TessaGames @TessaViolet can't wait πŸ’• (presaved it on both of my spotify accounts I hope you are proud) https://t.co/Fyje3nbCbN
10 Sep, 10:22 PM UTC
Vicky Zeng
@TessaViolet Done xx πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–would love to listen to your EP on vinyl tessa😘😘😘 #tessagames https://t.co/J50bgqnBYp
10 Sep, 10:19 PM UTC
Noah πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™
I love all of Tessa's songs I saved games to my favs playlist and Tessa playlist #TessaGames https://t.co/7bGtRHovc2
10 Sep, 11:43 PM UTC
jasmine wants games || LT MUSICAL πŸ”œ
@TessaViolet #TessaGames
10 Sep, 11:37 PM UTC
@TessaViolet i already added it to my favorites playlist but it belongs here too #TessaGames !!! https://t.co/8BYFCXg0dX
10 Sep, 11:20 PM UTC

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