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Texans PR
#Texans QB @deshaunwatson has now become the first player in NFL history to surpass 9,000 career passing yards and 1,000 career rushing yards in his first 36 career games. #DENvsHOU
08 Dec, 06:08 PM UTC
Ryan Talbot
The #Bills proved that they can hang with the AFC's best team in the #Ravens, something the #Patriots and #Texans couldn't do. It doesn't mean anything in terms of the playoff race, but it's something.
08 Dec, 09:13 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
#Texans WR Will Fuller (hamstring) is not expected to play today, source said. They’ll miss him today.
08 Dec, 09:07 AM UTC
#Texans look like a complete mess. Embarrassing look.
08 Dec, 07:53 PM UTC
Houston Texans
.@Thebeast_ufc is reppin’ #Texans all day, every day. #WeAreTexans | #DENvsHOU @HoustonTexans's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 05:44 PM UTC
#Texans have 31 put up on them in the first half. THIRTY-ONE
08 Dec, 07:27 PM UTC
Brian T. Smith
Maybe more #Texans fans would attend home games if the roof was open on a great weather day.
08 Dec, 06:21 PM UTC
Texans PR
#Texans QB @deshaunwatson has now recorded 6 rushing TDs this season, a single-season Texans record for a quarterback. #DENvsHOU @TexansPR's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 08:33 PM UTC
Mark Berman
.@deshaunwatson spends a few minutes pregame with Daylon Watkins from Chicago. The #Texans and @MakeAWish made it happen. https://t.co/xYeZlF4rtV
08 Dec, 05:11 PM UTC
Texans PR
#Texans TE @DarrenFells has now set a new single-season career high in receiving yards (311 in 2015). Fells has already set career highs in every other receiving category this season, including receptions and touchdowns. #DENvsHOU
08 Dec, 06:06 PM UTC
When asked about the lack of consistency. OB said that was “fair criticism”. Mentioned it was a reflection of him as a head coach. #Texans
08 Dec, 09:37 PM UTC
🏈RT & FOLLOW @PlayLine! If @deshaunwatson throws more than 3 TOUCHDOWNS against the @Broncos , one of you get a 🔥 HOPKINS @HoustonTexans JERSEY🔥 #FantasyFootball #DFS #Texans #Jersey #NFL ⭐️$50,000 GTD + $10,000 to 1st Place + $1,000,000 PLB =💰 👇🏾 @PlayLine on Texans">https://t.co/KHJjI7gk6u @PlayLine's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 04:57 PM UTC
Dale Robertson
Until Drew Lock showed up in Houston Sunday, never in the century-old NFL had a rookie quarterback thrown for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in his first road start. Nice job, #Texans
08 Dec, 10:05 PM UTC
Michael Evans
Ron Rivera is out of a job but Bill O’Brien still has one, SMH #Texans
08 Dec, 08:28 PM UTC
The Bishop
A legendary pilot was honored at the #Texans game today. General Chuck Yeager, the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound. #khou #HTownRush @BillBishopKHOU's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 08:30 PM UTC
Texans PR
#Texans WR @DeAndreHopkins has now recorded 150 first down receptions on 3rd or 4th down in his NFL career, which leads the NFL since 2013. #DENvsHOU @TexansPR's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 06:40 PM UTC
Alzheimer's Assoc.
#Texans @GregoryCG8 raised awareness of Alzheimer's and all dementia on the field today in honor of his dad and grandfather. Thank you, Buddy, for your support! #ENDALZ #MyCauseMyCleats https://t.co/IqMclvoSfO
08 Dec, 11:03 PM UTC
Texans Thoughts
Prediction for #Texans v Broncos 27-13 Texans W Definitely a trap game where we can’t underestimate them. But if we play like I think we should, this game shouldn’t be close. We’re the better team. Force rookie QB Drew Lock into turnovers and let the offense take advantage.
08 Dec, 02:25 AM UTC
The Texans in Nashville next Sunday. Let's go! #Texans #Titans
08 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
Brian T. Smith
Every time you start to believe, the #Texans remind you how hard it can be to be a Texans fan. Their latest costume trick: Dressing up as a joke at home in Week 14. https://t.co/mOyY14psT0 #NFL
08 Dec, 11:41 PM UTC
Stealing wins since 2017
How did the #Texans beat the Patriots?
08 Dec, 06:47 PM UTC
“It was an avalanche that we couldn't stop.” Bill O’Brien. #Texans https://t.co/8VNiq92eJE
08 Dec, 11:05 PM UTC
State of the Texans
#Texans Laremy Tunsil Believes There is a "Target" On His Back and the Reason for His False Starts @SOTTexans on Texans">https://t.co/clX5avx5KP via @SOTTexans
08 Dec, 11:30 PM UTC
John Glennon
Not much of a statement day for AFC South so far today, as #Texans, #Colts and #Jags go 0-for-3 and get outscored 114-69.
08 Dec, 11:27 PM UTC
Matt Musil
#KHOU11 Former #Texans CB/SS Kareem Jackson talks about his special return to NRG Stadium ... where he spent his entire NFL career ... before signing with the #Broncos this past offseason .... @KHOUSportsMatt's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 11:01 PM UTC
Landry Locker
#Titans aren’t messing around. A few minutes away from being 6-1 with Tannehill as a starter and tied with the #Texans in the AFC South standings.
08 Dec, 11:48 PM UTC
Matt Musil
#KHOU11 #Texans react to their former teammate Kareem Jackson ... and his great performance today. (Fumble return for a score, an interception and a big hit on DeAndre Hopkins. ) @KHOUSportsMatt's photo on #Texans
08 Dec, 10:42 PM UTC
What @MikeBloomberg forgets is rest of country not as stupid as #NY. #Texans like our straws, big gulps, guns & oil rigs. #Landslide2020 https://t.co/84eEw9ByVF
08 Dec, 12:21 PM UTC
𝕃𝕦𝕧 𝕐𝕒 𝔹𝕝𝕦𝕖
Watch out #Texans here we come #Titans
08 Dec, 11:56 PM UTC
The CBS scroll says that Denver "stuns" the Texans. As a #Texans fan, I'm never stunned by any loss.
08 Dec, 11:28 PM UTC

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