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James Woods
Isn’t lying on a Texas bar application a violation of the law? Will she be disbarred and/or prosecuted? Asking for the Attorney General... https://t.co/tfmzH0yMLF
10 Feb, 11:21 PM UTC
Charlie Kirk
Did you know: Texas says it found 95,000 non-citizens on voter rolls; 58,000 have voted And the left says there is no voter fraud? 🤔
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
We’re on the verge of another shutdown and @realDonaldTrump is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on having a campaign rally in Texas tonight. More proof he’s the laziest and most corrupt president ever.
11 Feb, 03:56 PM UTC
Gabriel Guerra C
Muy buenos días a todos desde un país en el que nuestra clase política parece decidida a reconquistar Texas, un departamento a la vez.
11 Feb, 02:04 PM UTC
Karlous Miller
When ya baby momma send you a pic of ya son: Karlous Miller's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 04:27 PM UTC
Kimberly Guilfoyle
.@realDonaldTrump is bringing his message straight to the people of Texas! 👏 Everyone knows that Texas is Trump country and they know more than anyone that we need to BUILD THE WALL—they're even offering to help pay for it!! https://t.co/zfhPHPosYl
11 Feb, 06:56 PM UTC
Julián Castro
1 of 2/ My grandmother came to America through this border crossing at Eagle Pass, Texas in 1922. Don't believe the lies that @realDonaldTrump peddles tonight from El Paso. #NoBorderWall Julián Castro's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 06:22 PM UTC
Garrett Haake
O’Rourke is leaning hard on his social media following to try to build a massive crowd for tomorrow night’s rally. Drawing a bigger crowd than POTUS would be an awfully effective way to remind Democrats nationally why they liked a little-known Texas Rep. in the first place... https://t.co/4dDT6KAtX5
11 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Gamora🔥💖 #VoteOutHate 🇺🇸
We remember your Kavanaugh vote Sen. Collins Kavanaugh voted Thursday to let a Louisiana law take effect that would have left the state with just one physician allowed to perform abortions ― a law virtually identical to Texas anti-abortion law Supreme Court struck down in 2016
10 Feb, 11:47 PM UTC
Pres Trump is going to El Paso Texas tonight for his first rally of the year. Trump rally days are the best days. Pres Trump has some announcements to make about border security. Show Pres Trump your support. Tonight 9:00 EST Sher4Trump's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 05:59 PM UTC
texas patti
2 meetings today 1. @AVNMediaNetwork 2. @XBIZ :) 2020 can coming - yesterday, had a good meeting for my new project with @SteveHolmesPorn and @JoannaAngel Kiss Texas Patti ..., #simpleme #pattishot for sure an #ocgirl and #rlgirl @OCModeling @Reality_Lovers https://t.co/gmlnVHS1ME
11 Feb, 05:32 PM UTC
JamieR {🎗} Army Girl ⭐️⭐️⭐️
.INCREDIBLE! I wish there was a way to tell each Border control Officer and Police Officer how much I appreciate them! God Bless them and keep them safe. —Texas Police Form Wall of Cars To Help Border Patrol Stop Caravan And Dems Are Furious— Thank you! 🙏 https://t.co/3tSlTnSivb
11 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
Gerry Hamilton
For the stat guys...an interesting stat sent to me (not my research): Only three Power 5 programs haven't finished in the Final 4 of football (any poll), basketball (FF) and Baseball since beginning of WW2 Texas A&M #GigEm Texas Tech #WreckEm #Northwestern
11 Feb, 07:50 PM UTC
Donald Trump will hold a rally and be interviewed by Laura Ingraham in El Paso I don't know what Texas did to deserve this, but they don't need two more unlikable idiotic racists. They have Ted Cruz for God's sake, have some mercy.
11 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
Texas: rains twice and has 40F weather Texans: https://t.co/GbSg6bE6hw
11 Feb, 06:14 PM UTC
—Olga, recuérdame incluir en la declaración patrimonial mi departamento en Texas, por favor. — Con todo gusto, pero tú también recuérdame declarar el mío. — ¡Claro! Por cierto, tengo unas pastillas buenísimas para la memoria — ¿Cómo se llaman? — No me acuerdo... Magui's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 02:53 PM UTC
The Times of London
Reza Pahlavi, who was in Texas as an 18-year-old air cadet when his family lost its grip on power, says the mood of the country is as unhappy now as it was in the months leading to the Islamic Revolution https://t.co/nNf3XAzW8Y
11 Feb, 10:58 AM UTC
Attention Patriots 🇺🇸 The Absolute #BestPresidentEver Most Hardest Working President @realDonaldTrump Will Be In El Paso Texas Tonight 🇺🇸❤ #MAGA Trump Rally 9:00 pm Tonight #WeGotYour6 #Trump2020 Dawn #ISTANDWITHGENFLYNN 🌟🌟🌟's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 07:14 PM UTC
O'Rourke returns to the spotlight with President Trump in El Paso. You Mean!! Robert Francis O’ROURKE a Irish Catholic posing as a Hispanic. Does the Democrats party have any Real People in its Cabal... https://t.co/vIKXOCiqVx
11 Feb, 05:07 PM UTC
Democratic Coalition
"Trump is going to El Paso, Texas to create a circus of fear and paranoia, like he always does, to tell lies about the border and about immigration," the former San Antonio mayor @JulianCastro said. https://t.co/PtTDRJZ1IO #NoWall
11 Feb, 09:31 PM UTC
NBC News
President Trump and Beto O'Rourke are speaking less than half a mile from each other on Monday night. https://t.co/uyjlDATlWq
11 Feb, 09:36 PM UTC
Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 LiveStream ⭐⭐⭐
#Texas Patriots at @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Rally tonight in #ELPASO: BE LOUD BE HEARD #WWG1WGA Start the chant up: "DO IT Q - WE ARE WITH YOU!" #DoItQ #WRWY Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 LiveStream ⭐⭐⭐'s photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:15 PM UTC
Mauricio #CPT
ATENCIÓN. Lean la vulgar disimulación de transferir propiedades a los hijos, pero siendo ⁦@JimenezEspriu⁩ el dueño. Así es todo el putrefacto régimen del presidente corrupto y tramposo ⁦@lopezobrador_⁩. Corruptos #CPT #MexicoReflexivo https://t.co/uSJeFMTgxG
11 Feb, 07:34 PM UTC
@TheLeadCNN @jaketapper Actually the President’s claim is true: In 2009 a border wall/fence was completed in El Paso, Texas, latest data from 2016 shows that since 2009, crime dropped by 20%. Whether that’s because of the wall or not is of course unclear.
11 Feb, 09:31 PM UTC
Ross Tizador
#Houston A ver bola de mal pensados y criticones, que no ven que lo de los depas en Houston, es una gran estrategia para ir recuperando Texas. Esta 4ta viene con un ingenio brutal! Ross Tizador's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 04:30 PM UTC
Tana Goertz
My friend, my boss, .@realDonaldTrump is departing for El Paso Texas for his first rally of the year. #maga #Trump2020 #USA 🇺🇸 Tana Goertz's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:40 PM UTC
Head on over to https://t.co/cnp9nj8yrH for live coverage and updates on today's Trump Rally in El Paso Texas! Let's #MAGA! Watch LIVE at 7pm MST/9pm EST https://t.co/ZrHeri6OML
11 Feb, 09:39 PM UTC
Texas Takeover
Dopey @KirkHerbstreit loves to go on and on about how “if you give Nick Saban a month to prepare for a bowl...” How about Tom Herman? He’s DOMINATED two SEC opponents in 2 bowls at Texas. Also whooped Top 10 FSU when at UH. Some good football being played in the cesspool, Kirk!
11 Feb, 06:59 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
El Paso county commissioners passed a resolution complaining that Trump has "continuously made inaccurate claims about the US's southern border, including El Paso," and saying they're "disillusioned by Trump's lies regarding the border and our community." https://t.co/0fssoh2LYk
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
🚨🚨Attention all patriots🚨🚨 Tonight our great President is holding a rally in border town El Paso Texas to discuss how badly we need a wall. With discussions once again breaking down over the budget I expect President Trump to be in prime form. 👇 https://t.co/SToeCmyVKK
11 Feb, 09:40 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Despite a partial government shutdown, President Trump’s efforts to secure border wall funding fizzled last month. However, that has not stopped efforts that were already underway to shore up sections of the southern border in two Texas counties. https://t.co/Xq885LuBy7
11 Feb, 09:42 PM UTC
Nicki Hndrxx
I'm warning everyone now who doesn't watch Game of Thrones, start watching now!! Y'all gonna miss history being made... Greatest show of all time comes back in 2 months this ain't a drill
11 Feb, 06:46 PM UTC
🦹🏾‍♂️TITTIE GOD (.)(.)🏴‍☠️
Let my girl shake her titties like this in public Imma suck them bitches in front of everybody idc https://t.co/GZ1AoOzkCr
11 Feb, 09:25 PM UTC
Come on TEXAS ! I live in Maryland and I wish I could be in ElPaso for the Rally . TEXAS we want to see Major Support for the Commander and Chief at the Rally . I will be watching y’all have an awesome time . Hotrod OCMD
11 Feb, 06:13 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Miguelifornia
Crowd is growing in #ElPaso Great "in line" interviews!!! Watch @RSBNetwork NOW #TrumpRally #TEXAS #MAGA #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸 Miguelifornia's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:44 PM UTC
DMS Photography
Barbwire Around Roses #Digital #Art #Richardson #Texas #DianaMarySharpton https://t.co/SSIckT0rBy DMS Photography's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 03:09 PM UTC
MILESTONE TRACKER: Houston-area hoopers reach career marks ⁦@vypehouston⁩ ⁦@jokoch09⁩ ⁦@alliebyrdd⁩ ⁦@KParkGBBall @Foster_BB⁩ ⁦@_JessicaaLynn⁩ ⁦@Bridgeland_GBBhttps://t.co/mWvsGV3OQv
11 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC
Aaron Smith
I’ve never used twitter for my small business before, but here it is. I make custom metal signs and I want to be your bro. https://t.co/D9OZx4WHCL Retweet and things #Lubbock #Texas #locallbk #Levelland Aaron Smith's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:40 PM UTC
bɹǝʇ ɟnɔʞ!ʇoן
Why Trump's lie about El Paso, Texas, is so important https://t.co/ZvuaK35ib7 bɹǝʇ ɟnɔʞ!ʇoן's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
@GilbyRanger Wings prices are just now going down from the record high in early 2018. And I never found good wings in my time in Texas.
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Up until today I had seen like 3 Tesla’s in the wild in Texas. Everyone and their mom has a Tesla in Denver. @elonmusk
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Radio Cuervo Uruguay
AHORA !!! Un tiroteo en una casa en el sur de Texas deja 5 muertos. Un tiroteo, registrado este lunes en la comunidad de Blanchard (Texas, EE.UU.) ha dejado cinco muertos, según ha comunicado la Policía local en https://t.co/XdJFphTCeB
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
please america someone build a wall around trump while he is in texas
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Mr. Netflix n Chill
@Laldana213 Go get urself a footling coney 😂😂😂
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
NCAAF Nation
@David_MichaelJ Texas A&M got #1 and 20. Zipp will be a beast though.
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Burger King App: Long Texas BBQ https://t.co/hsjdupxwWP
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Kelly D
I'll betchca Texas loves you tweeting in Arabic, what a dope https://t.co/aDo1qMEZVv
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Texas Police Form Wall of Vehicles to Help Border Patrol Stop Caravan Migrants https://t.co/QhBM4FIQDx
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
A little “Musical Family Love” slide show I put together for my best friend, Lisa in Texas, after her Mother’s memorial in Corpus Christi last week #RIPBobbyJean #TheRainsFamily #MusicwithLove Suzzanne's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
@washingtonpost Here are some El Paso crime numbers? All of Texas is above National Average?
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Tony Stark
@fvck_tsab @BennyTheJET2 Ben has never had true Texas bbq. Therefore his opinion is taken with a jar of salt lol
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
John R. Gormley
Meet Your 2019 Chairman: Tray Bates – Texas REALTORS® https://t.co/wdvY4KTifD
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Gone Fishing
@Noeffingpuedo @terri_gowin @TomCottonAR He had 183 companies. Only 8 went under. that's outstanding. You know nothing of business.
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC

All I want in life is to move to Texas with Pablo and make a little money.
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
THIS WEEKEND! Josh is one of the finest fly tiers we have ever met, and his flies are insanely effective for our Hill Country species. Come and learn from one Texas' best this Saturday at Living Waters!... https://t.co/DZ4CNtExuX
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Politics 24/7
Trump and Beto O’Rourke to headline competing rallies in El Paso with another possible government shutdown less than a week away https://t.co/GdUzQ5ou7s via @bpolitics
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
@PsAstolfo Mejor que diga que quiere recuperar Texas, comprando depas, de poco en poco nos hacemos del estado
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Med✌sa 🌊
@kamakuraotoko Fmr. Texas Gov. & current trump cabinet member #GOP's own.. #RickPerry ladies & gentlemen, #RickPerry https://t.co/jHE9hcDuzX
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Boyd J. Kills Back ❄️
@SkepticNikki honestly I’d expected this to happen in either Texas or Florida but Arizona? 🤔
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher Says: Up-To-Date Weather Info! Here's The Latest Regional Satellite & Radar. #Austin #Texas #Weather. Scott Fisher's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Left Hand Turns
Trump figured out it’s cheaper to build a wall of cars instead of a stupid concrete one. https://t.co/dr2HqyiaGq
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
@DanClarkReports @realDonaldTrump Why is his budget double that of Florida and 80% more than Texas?
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Sonesta Bee Cave
Happy #MarriageMonday! Let us make your dream wedding become a reality. https://t.co/PBY1zy8WgI #SayYesToSonesta #dreamwedding Sonesta Bee Cave's photo on Texas
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Telemundo 40
“Él no sabe lo que nos hizo y más el daño que le hizo a ella." https://t.co/97pthjgD42
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Vous croyez que si le père noël venait du texas il dirait "yeehaw haw haw"
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC
Aleah Phils
RT 35 things to do to in #SanAntonio Texas... visit the five missions, learn about the Alamo, enjoy the River Walk and eat as much Tex Mex and BBQ as possible via @sheriannekay #SaTx #Travel @VisitSanAntonio @TravelTexas https://t.co/9WRebIB3kr
11 Feb, 09:45 PM UTC

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