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Watford Football Club
Two years on, always in our hearts 💛 #ThankyouGT Watford Football Club's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 08:03 AM UTC
Luther Blissett
A great man once said “football is a simple game”. And because of this, we brashly chartered Watford’s rise to the stars. Because of him. He turned @WatfordFC golden for Club & community #ThankyouGT https://t.co/Oebg6Ut2Wp
12 Jan, 08:57 AM UTC
Impossible to put into words how this 1 man can make you feel. Forever in our hearts, forever in your debt GT. An impossible dream became reality. #thankyouGT #watfordfc The1881Movement's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 09:41 AM UTC
Watford Football Club
Remember, next Saturday's home game against Burnley will be GT Scarf Day 💛 More details to follow. #thankyouGT Watford Football Club's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 10:42 AM UTC
On the anniversary of his passing, let's hope the great man's light is shining down on The Golden Boys this afternoon. #thankyouGT and #COYH!! #watfordfc
12 Jan, 07:12 AM UTC
Chris Stark
Two years on... Graham Taylor epitomised @WatfordFC The loveliest bloke, always in our hearts #ThankYouGT Chris Stark's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 11:34 AM UTC
Our thoughts are with our much missed former Patron, Graham Taylor, on the anniversary of his passing. Love to Rita and family. #ThankYouGT https://t.co/zIdWarjXEI
12 Jan, 07:20 AM UTC
Ryan Sear
It's a shame GT never got to meet Javi, I think he would have approved. Two thoroughly decent blokes..⚽🐝.#ThankyouGT #watfordfc
12 Jan, 09:28 AM UTC
Michael Jones
Still can’t believe it. His impact and legacy lasts forever. Truly gutted but so thankful for the role he played in so many of our lives #thankyouGT #watfordfc 💛🖤💔 Michael Jones's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 09:06 AM UTC
Hornet Heaven
Scarves will be held aloft in Hornet Heaven this afternoon. Graham Taylor is with us all, as #watfordfc fans, forever. #ThankYouGT Hornet Heaven's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 09:37 AM UTC
Jon Marks
Two years on but forever in our hearts & thoughts. #watfordfc #thankyouGT https://t.co/tDkZqkJlov
12 Jan, 10:30 AM UTC
"Watford was the original family club, Graham Taylor was head of the family, and the team he built were like my brothers. "Graham took us to the heart of the local community, and the hearts of #watfordfc supporters, like nobody else." - @officialbarnesy, TFTV 6. #ThankYouGT TalesFromTheVicarage's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 10:31 AM UTC
Rookery Mike
💛❤️🖤 #watfordfc #thankyouGT https://t.co/q0OSdcvvg9
12 Jan, 11:12 AM UTC
@WatfordFC I wish the BiGGEST wish that GT was still walking amongst us all. He will never be from my heart or my mind #ThankYouGT ❤️WFC❤️GT
12 Jan, 10:37 AM UTC
Luke Reevey
“To be really happy, we must throw our hearts over the bar and hope that our bodies will follow.” #ThankyouGT Luke Reevey's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 11:02 AM UTC
Richard Drake
My first season watching #watfordfc was 1977-78 the start of the GT era. I can reflect on a fantastic journey over those 41years. #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 10:56 AM UTC
Fighting Sailor ⚔️ 🛠️⚡
"All I ask is that you give of your best" Quite the man, quite the leader. #ThankyouGT https://t.co/GUIQQFAjQP
12 Jan, 10:43 AM UTC
Old Watford FC
12th January 1986-Division One, Watford 2 Liverpool 3 GT's wish for 1986 was all about the supporters. https://t.co/43pDfcqldO More games from 12th January at https://t.co/i07f3mDsmM #thankyougt #WatfordFC https://t.co/WWzBiTlCuA
12 Jan, 11:42 AM UTC
(((Spencer Hollis)))
Sad about it being (only) two years since GT’s passing. He not only transformed #watfordfc, but defined a new standard for blending professionalism, empathy and community engagement that transcends sport. #ThankYouGT https://t.co/Rq27DU4I2Z
12 Jan, 11:37 AM UTC
Two years on, gone but never forgotten. It's raining in my heart. #ThankyouGT KyleHobbis18's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 10:50 AM UTC
Trendsmap UK
#thankyougt is now trending in United Kingdom https://t.co/K2LsztWjrB Trendsmap UK's photo on #ThankyouGT
12 Jan, 10:46 AM UTC
O Captain! My Captain! #ThankyouGT https://t.co/G15ytdL8hp
12 Jan, 10:43 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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