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Kyle Griffin
The Bidens with the Carters, via @CarterCenter. @kylegriffin1's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 02:30 AM UTC
Michael Beschloss
The Bidens and the Carters at the Carter home in Georgia, last week: @CarterLibrary @BeschlossDC's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 02:13 AM UTC
Geoff Bennett
The Bidens visit Yorktown Elementary School in Virginia, as the administration touts the education benefits of its “American Families Plan.”
03 May, 03:03 PM UTC
Kathy Griffin
The Bidens are GIGANTIC. I had no idea. @kathygriffin's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 03:29 AM UTC
andrew kaczynski
Why are the Bidens so big?
04 May, 03:11 AM UTC
Michael Li 李之樸
The Carters and the Bidens @mcpli's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 01:32 AM UTC
Will 🦥 Menaker
Loving this new photo of the Bidens and Carters! @willmenaker's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 03:32 AM UTC
Derek Duplessie
This may be an inappropriate observation, but it looks like the Bidens are ventriloquizing the Carters here
04 May, 01:54 AM UTC
Seth Mandel
I need to know which vaccine the Bidens got immediately @SethAMandel's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 03:03 AM UTC
Bryan Dawson
Remember that Ukrainian mob boss, oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who helped finance the Trump / Giuliani attempt to smear the Bidens? He’s currently stuck in Vienna fighting extradition on felony charges. He’s also trying to distance himself from Rudy Giuliani!
03 May, 10:01 PM UTC
Rudy committed the crime of investigating the Bidens
04 May, 02:28 AM UTC
Exploding Space Pillow Singh, MD 🌊
The Bidens with the Carters. Is this some kind of optical illusion?
04 May, 03:19 AM UTC
Fox News
Fifth graders tell the Bidens virtual learning allowed them to eat and sneak in a nap
03 May, 10:29 PM UTC
Frank Costa
the Bidens meeting the Carters
04 May, 03:38 AM UTC
Mr. Chau
The Bidens visiting the Carters
04 May, 03:08 AM UTC
non podhoretz
Why do the Bidens, the larger of the two presidential couples, not simply eat the Carters?
04 May, 03:21 AM UTC
Sohrab Ahmari
Wait. This photo is real? I saw it circulating on this site and just assumed it was a jokey photoshop job to make the Bidens look like giants.
04 May, 04:46 AM UTC
First Words
Some say the Carters became midgets, while others say the Bidens became giants. The debate rages on.
04 May, 04:35 AM UTC
QAnon is gonna be like "Why are the Bidens in a dollhouse and what did they do with the real Carters?" and I'm... gonna have to agree because they look way too small lmao
04 May, 04:17 AM UTC
Josh Jordan
Just a reminder that the Bidens got the vaccine before most of us, and they have already grown to 1.5x the size of a normal human.
04 May, 04:57 AM UTC
Dana Gould
Nice to see the Bidens honoring The Lollipop Guild. @danagould's photo on The Bidens
04 May, 04:54 AM UTC
Matt Nightingale
Listen. It is entirely possible to have mad respect for the Carters and the Bidens while at the same time thinking that photo is HILARIOUS.
04 May, 04:32 AM UTC
Joe Kassabian
We can't be sure the Bidens didn't eat the Carters for strength after the picture was taken
04 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Phyllis 🦋
Is it my imagination or is this a weird pic? The Bidens appear like giants and the Carters appear like miniature dolls.
04 May, 03:08 AM UTC
Jimmy Carter If they die and are found to have #COVID19 will the Bidens be charged with murder?
04 May, 04:54 AM UTC
Boka T. Washington
04 May, 04:56 AM UTC
Dad Jokes Panda
@CarterCenter @POTUS @FLOTUS regardless of it being edited or not it's hilarious people are trying to defend a picture where the bidens look like they showed up for a tea party in the carters barbie house
04 May, 04:38 AM UTC
@TitaniaMcGrath I think in the US this is part of the Bidens Infrastructure Bill. Churches are buildings, thus infrastructure. People are what they call " humanitarian infrastructure".
03 May, 02:55 PM UTC
TheRealDWoo 🚣‍♀️🏡
SO, if the Carters switched places with the Bidens, Joe, and Jill would be the Munchkins 🤔 😁 👇 @ ImagesHome "The unfortunate effect of a non-aspheric wide-angle lens in tight quarters. A good photographer would have used a better lens and would make corrections post process."
04 May, 04:55 AM UTC
𝕬𝖓 801 𝕺𝖗𝖎𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑 🥁
I'm here for the Atlanta news station replying to random people complaining about no masks in the photo of the Bidens & Carters lmao
04 May, 04:59 AM UTC