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Lindsey Adler
Gotta think the Braves choosing not to play the Chop music while a Native American player is in the game is more revealing than they would like, correct?
09 Oct, 08:13 PM UTC
keep in mind that the chop isn’t some time honored braves tradition dating back to boston. it’s something deion sanders brought with him.
09 Oct, 08:11 PM UTC
You can take away the tomahawks but the chop will never die
09 Oct, 08:20 PM UTC
Zach Klein
And..... it took all of 2 pitches for Braves fans to do the Chop @ZachKleinWSB's photo on The Chop
09 Oct, 09:05 PM UTC
11Alive Sports
No Tomahawks for #Braves fans today. Team said it’s out of respect for Ryan Helsley who called the Chop “insulting.” They will limit the Chop and it’s music/graphics for today’s game and when Helsley is in the game. #NLDS @11AliveSports's photo on The Chop
09 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC
Ms. Hoñeydip
I lost the tweet in my TL but someone brought up a valid point. The chop is a Seminole thing and has nothing to do with the Cherokee people. Perhaps Helsey needs a history lesson?
09 Oct, 08:31 PM UTC
The @Braves are considering suspending the chop?! What the hell man?! I’m Northern Paiute and think it’s awesome! I’m seriously so pissed at all these offended little babies.
09 Oct, 07:59 PM UTC
Barstool Bets
Quick 1-0 lead in the 1st inning for the Cardinals. @ConnerHKnapp is convinced this is because of “The Chop”
09 Oct, 09:11 PM UTC
Braves by 90
Braves fans love to pile on colored athletes on their own team and shout to the mountains that there's no racism involved. Then a dude is asked about the chop and he provides his thoughts. Now fans want to openly mock him by doing the chop directly at him. Not racist at all.
09 Oct, 08:34 PM UTC
Andrew Stoeten
Don't imagine the Cardinals will walk off the field if Braves fans do the chop at Helsley, but they should.
09 Oct, 09:04 PM UTC
Liz Roscher
The Braves aren't handing out foam tomahawks, which is literally the least they could possibly do and still be seen as "doing something" about the chop.
09 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
Joe Heim
I may be reading this statement wrong, but it seems like the Braves are acknowledging the chop and chant are offensive and racist, but will only refrain from encouraging both when a Native American player is in the game.
09 Oct, 08:50 PM UTC
Jennifer Brett
The Braves have stopped the chop in deference to Cardinals pitcher Ryan Helsley who considers it “caveman-type" behavior
09 Oct, 09:04 PM UTC
Jared R.
Maybe the Braves shouldn’t have abandoned the chop?
09 Oct, 09:16 PM UTC
You cannot get rid of the chop in a game 5 that has to be done game 1
09 Oct, 09:16 PM UTC
Andrew Stoeten
Reading Braves fans defending the chop like
09 Oct, 09:15 PM UTC
@ProspectsBraves At least we aren't doing the chop.
09 Oct, 09:15 PM UTC
Culbersoñ's Clutch Cape
This is what we get for removing the chop
09 Oct, 09:11 PM UTC
Evil Arthur Blank
@putemupcdukes I agree we should get rid of the chop and replace it with the true sign of the Braves.
09 Oct, 09:17 PM UTC
Fight Back Braves Fans
@DOBrienATL We blame whoever banned the chop
09 Oct, 09:16 PM UTC
Daniel Zylberkan
Woke Baseball Twitter in a shambles over the Chop is incredibly telling
09 Oct, 09:15 PM UTC
@crashmattb Apparently since we have limited the chop for them, we are just going to let them walk all over us at the start of the game?? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
09 Oct, 09:15 PM UTC
Hououin Kyouma
Lmao I swear braves fans missing the point with the chop, it’s offensive to native Americans what’s hard to understand abt that, it’s 2019 n the chop is pretty tone deaf
09 Oct, 08:44 PM UTC
Doc Riddle
Will be interesting to see how many fans still do the chop, even without foam tomahawks or the music. I’m guessing it will be a lot. Not a great look for fans, but at least the team took some action.
09 Oct, 09:12 PM UTC
STL Diamond
Silence the chop early. Let’s. Goooo.
09 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC
Bills Mafia Does South Beach
Replaced the chop with the choke
09 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC
Am I the only one who felt uncomfortable doing “the chop” at a @Braves game?
09 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC
Dave Atkinson
@LisaMei62 Let's see if 50K Braves fans need prompting to do the chop. Since when does a player on an opposing team get to stop the home team's fans' cheers because they find them offensive? Seriously? Imagine going to any professional sporting event and not being able to cheer as you wish
09 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC
@Braves bring on the chop!!
09 Oct, 09:17 PM UTC

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