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Robert J. O'Neill
The Dow is below 30k. Democrats are in charge. You get the government you deserve. I’m good. I can afford it. I wish you well but I could sure go for a booming economy peppered with mean tweets.
23 Sep, 05:45 PM UTC
The Nasty Italian🍷🇺🇸 🇮🇹
Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday. Thanks to Joe Biden the Dow is going down faster then Kamala Harris at a bachelor party
23 Sep, 01:35 PM UTC
U.S. Ministry of Truth
Congratulations to the Dow for reaching a new height of below 30,000! This is what recovery looks like. 🔥
23 Sep, 04:01 PM UTC
Vince Langman
The Dow is trading Below 30,000 Joe Biden has destroyed America in 18 months #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 02:09 PM UTC
Blockchain Backer
Without some kind of giant ramp upward before the daily and weekly candle closes for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, we may be witnessing the start of the Great Depression before our very eyes. https://t.co/YR3R23671d
23 Sep, 04:14 PM UTC
Stephen Colbert
The Dow                     Leaves                     🤝                   Falling
23 Sep, 08:56 PM UTC
@mchooyah The Dow doesn’t reflect the economy. It never has.
23 Sep, 06:13 PM UTC
The Wall Street Journal
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below 30000 for the first time since June as U.S. stocks fell after investors were jolted by new signs of slowing global growth https://t.co/YwzUr5XxxK
23 Sep, 03:08 PM UTC
Mad Mike
BIDEN Democrats said “fuck Wall Street”. And now the Dow is down below 30,000. Say goodbye to your pensions and 401k. Say hello to inflation, unemployment and crime.
23 Sep, 03:08 PM UTC
The DOW has dropped below 30,000 for the first time since 2020. Inflation is at a record high. Mortgage rates are above 6% Has President @JoeBiden made your life better?
23 Sep, 04:41 PM UTC
JUST IN: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below 30,000. The Dow first broke through the 30,000 mark on Nov. 24, 2020 and has been at or above that level since then, except for June 17, 2022. https://t.co/yLW8P8b2gj
23 Sep, 02:38 PM UTC
Joshua T. Hosler
The Dow is trading Below 30,000 Joe Biden and Congress's failed policies did this in 18 months! #stockmarketcrash
23 Sep, 03:00 PM UTC
News Views ™
#stockmarketcrash trends, but it should be dubbed stock market crybabies. The Dow down 400, drops below 30k. The rich are afraid they won't get as rich. Here's a nice chart, 100 years. Does this look like a 'crash'? In Jan., 22, DJIA clicking near 37k. The fat cats got fat. https://t.co/yCwDOb6e3T
23 Sep, 02:55 PM UTC
QE Infinity
If the DOW drops 1000 points today I’m buying a tent and going to start living under a bridge.
23 Sep, 03:53 PM UTC
The Associated Press
Markets sold off around the world on mounting signs the global economy is weakening just as central banks raise the pressure even more with additional hikes to interest rates. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at its lowest point of the year Friday. https://t.co/XBmEFycYx7
23 Sep, 08:18 PM UTC
US stocks fell sharply in Friday trading as investors continued to worry about even more rate hikes from the Federal Reserve that could land the US economy in a recession. The Dow plunged to its lowest level since 2020. https://t.co/iuCDr7LWKJ @CNN's photo on The Dow
23 Sep, 09:48 PM UTC
Real Defender🇺🇸
Trump handed Biden a record high stock market. The stock market is now down 20% from its highs and the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are all lower than when Biden took office.
23 Sep, 05:03 PM UTC
ABC News
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.6%, closing at its lowest level since late 2020. https://t.co/pHbxwiGBTH
23 Sep, 09:08 PM UTC
Kevin Cox
Just did a little math, and the Dow is down 7.58% since Biden took office, which just about falls in line with the 6.86% inflation hike during that time. This is ALL done on purpose, of course.
23 Sep, 05:13 PM UTC
Don Bacon 🇺🇸 🥓 ✈️
Economy, economy, economy.... BREAKING TODAY: The Dow dropped nearly 500 points to close at NEW LOWS for 2022. Dow is down 18.57% in 22 🔴 S&P 500 is down 22.51% in 22 🔴 Nasdaq is down 30.53% in 22. This year, $3 TRILLION have been wiped out of 401 K retirement funds.
23 Sep, 09:02 PM UTC
So you’re telling me, the Dow Jones made new 52wk lows today but #Bitcoin won’t? Okie
23 Sep, 10:07 PM UTC
Connell McShane
The Dow closed at its lowest level since November 2020, just barely avoiding a Bear Market. @connellmcshane's photo on The Dow
23 Sep, 10:07 PM UTC
Saginaw Spirit
Back on home ice at The Dow Event Center, ready to take on the Firebirds. This is how we line up tonight! #SoarWithUs🦅 #sagvsflnt Presented by: @SVSU @SpiritHockey's photo on The Dow
23 Sep, 10:07 PM UTC
Clark Kent Journalist
The stock market doesn't reflect the material conditions of the working class or poor. It show how much richer the rich are getting. When the Dow was high 65 percent of Americans couldn't afford a 1k emergency. https://t.co/3q14ANz79Y
23 Sep, 10:10 PM UTC
Alan Eggleston
@mchooyah The Dow goes up, the Dow goes down. The Dow goes up again. It lost 10,000 points while Trump was in charge. Then it went up again. It wasn't because of his mean tweets. If you think political parties control the Dow, you're a few dimes shy of a full roll.
23 Sep, 07:06 PM UTC
Exportain - Business Analytics & Financial Update
The Dow slides to its lowest point since 2020, as recession fears grow https://t.co/vEatF8RHv9
23 Sep, 10:13 PM UTC
@mchooyah The economy isn’t only measured by the Dow.
23 Sep, 10:10 PM UTC
Speaking The Truth
The Dow, S&P and Nasdaq Composite see sharp declines as investors continue to shed equities amid rising (Biden/Harris) recession fears https://t.co/pHvDHPracO https://t.co/bKzApuDdf6
23 Sep, 10:07 PM UTC
FeedBackFreddy 🇺🇸
In 18 months Brainiac Biden has propelled the DOW up to a WHOPPING ..... -1,595.79 points! That's 👉NEGATIVE👈 1595.79! It's lower than when half of the country was in lockdown at the height of a 100-year global pandemic! Thanks, Joe! https://t.co/bpEYMhMqad
23 Sep, 10:16 PM UTC